Polish Your Look with Butt Lifters

Butt lifters is one of the most amazing inventions which can definitely help you maintain your body`s natural shape and boost your confidence in wearing whatever clothing you want. Butt lifters can be in the form of shorts, full body shapewear, or simply panties with back padding. You can choose the butt enhancer which best suits your body.

Here are some ways you can best use butt lifters with your daily outfits:

Body Sculpting Butt Lifter

Pretty Black Queen Size Lace Hemline Butt Lifter Hooks Body Sculpting
Pretty Black Queen Size Lace Hemline Butt Lifter Hooks Body Sculpting
Nude Butt Lifter Panty Seamless With Hook Good Elastic
Nude Butt Lifter Panty Seamless With Hook Good Elastic

Body sculpting butt lifters don’t only enhance and lifts up your bottoms but also inch your waist through boning hooks, Velcro, or lace-up. This type of butt lifter is perfect to use for tight-fitting clothes like body con dresses because the body sculpting feature makes sure that you also have smooth curves.

Butt Enhancer with Hooks

Super Sexy Brown Large Size High Waist Butt Enhancer Hooks Ultimate Stretch
Super Sexy Brown Large Size High Waist Butt Enhancer Hooks Ultimate Stretch
Skin Color High Waist 3 Rows Hooks Butt Lifter Curve Smoothing
Skin Color High Waist 3 Rows Hooks Butt Lifter Curve Smoothing

You can find butt lifters in both physical and online shops but you`ll have more luck finding the perfect butt enhancers and lifters through online stores which specializes in selling these like Lover-beauty.

You can find a butt enhancer which conceals the closure so the bulges won`t be very visible when worn with body con dresses.

Seamless Butt Enhancer

High Quality Skin Color Open Crotch 4 Steel Bones Butt Lifter
High Quality Skin Color Open Crotch 4 Steel Bones Butt Lifter
Natural Shaping Light Brown Adjustable Straps Butt Lifter Seamless
Natural Shaping Light Brown Adjustable Straps Butt Lifter Seamless

If you plan on wearing tight-fitting clothing which will surely showcase your body, make sure that you get a butt enhancer which is seamless so that you won`t have to worry about looking like you faked your curves because you didn`t. You just made sure that you enhanced the features you already have with a body shaper.

Polish your entire look by making sure you pick the appropriate butt lifter. The best butt lifter to get is one which also inches the waist because this creates a beautiful flow of your curves without bulges. Just imagine if the butt lifter only ended on the hip area, it would create a bulge which isn`t good if you`re wearing clothes with thin fabric or form-fitting dress. It`s also best to invest in more than just 1 butt lifter so you have an extra one you can rotate around especially if you want to use this as part of your daily wear.

Choosing a butt enhancer that is seamless can make a huge difference with how you wear your clothes whether in your daily wear or special occasions.


Stylish Ways to Wear Jumpsuit This Season

Jumpsuits is definitely a trend this 2020. Jumpsuits are some of the easiest clothing pieces to wear without making it look like you just effortlessly put it on. Jumpsuits definitely gained popularity because it comes in a variety of designs which can really help you style your outfit without taking too much time. Because of its popularity, you can easily find a cheap jumpsuit that matches your style.

Here are stylish ways to wear a jumpsuit this season:

  1. Criss-Cross and Backless Sports Jumpsuit
Captivating Black Criss-Cross Backless Sports Jumpsuit For Romans
Captivating Black Criss-Cross Backless Sports Jumpsuit For Romans
Inviting Yellow Jacquard Tight Romper Crossover Fitness
Inviting Yellow Jacquard Tight Romper Crossover Fitness

There are many jumpsuits with a unique style and this includes crisscross, backless, and even lace-up jumpsuits. A crisscross jumpsuit can make you look sexier with its unique touch of interloping straps. You can wear this with a pair of sneakers matching the main color of the jumpsuit.

This sporty look is perfect for daily wear and even street style. If you want to be more comfortable, opt for running shoes, bomber or leather jackets, and a sporty watch. On the other hand, if you want to look more put together and dressy specially if you plan on going on a date or a brunch with your girl friends, you can opt to wear a pair of boots or high heels, blazer and fancy jewelries.

  • Off-the Shoulder or Single Shoulder Jumpsuits
Modest Gray Single Shoulder Jumpsuit Elastic Waist Loose
Modest Gray Single Shoulder Jumpsuit Elastic Waist Loose
Elegant Wine Red Short Sleeves Button Wide Leg Jumpsuit For Vacation
Elegant Wine Red Short Sleeves Button Wide Leg Jumpsuit For Vacation

Off-the-shoulder or single shoulder tops are actually still popular this 2020 which is why having them in jumpsuits make this clothing item a great part of your wardrobe! You can check for a more casual jumpsuit with off-the-shoulder or single shoulder for a more casual and laid-back look. You can wear this with a pair of lace-up running shoes, sunglasses and a sporty watch.

This type of jumpsuit can also be worn at home. You can put your hair in a bun, lounge around the house, and watch your favorite shows or read you most-loved books. This is a great outfit to also wear at home because of its relaxed style and comfortable fabric.

  • Printed Jumpsuits
Smooth Blue V-Collar Jumpsuit Straight-Leg Leisure Time
Smooth Blue V-Collar Jumpsuit Straight-Leg Leisure Time
Casually Blue Ruffle Jumpsuit V Neck Flower Printed Outdoor
Casually Blue Ruffle Jumpsuit V Neck Flower Printed Outdoor

There are many printed jumpsuits being sold both in physical and online stores like Lover-beauty, and one of the most popular prints is the floral print which is also a trend this 2020. Floral printed jumpsuits can look more formal especially if it has a button in front.

This type of jumpsuit can be worn in the office, for business meetings, for a date or for a simply shopping trip with your mom and/or sister. If you want to look more casual, you can simply wear a pair of platform heels but if you want to look more put together, you can simply wear this with a pair of stilettos and a well-structured blazer.

There are many ways to style a jumpsuit. Wearing the right shoes, jacket and jewelry can alter your entire look to suit different occasions.


Stunning Midi Dresses You Can Wear Year-Round

Midi dresses are dresses that end between the knee and ankle. To best illustrate it, the dress usually ends on the thickest part of your lower leg.

Midi dresses are great clothing pieces to have in your capsule wardrobe because they can be worn in different occasions like birthdays, work-related activities like business meetings, parties and a lot more.

Midi dresses also come in a variety of styles which is why choosing a versatile piece will be an excellent investment for you.

Here are some stunning midi dresses you can wear whenever and wherever:

  1. Midi Dress with Long Sheer Sleeves
Beautifully Designed White Polka Dot Long Sleeves Midi Dress
Beautifully Designed White Polka Dot Long Sleeves Midi Dress

You can check for a plain midi dress with long sheer sleeves. This type of midi dress is very versatile because of its plain design. If you look closely and remove the sleeves, it`s as if this midi dress has a halter neck. This design is quite sexy in a subtle way.

You can wear this with a pair of stiletto heels, pumps or wedges. You can also add a statement necklace to frame your face.

  • Two in One Midi Dress
Illusion Yellow Empire Waist Square Neck Midi Dress Fashion Essential
Illusion Yellow Empire Waist Square Neck Midi Dress Fashion Essential

This type of midi dress looks as if it`s two pieces which make this a great clothing piece because you can effortly put this on and you immediately look well put together and ready to run the stage.

Flowing Navy Blue Waist Knot Sling Dress Dot Print Best Materials
Flowing Navy Blue Waist Knot Sling Dress Dot Print Best Materials

This uniquely designed midi dress from Lover-beauty is absolutely stunning and fantastic to wear at work, for birthdays and formal celebrations, and other important events.

You can wear this with fancy gold, rose gold, or silver jewelries, and a pair of stiletto heels. You can also do your make-up with bold colors like using a red lipstick.

  • Structured Midi Dress
Structured Beige Lantern Sleeves Button Midi Dress For Women
Structured Beige Lantern Sleeves Button Midi Dress For Women
Glitzy Irregular Hem Waist Tie Midi Print Dress Feminine Curve
Glitzy Irregular Hem Waist Tie Midi Print Dress Feminine Curve

Whether you want a casual or business-like midi dress, a midi dress with structure, collars and buttons can be a versatile clothing piece you can get.

You can wear this with a pair of clogs, blocked heels, and wedges. You can also add a bucket hat and fancy jewelry.

If you want to look more formal specially in business settings, you can opt to wear a pair of platforms or peep-toe heels and put your hair in a fancy updo.

There are many options for gorgeous midi dresses. You can simply choose the best affordable midi dress to include in your wardrobe. Before buying, make sure you envision how you would be wearing the dress at the same time check for the reviews about the dress.  


6 Sleepwear that Should Be Work From Home Staples

Sleepwear is the comfortable clothing that you wear at bedtime. They come in wide ranges of sizes, designs, and colors. It is made from smooth fabric for giving you good and restful sleep. You can find comfortable and stylish best sleepwear wholesale at This will help you to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Gothic Red Midi Length Ice Silk Sleepwear Fashion Online For Girls

This red midi-length sleepwear has a broad neck with adjustable straps on the shoulders that make the sleepwear fit you perfectly. And it also has a high split design that emphasizes the length of your leg. The backless design shows your delicate and shiny skin of the back and the ice silk fabric offers a soft and comfortable feel.

Playful Light Blue Round Neck Button Tie-Dye Nightgown Chic Online

It has a round neck with the buttons that provide comfort. Its hemline has a wave trim design that gives you a pretty look. It has short sleeves and beautiful tie-dye print designs that make it a unique piece. The soft fabric gives you relief on hot days and its pastel-like print calms your mind. This loose style sleepwear looks perfect on any body shape.

Adoring Black Adjustable Sling Nightgown Eyelash Lace Super Comfort

This sleepwear is a perfect combination of comfort and looks. It has a graceful and beautiful eyelash lace detailing that makes you look more attractive. The adjustable straps on the shoulders make it perfectly fit on different figures. Its silk fabric provides comfort after wearing it. This sleepwear is ideal for a honeymoon, wedding nights, etc.

Irrepressible Pink Slender Strap Sleepwear Set V Neck All Over Comfort

This sleepwear includes a top and shorts. It has a deep V- neckline that shows your sexy clavicle. It is sleeveless and has adjustable straps on the shoulders that gently fit your body. The drawstring elastic waistband design makes it comfortable to wear. It is made from a lightweight fabric that gives you comfort.

Exquisitely Wine Red Lace Sling Bra High Waist Shorts Slim Fingure

It is a set of bra and shorts. The bra has an adjustable sling on the shoulders. It has a satin lace blend design that makes you feel cool in the summer days. The triangular thin cups give a delicate look. The shorts of the contrast color complete the beautiful look of this sleepwear.

Elaborate Yellow V-Neck Sleepwear Solid Color Strap Close Style

This sleeveless sleepwear brings heavenly comfort to your night sleep routine. It has a V- neckline and slender straps on the shoulders that show off your charming clavicle. It’s pleated detailing on the chest makes it look more attractive. It has a backless design that shapes your back curves.


5 Types of Rompers Every Women Should Try

The rompers are a combination of one or two-piece of shorts and a shirt. They are best for summer days. They are the most comfortable outfit for women to wear. Romper for women is available in varieties of styles, sizes, and designs. You can easily wear it on any occasion and pair it with your matching accessories.  

Here are some stylish rompers gave below that you can get from Lover-beauty.

Dressy Light Green Boho Floral Print Mini Rompers Slender Straps Sexy Fashion

It has slender straps on the shoulders that make you look more fashionable and attractive. This floral print comes with a sleeveless pattern. Its solid color is simple and perfectly fits and matches with any skin color. It is made from high-quality fabric that is very soft to touch and wear. You can easily and comfortably wear it in summers.

Pink Blouson Big Size Shorts Sleeves Jumpsuit Elastic Material

It has a deep cross neckline and short sleeve that show your beauty. It also has a floral print that makes you look more attractive and show off your sexy legs. This solid color can easily be paired with any kind of flat and heels and your matching accessories.

Stunning Zipper Back Red Jumpsuits With Sleeveless Lightweight

It has a stripe design that shows your elegance style. It is sleeveless that gives you a hot look. Pocket aside makes a wide range of use in daily life. This short romper shapes you a curvaceous and slim your body. It is made of Polyester material that is smooth and soft to touch and comfortable to wear.

Edgy Blue Waist Sash Pockets Rompers Above Knee Stretchy

It is a trending style of the romper that completes your casual and chic look. The round neck design gives you a comfortable feeling. and it also has a pocket for keeping essentials like keys.

Edgy Blue Waist Sash Pockets Rompers Above Knee Stretchy
Edgy Blue Waist Sash Pockets Rompers Above Knee Stretchy

Stunning Khaki Buttons Pocket Rompers Solid Color Simplicity

It has a single-breasted design that makes you feel cool. It also has buttons at the front that makes it comfortable to wear. Its mini design and short sleeves show your body curves perfectly. It is suitable for daily wear and other activities.

Stunning Khaki Buttons Pocket Rompers Solid Color Simplicity
Stunning Khaki Buttons Pocket Rompers Solid Color Simplicity

Women’s Outfits Guide: Plus Size Women’s Fashion Style

Plus Size Clothing Lines are booming in 2020 and it`s amazing! Plus size women deserve all the styles and clothes that petite women can wear. Online shops like are filled with beautiful clothing for plus size women. Choosing the right clothing will definitely help you accentuate the beauty of your curves and body. The main thing you have to know in choosing the right outfit is your body shape. If you know your body shape, you`ll be able to know which parts of your body need defining or volume.

Here`s are some easy to remember tips in choosing the right clothes depending on your body type:

1. Pear Shape

Having a pear shape means you have a narrow waist, smaller bust, and shapely bottom half. You can choose to clothe that will visually enhance the upper part of your body. Since the upper part of your body is slimmer, you can accentuate your shoulders with off-the-shoulder tops or bring volume on your shoulders by layering with a structured suit or jacket.

2. Rectangle Shaped

Having a rectangle-shaped body means you have a smaller bust, undefined waistline, and shoulders are the same width as the hips. Steer away from clothes with vertical lines. Focus on clothes that will inch your waist. Another way to do is to use a belt on your waistline.

3. Hourglass Shape

Having an hourglass figure means your bust is proportionate to your hips and you have a roundly bottom. This type of figure is the one of the most coveted no matter the size. You can focus on highlighting your naturally beautiful curves like wearing bodycon dresses. You can also try checking out cheap plus size lingerie under your bodycon dresses.

4. Apple Shape

Having an apple shape body means you have a fuller bust, width around the middle section, and shapely legs. With this body shape, focus on elongating your body more and lessening the highlight of the middle section. You can check clothes that will add definition to your waist.

5. Inverted Triangle Shape

Having an inverted triangle shape means that you have broad shoulders, fuller busts, and narrow hips and legs. With this body shape, focus on toning down the volume of your upper half and adding more volume to your lower half. Wearing an a-line skirt or dress is a great way to do this.

6. Diamond Shape

Having a diamond shape body means your bust and shoulders are smaller than your hips, your waist is the widest part of your body frame, and you have shapely arms and legs. With this body frame, you can focus on defining your waist and adding volume to your shoulders.

You can get trendy plus size clothing wholesale so you can save money. Thankfully, no matter your size, shape, and color, online shops nowadays have a ton of plus size women`s clothing to choose from. Knowing your body shape and size will extremely help you in narrowing down your choices and making sure that you only wear the best style for your body!


Fall Fashion Trends: The Sweaters You Need for Fall 2020

Sweaters are the most comfortable clothing pieces ever invented. They`re easy to wear, affordable, and stylish. They come in different styles including plain, printed, off-the-shoulder, and over-sized. They`re perfect for the coming fall season this 2020 and here are the sweaters you`ll need to include in your wardrobe:

1. High-Neck sweaters

High-neck sweaters are essential especially if you live in a place where the weather is colder. Make sure to look for sweaters thick enough to keep you warm during sweater weather. If you want to accessorize, you can use statement jewelry with bigger pendants.

2. Sheer Sleeves

Sweaters with sheer sleeves are often seen in Korean dramas because they can keep you warm without comprising style. These are ideal if you need something that`s more than casual but not formal at the same pretty and unique.

3. Printed Sweaters

Printed sweaters come in different cool styles. Just take a look at the sweater above with a stylish animal print that goes from the body to the arms. Printed sweaters are a great form of expressing your style. Another great thing about printed ones is there`s a ton of prints to choose from at You can wear printed sweaters and tuck them in your pants for a casual look.

4. Halter Neck Sweaters

Halter tops are cute and sexy at the same time. They show off your beautiful collarbones which is why halter neck sweaters are very trendy for fall 2020. They`re unique and stylish but still keeps you warm.

5. Choker-Neck Sweaters

This style is probably one of the most popular styles these days. No matter the weather, choker-neck sweaters are in. You can mostly see this type of sweater being worn by celebrities and vloggers. You can pair this with high-waisted skinny jeans and high heels to give it a classy and sweet look.

6. Over-sized Sweaters

Over-sized sweaters are perfect for the cold weather. Hanging out at home, watching your favorite shows while drinking a cup of hot chocolate or tea wearing your favorite over-sized sweater is one of the best feelings to have while resting from studying or work.

High-neck, sheer sleeves, printed, halter neck, choker neck, and over-sized sweaters are some of the fall fashion trends for 2020. You can get sweaters wholesale to save up on money while it`s still not that cold. There are many ways you can style sweaters, whether tucking them in or accessorizing with jewelry.


Girls Floral Dresses Outfits – 6 Ways to Style a Floral Style

Floral dresses symbolize beauty, bloom, and sophistication. Floral dresses are excellent pieces to wear because they can be styled in a variety of ways. Wearing floral designed clothes can make your outfit look like colors and flowers exploded on you or it can make you the classiest.

Here are 6 Ways to Style a Floral-Designed Clothing:

1. Use Simple Jewelry

In wearing floral clothes, using simple jewelry like small studs for a thin bracelet will help make the entire outfit look classy. Floral dresses tend to be a representation of harmony and elegance so adding gold or silver accessories will accentuate the outfit`s refined look. Even though there are many cheap dresses online that you can get, it`s highly recommended to invest in beautiful and high- quality jewelry to complete the overall look.

2. Accessorize Appropriately

Using the right accessories can make or break an outfit. Making sure that you use the right accessories is essential. Instead of using big and heavy hair accessories, you can opt for a simple gold or silver hair clip. Instead of using so many layers of clothes, you can opt for a long and plain cardigan. Floral outfits already have a lot of things going on. The simpler the outfit, the better.

3. Match the Color of the Floral Dress

In pairing a floral dress or shirt, make sure that the other clothing pieces in your outfit match the floral clothing item. If you have a black dress with a big red flower as a design, you can wear black tights and a pair of shoes to match it. If you have a white floral dress with little pink flowers, you can wear a pair of white or pink pants with simple rose gold accessories.

To easily remember this, whatever the main color of the floral dress should be used for small items in your outfit like with accessories. For the secondary color of the floral dress, you can use this for bigger clothing items like a pair of pants, a skirt, or a cardigan.

4. Work with Plain Clothing Pieces

Floral clothes tend to have a lot of noisy images so using plain accessories and other clothing items can lower down the overpowering design of florals.  

5. Uncomplicated is the key

Just like with any outfits, making sure that the outfit is effortlessly beautiful is the goal. Floral dresses are beautiful clothes to wear paired with the right accessories and clothes. Don`t think too much, just simply follow the dress` main and secondary colors in accessorizing appropriately.

6. The Floral Dress is the Statement Piece

The floral dress should be the statement piece in your over-all look. This way, the ensemble of your clothing is unified and based on just one item in your outfit. The colors, design, and style should depend on your statement piece so making sure that you get a really nice floral dress is important.

Using high quality and simple jewelry, accessorizing properly, matching the floor of the floral dress, working with plain clothing pieces, keeping the outfit effortlessly beautiful, and making sure that the floral dress is the statement piece is some of the best ways to style floral clothing pieces.


10 Fashion Trends to Know for 2020

In our current time, all the countries in the world are in the midst of pandemic which is the COVID-19 however the fashion never lost and many of the workers are into work from home set-up meanwhile some of them are still into fashion.

Some also experience doing nothing instead they try to ease their boredom by buying clothes online and flexing it in their social media. Other people love to buy wholesale womens clothing online and Below is the inspiring 2020 fashion clothes that will let you look good on personally and on cameras.

1. Jumpsuits

Known as an all in one and head to toe type of clothes. Gives as a stunning look combined with tops and skirt, pants, and even dress. It also looks like a retro-modern style dress and perfect for summer. They also look casual but can be formal at some point depending on its style and colors.

Elegant Wine Red Short Sleeves Button Wide Leg Jumpsuit For Vacation

Supper Fashion Gray Wide Leg Rompers Backless Lace-Up

2. Bodycon dresses

There are many sexy dresses online and body con dress is one of the examples, it looks seductive yet gives a cozy feeling when worn. Bodycon dresses designed to fit your body silhouette.  

Fashionable Orange Pleated Open Back Bodycon Dress Understated Design

3. Female Formal Suits

Wearing formal suits creates a professional look either on boys or girls. This type of dress looks feminine and perfect for professional set-up it is also suited to business and formal meetings.

Coat with a pants suit looks elegant and stylish. Suits create a neat appearance that gives everyone confidence on a formal occasion.

Mysterious White Long Sleeves Tassel Suit Front Button Womenswear

4. Skater dresses  

Skater dresses are an example of a beautiful work of arts, it has a variety of colors and designs which makes it more unique. Anyone can make their own styles. They are also good for any type of season.

5. Crop tops

If you want to look casual and sexy at the same time crop tops will guarantee your satisfaction. This type of tops is trendy in the summer season, it also looks good in pair of any loose pants or skirts. You can wear it on dates, parties, and even concerts.

6. Cardigans

This year cardigans begin to be popular. The modern style of garments that design having a hang open front. Other people mistook it as a sweater but cardigans are open and some are made with buttons.

Cardigan is a machine or hand knitted. It can be worn in casual or formal settings depending on its versatility.

7. Puff sleeves tops

The ballooning style of dress is perfect in the year 2020 because it shows power and femininity. Puff dresses also have a playful style in it which makes it an unending trend this year. It also helps petite girls for their shoulders to look broader.

8. Crochet Tops

Popular for its distinct design, and its details are on a high-quality style. Perfect for a spring and summer top. You can wear them on different pants, shorts, and even skirts.

Crochets patterns can be a modern or traditional style. The demand for crochet tops is undeniably increasing because of its uniqueness and sexy style.

9. One shoulder tops

This type of top is one of the new trends right now. The one-shoulder tops give you an alternative summer look. Allowing us to unveil some skin and shoulder that offers us too look naturally classy and sexy. Perfect for many parties and casual events.

 10. Slip dress

Slip dresses are an example of a light weighted type of dress and feel comfy when worn. We can able to move freely wearing this dress.  Also, it flatters any body shape and perfect for any for summer and spring season.


Style Your Sexy Dress with the Best Waist Cincher for Women

The purpose of the waist cincher is to compress your midsection and it helps you to attain an hourglass shape. They are a modern type of corset. Wearing a waist trainer that fits properly helps in weight loss due to perspiration as it raises the body temperature. It will also give you a better posture and make your workout much more effective. So, you should invest in the best waist cincher to feel better about your personality.

Graceful Black Latex Double Belts Sticker Vest Shaper Big Size

This is the best shaper to be worn during the exercise. It stimulates the thermal activity in the core region and enhances the perspiration. It comes with a front zipper that perfectly tightens the waist making the toxins to escape. There are adjustable straps for easy adjustment.

Latex flexible waist trainer with double belt

It will help you to reduce extra weight to get firm and slimmer waistline because it has adjustable straps at the waist. The double belt is made for control of the waist and abdomen. The core of this waist trainer is made from latex that helps in waist shaping.

Black Latex Double Belt Plus Size Waist Trainer 7 Steel Bones Curve Shaping

It enhances the burning process of the belly fat by stimulating sweating and elevating thermal activity. It is elastic and durable because it is made of latex.  To giving you the best compression, it has adjustable four hooks and zip. These 7 steel bones prevent the rolling down while moving.

Amazing Black 29 Steel Bones Latex Hooks Waist Trainer Best Materials

You will feel your waist firm and tight because of its latex material. It has 3 hook rows at the front which makes it adjustable and flexible. Its 29 steel bones strongly provide the shaping effect. It comfortably maintains your perfect body figure and enhances your beauty.

Zipper waist trainer with 9 steel bones

It has the best chest support because of its upper design of the W shape. It is easy and comfortable to wear, as it has a durable zip which has a clasp. Its 3 high mesh elastic layer gives superb support on the abdomen. Its 9 steel bones provide firm compression to the stomach and give full support to the waist and back.