Love handles are areas of skin that are extended out from the hips. When wearing tight clothing, the love handles become more pronounced. Love handles are not only caused by tight clothing alone. 

They are excess fat accumulation around the hips and abdominal area. In general, fat cells accumulate when our body takes in too many calories or when we do not burn as many calories as we are consuming. Over a period of time, these fat cells become noticeable as they accumulate in certain areas like around the waist, lower back and hips.

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There are some exercises that can be done to specific areas of the body to lose the love handles. 

Side planks and bicycle crunches are great for targeting the back and hip area.  It is important to maintain a healthy diet and incorporate activities such as walking, cycling and swimming to lose weight. Having said that, love handles are rather difficult to get rid off. A quick way to hide them is to dress for your figure. By doing so, you will be able to accentuate your curves at the right places and tuck away those love handles. Here is a tip on how to keep those annoying bits of the body that sit above the hips and below the waist tucked away.

What we wear can really help to disguise our love handles. Wearing tight trousers or skirts will emphasize them especially if the rest of you is more in proportion. The only way to hide them is to have strong shapewear. An extra flab can come in the way of you and your favorite outfit.  Firm control underwear-like butt lifters can help to firm them up. 

Many women want perfectly round derriere and this bottom-lifting shapewear is a great alternative to going for surgery and spending tons of money. Butt lifters are like just like what a bra does. It holds and lifts the buttocks to create an ideal shape, the same way bras lift the breasts to create a cleavage.

Below are a few of the best butt lifters to hide handles and tummy flab. They are the best option to look slimmer without losing weight.

The Butt Lifter from Lover-Beauty is an amazing shaper that will smooth out the tummy, lift the butt and hide the love handles. It features skin-friendly fabric with sculpting performance to give an all-day comfortable shaping. It has double-layer control panel that flattens the midsection and keep the budges away. Flexible steel bones give the amazing shape to the waist and prevent rolling.

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This Lover-Beauty High Waist Butt Lifter Panty is great at firming the love handles. Its seamless ultra thin design is invisible under clothes and its 3D full coverage is recommended for women whose butt is flatter but want a round look. The lace pattern makes the thigh slimmer and sexier.  

Nude Plus Size Full Body Shaper Booty Lift Smooth Abdomen
Nude Plus Size Full Body Shaper Booty Lift Smooth Abdomen

Lover-Beauty Full Body Shaper Booty Lifter is an easy all-over shaper that is lightweight and offers powerful shaping.  It features three layers on the abdomen to help flatten and firm everything up. It also has one plastic boning on each side of the waist to help cinch in the waist to give a more in and out waistline. The shoulder straps are wonderful to prevent curling and rolling down.  

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Shapewear leggings is seamless and enhance the butt perfectly. Its moisture wicking fabric keeps you comfortable during workout and is extra comfortable.

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With the correct shapewear and all extra curves held in their right places, you can step out with confidence and feel fabulous.

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