Office Tel: +86-592-5730094   Office Fax:+86-592-5776306
Office: B#,NO.15 Dianli Industrial Zone,Wutong,Huli District,Xiamen,CN
Sales Manager: Mr.Alan          Email: alan@lover-beauty.com.cn   &    Lover-Beauty@hotmail.com
Sales Assistant: Ms.Sally         Email: Sales-lover-beauty@hotmail.com
Sales Assistant: Ms. Alice       Email: alice@lover-beauty.com.cn
Sales Assistant: Ms.Zuza        Email: zuza@lover-beauty.com.cn
Sales Assistant: Ms. Anna      Email: anna@lover-beauty.com.cn
Sales Assistant: Ms. Alex        Email: alex@@lover-beauty.com.cn
Work Day: Monday – Friday (GMT+8:00 AM8:00-18:00PM)
Official Website : http://www.HexinFashion.com  www.Lover-Beauty.com
If you need to place order from us, please order from our Official Website.

Or send orders requires to our sales’ mail. Any requires will be replyed within 24hours.

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