Lover-beauty Best Affordable Shapewear Help You Butt Lifter

Have you just been invited to a wedding or a special ceremony? You now have the chance to be sublime during them! Do some misplaced curves give you inappropriate ideas about your appearance? Do not stress anymore when it comes to fittings. Wear your favorite dress with your shapewear item, that you can choose among the wholesale shapewear for women.

Shining lingerie to metamorphose your silhouette

Nowadays, as you know, sculpting lingerie has become a staple. In addition to highlighting your strong points, it now sports a chic and sensual design.

Being able to hide your unsightly bulges and lift your breasts, shapewear gives you an incredible allure as soon as you wear it. But the question you may be asking right now is: “which one to choose?”.  

Between a shaping panty, a shaping bodysuit or shaping shorts, the choice is difficult. I will guide you step by step to make you choose the product that suits your needs!

If you are visually rather thin with a small belly: high-waisted panties

To target the abdominal area and act on it, opt for the high-waisted panties. Panties with invisible flat seams avoid demarcations and thus go unnoticed. The choice of material is important. This one in the picture is made of a percentage of spandex, which is perfect if you need more support.

These panties are high-cut girdles, usually just below the chest. This type of girdle focuses its function on the belly area. Some, thanks to their extra strong fabric, are capable of reducing the belly and waist area by up to 2 sizes.

You can show off a hot body with them, with super tight dresses and making yourself the queen of the party! They are ideal for very tight dresses where much of the attention is focused on the abdomen and waist area.


  • They reduce the belly
  • You will achieve more perfect curves

If you have more love handles: bodysuit

When you are in front of the mirror, your hips are the inconvenience. Why not let yourself be seduced by the shaping bodysuit? The bodysuit will be your weapon of mass seduction! Available in various forms (push-up bodysuit, sheathing bodysuit string or even simple sheathing bodysuit), it will highlight your curves to make them sensual.

The bodysuit type girdle is used more and more. One of its great peculiarities is that it never rolls down thanks to its straps. The straps are usually adjustable in height and best of all, they help to achieve a push up effect on the chest. It is usually used a lot, especially in winter.

On the Lover-Beauty website, you can find this type of shapewear with two different cuts: brief cut (standard cut of any panties), or shorts cut.


  • Straps that help keep it from moving
  • Bust push up effect
  • They reduce the belly
  • They style the waist
  • The pants cut also reduce love handles and avoid friction between the legs

 If you want to erase your cellulite: shaping shorts

The annoying cellulite may be lodged in your thighs. No more problems, you will find your happiness in the shaping shorts. This is a cyclist-shaped item that will compress your curves while remaining invisible. It will target your hips, buttocks and thighs, being a shapewear butt lifter. This is something that will make you beautiful under your dress and it will highlight your figure.

With this type of pant girdle, you will not only smooth and reduce the abdomen area, (which is what many of us always look for). It will also help you reduce the area of the hips and thighs, even smoothing cellulite! It is ideal for very tight dresses, cut at the knees, at least.

This type of girdle is capable of reducing the love handles up to one size. Also, it helps to achieve a push up effect in the butt and also smoothes the belly area. What more can you ask for from a shapewear? It is perfect!


  • Reduce the belly
  • They reduce love handles
  • Help not generate friction between the thighs
  • They smooth cellulite

Do you want to give back volume to your buttocks? Read everything you need to know below! If you want to have beautiful buttocks, there are three models of shapewear that can help you, specially dedicated to this part of the body:

The push-up effect shaping panties on the buttocks

The shaping panty is the fusion between a panty and a girdle. It allows you to erase imperfections on the abdominal area while sculpting your buttocks.

The shaping shorts that will lift your butt

The sheathing panty, which looks a lot like a cyclist model, also has for vocation to raise your buttocks. Some have a smart design that allows them to achieve a plump butt.

Simple panties with special padding for beautiful buttocks

This style of panty was designed for women with sadly flat buttocks. It is usually padded with foam and it will give you the look of the butt you’ve always wanted.

These 3 types of shapewear will create the perfect illusion. Once you them put on, you are ready to show off your sensual curves!

And what if you have a nice butt but a certain amount of belly or hips?

You want to wear skinny pants with a fitted top, but your strong point is your buttocks and your flaws especially lie in your stomach. No worries, you can show off pretty curves with a shaping thong.

As I told you above, if you also have abundant hips, opt for the bodysuit shaping thong. It will refine your entire figure and give you a sexy look in your clothes for special occasions.

Now you are more apt to choose the shapewear that will be the most suitable! Choose your favorite on the Lover-Beauty website, and get ready to wear a stunning bodycon dress for the next elegant event.

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