Latest Trends in Womens Fashion

Women fashion is always buzzing with new designs and trends throughout the year. Designers spend a lot of time researching and visualizing what are the needs and desires of modern day women to create these stunning designs. Web portals like Lover-beauty have a very large collection of latest women fashion in their catalogues. These websites allow wholesale selling of these products which makes it easy for everyone to buy.

The following are some of the finest fashion trends in 2019

Neon turtleneck Sweatshirt

Turtlenecks were a thing of past until people started noticing the latest neon shade turtlenecks in market. These have spread like wildfire and a lot of celebrities and influential female figures have been spotted sporting these. They provide an elegant look and are suitable on any occasion with the right accessories.

Pink Drawstring Sweatshirt Full Sleeve Patchwork Women's Fashion


Androgynous styling

Fashion is above gender differences and this style proves this right. In this trend women are wearing unisex clothes, oversized jackets, men’s shirts etc. these are generally of dark colors but there is no limitations. You can go for any shade you want.

Cheeky White Contrast Color Sweatshirt Turndown Collar Modern Fashion


 Bodycon dresses

Bodycon dresses are one of the most popular fashion trends currently in the market. These are body tight dresses that are suitable for parties, corporate meetings or any other type of outing with friends. They are made with stretchable fibers. These dresses portray great body shape and curves of a women’s body very well.

Flowing White Bodycon Dress Metal Buckles Open Back Feminine Curve

Short skirts

Short skirts are now a fashion phenomenon. They are made out of a variety of materials like cotton, denim etc. these are similar to shorts that boys wear. They are very popular among teenage girls and young adults due to the comfort they offer along with a fashionable look

Minimalist Blue High Waist Pleat Floral Skirt Layers Fabulous Fit



A lot of you might think that jumpsuits are a thing of past but you will be mistaken. Jumpsuits have come at front once again with a lot of new designs like sleeveless jumpsuits, off-shoulder jumpsuits etc. and are now spreading across the world market like wildfire. These are perfect to be worn both indoors and outdoors and will give you a fresh and bold look to make you stand out of the crowd.

Laid-Back Dark Blue Dew Shoulder Waist Belt Jumpsuit For Girls




Shapewear: Find the Secrets of this Mystic Piece of Clothing

Who does not love to flaunt the alluring curves of their bodies? Alas! Dreaming about something and turning it into a reality is not the same thing. The only way to get the perfect curves is by spending hours and hours in the gym. For most women, it is infeasible. For them, shapewear for women is a blessing.

Even though the concept is there for a long time, the new age shapewear is a far cry from the tight corsets our moms and grans used to wear. Nowadays, even celebrities are using shapewear to accentuate their curvy figure. Why these celebrities love shapewear as much as we do? Well, here are the benefits that will compel you to buy one for yourself.

Curvy Accentuation

Ask anyone, and they will tell you that shapewear makes you look curvier. The question is, how? Well, a fine high waist shaping shorts helps to compress the midsection of your body. No matter how good your figure is, this compressing power will tauten the appearance further. As a result, your midsection will look slender and invariably better. Even the celebrities with fabulous figure find it impossible to get an hourglass figure. Shapewear helps them to achieve the dreamy hour-glass figure within seconds.

Flexible Black Plus Size 5 Steel Bones Neoprene Waist Cincher Tummy Slimmer

Bust Support? Sorted

Love to have perkier boobs? Shapewear has your back. Choose shapewear that rises below the bra area to give your precious girls a little support. Along with pushing your bust up a bit, shapewear will make you look longer and leaner.

Bulging? What’s that?

Are you distressed about the love handles at your back? The bulging stomach is looking like a truck tire?No worries when Lover-beauty shapewear is here. You already know about the magical effects of compression. Well, that comes handy here as well. With the help of a little bit of compression, the shapewear can get rid of the little muffin tops in the front and the protruding bulges of the back. What’s more, it might reduce the pesky bulges altogether.

Extra Firm Control Skin Color Hook Detachable Straps Full Body Shaper

So, the next time you choose the cherry red body-hugging dress, you don’t need to worry about those exploding bulges anymore. Wear shapewear and rock any look you want.

Indeed, shapewear is the magical touch you are trying to find. Still, before buying one blindly, do ample research and learn more about your body type. This knowledge will help you to choose better. So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab one right now.

Latest Design Trends in Bodycon Dresses

Bodycon dresses are very popular among the modern women nowadays. These dresses are worn to show off the self-esteem and confidence on one’s body. These dresses are called by a lot of name like bandage, body conscious dresses etc.

There are a lot of designs of bodycon dresses for women that can be worn on different occasions like parties, corporate meetings and family gatherings. They are generally made with stretchable fiber so that all the curves on the body can be flaunted easily.

People think that being so tight will make them uncomfortable to wear but the thing is that these are super comfortable to wear if the fabric is right. To ensure high quality bodycon dresses, you can visit the website of Lover-beauty. These websites have a vast variety of different products in different sizes. They also offer bodycon dresses wholesale which you can easily avail.

Design trends

The following are some of the most famous trends in bodycon dresses

Off Shoulder Bodycon Dresses

One of the most popular designs of bodycon dresses is this one. This design is worn by a lot of celebrities every year on big red carpet events. This has led to its popularity worldwide. This dress is made out of stretchable fibers.

Stretchable Bodycon dress

This design is popular among working women all around the world. These are completely body tight dresses that are made out of high quality and highly stretchable material. They portray every curve of a women’s body and are a symbol of their confidence on their body fitness.

Long sleeves bodycon dresses

Bodycon dresses with long sleeves are gaining popularity nowadays. These dresses have all the design aesthetics of a normal bodycon dress and the only additional feature is the long sleeves. They provide a fresh new look to whoever wears them and will surely be a head turner when you go out.


Midi bodycon dresses

These are iconic short dresses worn by pop-stars and celebrities regularly. They are perfect for any type of party and will surely make people notice you. Just like every other bodycon dress, they compliment female body properly and gracefully.

Short sequin bodycon dresses

These types of bodycon dresses are very popular among teenage girls and young adults. These are short dresses that are perfect for parties and specially prom nights. These are comfortable to wear and they go very well with high heels of matching shades.


Latest Trending Women Sweaters for the Fall Season

Nowadays, you can see designers are giving a modern twist to fall outwears which is making it look more stylish and attractive. But the important factor is its good quality fabric that will make it comfortable to wear and will give you warmth. If you want to buy, both men and women fall outwear are easily available online as well as on fashion stores.

Some amazing options for women are as follows:

High turtle neck: It is a high neck sweater that reaches up to your chin which keeps you warm and gives you a cool look. It goes perfect with jackets and over-sized fleece. If you wear it with a plain trouser, it gives a formal look.

mysterious gray twist detail long sleeve sweater

mysterious gray twist detail long sleeve sweater

Oversized sweater: It is the best for winters as it is very soft and keeps you warm as well as very comfortable. It gives a versatile look if you wear it with a pair of leggings. It gives you breathable feel because there is enough space in between your skin and fabric. There is ribbing at cuff, neck and hem.

wine red crew neck split oversized sweater asymmetry

wine red crew neck split oversized sweater asymmetry


Virgo bolted: You can wear it after rain fall when the weather is not so cold. These sweaters are very soft that you can easily snuggle up in. If the weather is good you can style it with a pair of jeans and a silk shirt which gives you a cool look.

Cropped wool turtle neck sweater: This sweater is cut short from bottom in straight or curved shaped and sometimes in different patterns. It looks fabulous with denims and sports shoes. It also gives a cool look if you wear it for a party.

Mesh sweaters: This sweater has a cowl neck that impersonates its sleeve. It has longer sleeve. There are diagonal buttons present at the front closure. It crew neck and edges make it look more attractive.

conservative light tan solid color sweater

conservative light tan solid color sweater

Shawl collar: In this, you can see wrapping of extra fabrics around the neck to giving comfort and warmth. This collar is mainly seen in cardigans. It is a casual wear therefore it is a good replacement of hoodie.

Roll neck: It is a perfect combination of crew neck and turtle neck. In this the collar is high but the edges are rolled a little bit. You can casually wear it or under a full or half sleeve jacket.

wine red crew neck knit sweater

wine red crew neck knit sweater

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