Ready, Meghan Markle’s wedding dress is officially on the shelves

If your life goals include finding time machines and attending the royal weddings of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, then you can see her amazing dress IRL, good news! The rumor that this dress is being shown proves to be true, which means you can enjoy Meghan’s dress in October. You know, if your hobbies include wedding dresses that stare at mannequins. Obviously which one is mine.

According to Kensington Palace, they seem to know what they are talking about. The exhibition will include Meghan’s dress and veil (designed by Clare Waight Keller), as well as diamond and platinum headwear loaned to her by the Queen. In addition, a replica of Prince Harry’s equipment will be there, but apparently NO1CURR.

So, when and where can you see Megan’s dress? It will be exhibited at Windsor Castle from October 26, 2018 to January 6, 2019 as part of the Royal Wedding: Duke of Sussex and Duchess exhibition. However, if you can’t do this, you can also see the dresses at the Holyroodhouse Palace in Edinburgh from June 13th, 2019 to October 6th, 2019. Yay!

Forget Catsuit. What is the focus of tennis dresses?

The dress problem once again emerged in the work space. Of course, the latest turmoil was the storm on Serena Williams’s tennis racket wearing the French Open last weekend. The French tennis federation chairman Bernard Judithelli apparently did not fully “respect the game.” Billy King Kim’s tweet says social media’s anger and eloquence on “regulation of women’s bodies” soar.

However, as the US Open began to appear in the shadow of that scene (in any case, Ms. Williams personally challenged, who knows one or two things about rotation), I can’t help wondering if we all missed the woods. Because thinking about the bodysuit hoo-ha raises another broader issue.

Why, in 2018, performance clothing is actually a science itself, sneakers are the reality of designer’s staple food and gender flowing clothing, and female tennis players still experience the act of wearing a little fabric around the hips in order to suggest a dress ?

Its clothing is equivalent to the residual tail.

Consider Nike looking like Simona Halep (who lost the game in the first round) and returning to the champion Sloan Stephens. The two draped skirts of the “dress” are pulled over the waist and patterned compression shorts. When women are in motion, because they are usually on the field, this gap has the effect of turning the “dress” into something most like the outside world might call the upper part of the waist. Still a long shirt.

Nike Court Design Director Abby Swancutt explained in an email: “Our skirt is very happy.” “It’s designed to open on the left hip, providing athletes with the widest range of movements, this silhouette also highlights the beautiful folds of the skirt. The structure and the shortness of the tie-dyed ball. The shorter length does help the widest range of movement.”

However, at this point, “slightly shorter” has become so succinct that the resulting clothing will never become a dress for anyone outside. It’s not just Nike, but also the Stella McCartney style of Adidas and the traditional look of Fila’s starlight, as well as some other US Open fashion launches. They are even barely qualified to be robes.

of course there are exceptions. Ms. Virgil Abro of Williams is a Nike asymmetric tulle tutu that looks like something the “Swan Lake” Little Swan might wear if she suddenly develops a transparent fabric of the yen, while Maria Sharapova The LBD is strategically backlit and cut into identifiable cocktail silhouettes.

But the overall effect is a nominal dress. That is to say, there was once a purpose of clothing – hiding female athletes in socially acceptable gender markers, so that her power is somewhat less threatening – but no longer serves it.

Serena Williams’ Catsuit should let you revisit your dress code (not because of what you think)

When you let the team wear “superhero costumes” to work, you can better change your company culture.

In a recent interview with the tennis magazine, Bernard Giudicelli, president of the French Tennis Federation, said that the French Open will introduce dress code. At this year’s French Open, he deliberately played the tights worn by Serena Williams, noting that “it will no longer be accepted. The competition and venue must be respected.”

The Nike Leotard provides Williams with a functional use, and he has been suffering from a blood clot since he gave birth last year. She explained to reporters at a press conference in May:

“My thrombosis has many problems. God I don’t know how much blood I have in the past 12 months. I wear a lot of pants when I play, so I can keep my blood circulation.”

Since the French Open, Williams has indicated that she has found other ways to manage the blood clots during the game and has played down the controversy surrounding the pending dress code. She pointed out at the press conference that she had already talked to Giudicelli, “Everything is fine.”

Although Williams may solve all problems well, there are many people inside and outside the tennis world who are angry with the dress code and Giudicelli’s comments.

The supervision of women’s bodies must end. The “respect” required is the special talent that @serenawilliams brings. Criticizing what work she wears is truly disrespectful.

– Billie Jean King (@BillieJeanKing) August 25, 2018
Dress code requirements may be sensitive topics, especially in the business world. If you are not careful, things as simple as people go to work can have a major impact on your results.

How your dress code affects company culture and performance
In my last company job, we were allowed to wear jeans every day during the summer. For all other seasons, jeans can only be worn on Fridays. I can’t understand how to accept a dress in a day instead of the next day.

Therefore, I advocated to the senior leaders of jeans all year round. They discussed and rejected this request. This is how we can better serve our customers and find ways to grow their business.

The irony is that the company, a subsidiary of a large healthcare company, has not yet made a profit. Low morale. The time spent on our dress code is best used to solve business model problems or improve corporate culture.

Earlier this year, the new General Motors CEO Mary Barra replaced the company’s 10-page dress code with two words, “dressed properly.” Initially, Barra was strongly resisted by her senior leaders, but she unswervingly followed such a simple policy. She believes that all employees have the ability to work for themselves to be the best, without being told that they are What should be done in practice.

At the Wharton Personnel Analysis Conference in March, Barra explained the positive impact of this shift on corporate culture:

“I realize that you really need to make sure your manager is empowered – because if they can’t handle ‘wearing’ correctly, can they still handle other decisions? I often realize that if you have a lot of overly standardized policies and procedures, people Will live up to them.

“But if you let people own the policy – ​​especially at the first level of people’s supervision – it helps to develop them. It’s an eye-opening experience, but I now know that these little things are powerfully changing. Our culture.”

Business is a sense of belonging. For many people, clothing has an impact on whether people perform best. The reality is that we often don’t know the root cause of what people choose to wear.

For Serena Williams, her leotard helped her with the medical challenge. For others, their clothing may be expressed for religious reasons, cultural or creative, or based on their financial situation.

Some people work better when wearing a T-shirt. Others feel that dressing can optimize their performance. We are all different, we need to respect and accept these differences so that everyone can make the most of their role.

Whether it’s a 10-page document or two words, the dress code you implement within the company will have an impact. Make sure your dress code supports the corporate culture you want to build and develop. Otherwise, it could be an obstacle.

Refugees said to rent a wedding dress

A Syrian refugee camp in the desert is a place where wedding dresses are unlikely to be rented – until you enter “Salon Al Fardous” or “Paradise Salon”. It is located in a trailer at Market Street, the main road in Zaatari, Jordan’s largest Syrian refugee camp.

Dress in bright red and turquoise tones in large windows (white is not necessarily the color of the bride’s dress in the Muslim tradition). There are dozens of shops in the store – brides and members for bride parties of all ages.

When I entered, I was greeted by the owners, the warmth of Zeyneb Assaf and her smiling husband Hussam Assaf. I almost forgot my position, the extreme poverty of the camp and the reasons for the war. A little girl suddenly passed through the door of a white princess dress. Before wearing colorful clothes, she briefly placed the camera in a pose.

Photojournalist Adib Chowdhury and I work for iguacu, an independent charity that investigates humanitarian crises. We have had a long conversation with Syrian refugees who lost everything in the seven-year conflict. The Zaatari camp now has approximately 80,000 refugees and was opened in 2012.

Paradise Salon is one of the 3,000 informal stores on the vibrant and dusty market street where refugee entrepreneurs ignore displacement. They don’t have any licenses and they don’t pay taxes. But they are there.

“We have to live our lives, we must continue,” Husam declared. “Doing nothing is not an option. We must do something.” Life continues, even in camps. During the summer wedding season, Assafs said they rent about five pieces a week, which is about $35 to $45 per piece.

Hussam is a carpenter in his hometown of Daraa, Syria. His wife is a hair stylist – until they fled four years ago. Dala is one of the hotbeds of rebellion.

“We raised this idea together one day in the camp,” he explained. “I will wear a robes, she will do hair and make-up. She supports me a lot, we succeed together.”

They started their business in 2014 and bought four wedding dresses from a company in Amman.

Spending money together to buy a dress is a struggle. “I have two rings, I have to sell them,” Husam said. Zeyneb took a break from the corner of the store’s room: “The biggest challenge is money!…and dust! The dust is killing us and there is no water.” They said that lack of water would make washing clothes Difficult.

Four years later, they participated in the competition in the form of other wedding rental stores. So they always try to stand out. “Yesterday, we repainted this place,” Husam said.

The money they make will definitely help. In the camp, there are food distribution and vouchers issued by the United Nations, as well as some “work-for-work” programs carried out by charities, but many families are working hard not to eat three meals a day.

They are not the only optimistic adventures in the camp.

Walking along the street from Paradise Salon is the “Paris Perfume”, run by Ahmad Atalla. He runs a perfume shop in Syria, so he seems to naturally try to rebuild it in the camp. “This is my transaction, this is what I did. This is what I like,” he said.

Creating a business in such a place means starting from scratch.

“We started very small,” Atala said. “First, we only have one tent and a small bracket. Next we have a corrugated board cabin. Then we bought a caravan [prefabricated structure on the street].”

“It’s hard to get the product. We have to get permission from the police to leave the camp and try to find a reasonably priced item in the Jordanian town.”

Shopkeepers also face criticism from refugees. Some of them are hard to think of living in a refugee camp, rather than focusing on going home or going to another country.

Even if they celebrate their success, memories of devastating wars will always exist. Atala remembers “explosions and fears – fear of child safety.” The father of the three children sold the perfume more confidently than selling the weapon. He refused to participate in the competition. “I should recruit troops for the army, but I don’t want to fight for either side,” he said. “So I have an arrest warrant.”

Shopkeepers are proud of their adventures, but still dream of different lives.

“This is just a way of life,” Atala said. “I just want to go home. I hope to resettle for my children. It’s too late for us. But my children are still young, and they are even bigger when they are 4 years old. I want to give them the opportunity to build elsewhere. Something. I don’t want their future to be lost like their parents.”

Bethenny Frankel’s ‘RHONY’ reunion dress may be your dream wedding dress

Leave it to ‘The Real Housewives in New York’ to make their reunion a black tie. We have already learned all the details of Bethenny’s GORGEOUS Prom Dress!

New York City’s real housewives gathered for the 10th season of their reunion on August 22nd, and Bethenny Frankel looked like a princess wearing a star dress. The gorgeous dress is very flaunting her cleavage. In fact, Ramona Singer called her “fake t * ts.” Ok! Go back to that magical dress! She was shocked in Willowby wearing a Watters dress! The style is Orion. The A-line dress is described as “a deep V-neck gown with a spotlight, and Estrella tulle is covered with countless gold and silver sequin stars.”

Bethenny makes the skirt a little custom through the lining skirt – usually it becomes pure and very sexy! Bethenny looks perfect in this dress, I have to say that this is the perfect wedding dress! Flowing romantic dresses are perfect for beach ceremonies or black ties. It has too many features! If I am not married yet, this will definitely appear on my short list of dresses! It’s amazing.

Bethenny looks with a soft pink lip, smoky eyes and a textured ponytail. She also wears diamond necklaces and pendant earrings. The price of this item ranges from $1,995 to $2,445, depending on the retailer and the customization you choose. With the wonderful fashion, you know that you can count on the major drama of reunion! Moderator Andy Cohen teased on his Instagram, “#RHONY REUNION started! (Sorry, but you guys are important…) “We can’t wait!”

Mother wore a shirt worn by her father on the day she was born to make a dress for her daughter.

When Carli Grant is pregnant with her second child, the eager mother can’t help but hoard baby clothes. But when she found out that she had spent too much money, she decided to start making clothes herself.

The 25-year-old Grant has a new sewing machine and a bunch of old clothes nearby, and began making clothes for the newborn Elliot (now 4 months) and her 2-year-old daughter Amelia. One day, she found her husband Josh Grant’s old black and red flannel shirt – the one he wore on the day of Amelia’s birth – and decided to turn the top into a dress.

“I made that dress, she was fascinated. She always chose to wear it,” Grant said of the “memory costume” she created. “When [Josh] came home, I said, ‘Do you recognize this?’ When he realized that his eyes were getting bigger. He was like, ‘That’s so cute!’ He held her Get up, hold her and tell her how beautiful she looks.”

Impressed with his wife’s skills, Josh suggested turning a sweet gesture into a career – “He just wants everyone to succeed,” she said. Josh filmed Amelia’s photo in a memory suit and posted it online. The photos quickly traversed the Internet, and before the couple knew it, people began to contact Grant to make memory for them.

“People like it – people like this idea!” she told PEOPLE. “When I made it, I was very happy. When I finally finished, I saw it in her, my eyes were filled with tears. I can’t stop smiling. In order to see her, I want to take the whole clothes out of the clothes. Cabinet. It’s so cute!”

The couple created a website and launched Reflected Memories. Now, Grant says she gets at least three custom orders for memory clothes every day.

“This is a back-to-back email, ‘I like this idea! Can you do this for me?’ The number of custom orders is crazy,” she said, noting that she never thought about this simple outfit. Bring this business. “I just like to let my children put on clothes. Before he was born, I was sewing for Eliot.”

Grant told people that she made dresses, blankets, pillows and more. She even started offering baby rompers.

The mother of the two children said that she liked the story of the family who asked her to serve. Some people have lost their loved ones’ clothing, relatives in the army, and old items they wish to keep.

Grant said that although Amelia did not quite understand the story behind her new duo, she absolutely loved the dress.

“She always said that she was very cute. I have a part of the wardrobe she prepared for her. She runs for it. She likes to wear the clothes I made for her, which makes me feel good. When she picks a dress for herself. When she called herself a princess, she now likes to wear a skirt.”

Tracy Feith returns to the new dress – you can only buy them on Instagram

“The first rule of the Fiss Club is: Don’t talk about the Fiss Club!” Tracy Fiss said jokingly on the phone in Los Angeles. Of course, he lingered on the famous movie of the Fighting Club, but the mood was not too far away. Feith Club, his cheeky limited edition dress collection, caters to a woman who doesn’t want to tell you where she got her dreamy, vibrant print dress, she definitely doesn’t want to see you wearing it, either. For every vintage or small batch of fabric from Feith, he only used it to make a few pieces of clothing – even just one piece – so the chances of seeing the repetition were very low. This is a privilege and is usually reserved for great vintage discoveries or custom fashion. “The idea is that it really is a game of underground society,” he said. “If someone is wearing pretty clothes, they don’t want to tell you anything about it.”

Feith’s comeback is good news for dressing enthusiasts everywhere, especially those who collected slips and minis from his first line, which suddenly closed in 2010. “Every day, I’ll receive the sweetest Instagram message from a woman saying, ‘I’m very happy when you missed your store closing, I’m glad you’re back!’ or ‘My daughter is wearing all my vintage Tracy Feith dresses’, This is really energetic for me,” he said. Even before he launched the Feith Club, he received the request for a retro TF dress, so he re-released some beloved styles, such as a lazy dress in the late 90s. He also launched a new dress with dramatic puffed sleeves, ankles, a high collar and a large bow – they are all provided via Instagram Direct (at least so far). “This really started with Instagram experiments,” he explained. “I made a dress and put it on Instagram. Within three hours, eight people ordered one. So, I know there are some things.”

There is currently no Feith Club website, and although he is accepting the idea of choosing a retailer’s wholesale, the Instagram DM model is working for Feith. “I really like to communicate with my woman,” he said. “It feels like the future, somehow – direct contact, making pieces without seasons and buying now. . . . I don’t want it to become too complicated. I have been doing this for a long time, I know how to do it all from the pattern I made samples for sample cutting and sewing. I have several interns, but apart from that, it’s just me – I am very personal. “This is a low-fidelity way of doing things, but at the same time it reflects the tailor Rare, old-fashioned approach. Have your own store and make parts that are suitable for customer measurement.

Feith’s Instagram feed is now basically his storefront, but it doesn’t have a glossy lookbook photo; instead, he uses his chintz and wallpaper floral dress to shoot real customers, then write down instructions on how to place an order in a comment. . Some women are his friends, there is a fashion editor here and there, and there are some celebrities. He also released behind-the-scenes photos and close-ups of the fabrics he recently discovered: “I buy fabrics from everywhere,” Fiss said. “It’s like finding a needle in a haystack. I’ve always done this – exploration is an important part of the design process. I’ll see a piece of fabric and a picture that I can make, or I’ll Find a dress that has passed, because people don’t see it like I do.”

At this time next year, Feith Club may not be such an insider secret because the business is built on a very public application. He also plans to do some luggage display in professional boutiques, but will keep small batches, feel every piece of clothing – and its wearing – always quality. “The thing I am doing now is to go back to the real Tracy Feith and go back to my store,” he said. “I just want to make women look beautiful and feel beautiful. Now, especially, they want to have fun and excitement, not like everyone else. Now everything on social media, you may be early [in On the runway] see a piece of clothing, when you actually use it, you think you have seen too much. I don’t want to be fashionable, I want to live longer on clothes. I like my life, I think this is my original What happened to the clothes. “As for expanding into other categories, we will not be surprised to see Feith Club’s skirt and statement tops in the near future, but the dress is his Mo” I always think that a dress is worn by a woman. The most modern thing, because this is one thing – you put it on, pull it, and you are done.”

Meghan Markle Fall Dress Guide

Meghan Markle Fall Dress Guide

In the past few months, Megan Marker has been in the polo match, the welfare dinner, the official appearance (and getting to know, getting married) – and providing inspiration for each outing. The Duchess of Sussex appeared in her recent performance, and surprisingly, her ever-expanding collection of dresses is impressive, each with a familiar silhouette, such as an LBD or a classic shirt dress. Even if you don’t have a royal wardrobe budget, you can let Markle guide your transitional clothing purchase: her favorite asymmetric skirts, polished denim and sulking silhouettes let you start in the fall – and there are many you can buy on the market Affordable choice. Check out some of the favorites of our Duchess.

Pleated skirt dress
Meghan Markle celebrates her birthday and a friend’s wedding in August, wearing a Club Monaco dress dress with a pleated patchwork skirt that adds a playful touch to the playful cut.

6 products worth buying, it doesn’t matter how stupid they look

When you are busy cultivating a small human, you will feel that you are experiencing a tough endurance challenge. Whether you are suddenly tossing and turning at night, experiencing persistent low back pain or leg pain, or irritating itching in your abdomen, you can easily find some much needed relief along the Google Cave. However, it is difficult to sort out all the pregnancy equipment there and try to determine if it is a gimmick or worth investing. To help me, no matter how stupid or looking they seem, I will collect products worth buying. It turns out that some of these strange devices are a bit awesome.


Of course, it is worth noting that no pregnancy is the same, so for a pregnant mother, it may not be necessary for the next pregnant mother. Comparing pregnancy records with other women who have undergone pregnancy surgery is actually very attractive. For me, the pregnancy project I can’t live without is a full-length body pillow. Putting your legs on it is the only way I can sleep comfortably. It occupies a lot of space in my already crowded Brooklyn bedroom, but it’s worth it. It’s totally worth it.

So if you need some relief, here are six things that might make your pregnancy experience easier to manage – because 40 weeks (giving or taking) is a long time. In addition, all of these items can be used after delivery during the postpartum/breastfeeding phase, so you really feel that your money is worth it.

1.Maternity Belt / Belly Band

Whether you are experiencing lumbar pain or pelvic pain, or just feel that your abdomen can use more support, the abdomen can be a lifeguard. I like this for Pretty See because it can also be used as a body shaper in the postpartum phase.

2.Maternity Bra

Your stomach is not the only thing that expands during pregnancy. Yes, your chest may also need some “maternity dress”. Maternal bras tend to be softer and more supportive than regular bras, although they may also obviously not fit. I like this product from Gratlin because it not only looks stylish, but it can also be used as a nursing bra when the baby arrives (although it depends on the size of the breast when your milk enters).

3.Water Bottle

My OB has been telling me about moisturizing, hydrating, moisturizing, but this is a real challenge, try to drink as much as possible (10 cups! Gulp!). Injecting water with water, vegetables and herbs is a way to change the rules of the game. This cool infusion bottle from Bevgo even includes a hydration tracker to help you achieve your goals. In addition, it is great for helping you stay hydrated during breastfeeding.

4.Body Pillow

As I mentioned before, I swear with my Snoogle body pillow. It wraps around your abdomen and is easily caught between your legs, so you don’t have to toss and try to find a comfortable position. I also use it for breastfeeding support, so it gets a double job score.

5.Maternity jeans

A pair of good maternity jeans are worth using. I like this Levi Strauss skinny jeans because denim is super elastic and comfortable, but they still look stylish but not like “mother” pants. They can also be worn after delivery, because, hey, who doesn’t Like a flexible belt?

6.Belly Oil

Whether you are dealing with itchy abdomen or trying to resist stretch marks, this kind of body oil from Hatch is everything. It contains nutritious botanical ingredients that feel like a treat.

How to hide belly fat by clever wear, 10 tips to guide you

Wearing it for your body shape is very important and looks good. However, if belly or belly fat bloat becomes a problem, there are ways to help you hide it. Voonik and fashion designer Reynu Taandon’s chief stylist Bhavya Chawla listed ways to hide your belly fat:

* Apply a dark or busy print on the upper body. This will help you look slim and hide your belly fat.

* Avoid wearing bright, bright colors on the upper body.

* Avoid wearing too tight or too loose cloth in the upper body. A cloth that is too tight will accentuate your stomach. If you wear it too loosely, your body will look like it has no shape. So try to wear a medium sized cloth.

Jeans, pants, light yellow or skirt, suitable for middle age. Wear them around the navel. This helps to hide the belly.

If you wear a shirt, then the body suit is your best choice. This gives you a stylish look.

* Girls tend to buy smaller-sized clothes, thinking that it will make them look slimmer. Instead, it will highlight your stomach and make you feel uncomfortable. Therefore, the size of the body shaping device should be larger.

* When buying underwear, be sure to buy mid-rise panties. Avoid low or high.

* Choose high opening and choose kurtis. This helps to hide the belly.

* Layering is a good way to hide belly fat. This divides your body into three parts that help to look slimmer. For example, wear a contrasting color jacket on your kurti. But the kurta should be a different color and the button should remain open.

* Makeup and big earrings and neck, you can attract the attention of others, people will not notice your belly fat.