New Sensitive Fabrics collection for sportswear

We all know that there are many sportswear fabrics and many of them are quite sensitive, so today we will talk about some sensitive sportswear fabrics.

Sensitive Fabrics brand by Eurojersey, the leading Italian warp knitter, has once again affirmed its leadership in the sports sector with a high-tech collection in a unique and exclusive Made in Italy style.

The latest technology offers great performance for every sports activity, the company reports, starting with the innate features of Sensitive Fabrics, such as lightness, breathability, no curling, no pilling, and more – a source of inspiration for evolving designs, body mapping and innovative combinations.

The new brand fabrics are specially designed for water sports, where resistance to chlorine and fast drying are essential, and outdoor sports, where protection from UV rays and difficult weather conditions makes a real difference.

Second Skin Fabrics

The Second Skin Fabrics range features Sensitive Plus, Sensitive Seric Plus, Sensitive Touch and Sensitive Ultralight.

Ideal for intimate apparel and extra comfortable base layers, these fabrics are light and breathable, with no pilling or curling, according to the company.

Performance Fabrics

Sensitive Life and Sensitive Power fabrics are designed specifically for water sports for their chlorine resistance, sun block and quick drying.

Sensitive Fit fabrics are for technical, functional apparel with an extra comfort shapewear effect, while Sensitive Sculpt has been developed for garments offering maximum elasticity, perfect shape maintenance, great support, freedom of movement without constricting and effective muscle compression.


At the heart of the Bonded technology, the taping function uses special heat sealing tapes applied with a body-mapping effect on the ultra-flat surfaces of Sensitive Fabrics materials to create a perfectly linear, homogeneous avant-garde look, as well as an extremely comfortable, practical fit without stitched seams.

Premium Fabrics

Sensitive Bonded fabrics have heat sealed seams instead of being sewn together with thread, made by combining two different Sensitive Fabrics layers or matching with another type of material.

They are designed for highly constructed, technical or structured garments or wind protection. They never lose their shape over time and also are wrinkle-free and scratch resistant, the company reports.

Sensitive Bonded with Fleece are the new fabrics designed for thermal apparel: soft and pleasant to wear. Sensitive Bonded, punctured with mesh effect is designed for the most breathable clothes, while Sensitive Bonded double face fabrics are for the most exclusive structured apparel that plays on effects of two different surfaces, with a consistent plain colour on one side and a full printed on the other.


In addition, the latest technique, including contouring, laser cutting, flocking, and pleating, confer a tailored look to high-performance clothing made from Sensitive Fabrics materials.

Digital Print optimises colours and patterns to create micro-geometric textures, and the new Ecoprint Fluo, eco-compatible in the SensitivEcoSystem vision, makes it possible to reproduce fluorescent coloured designs with a pigment used directly on Sensitive Fabrics materials.

So after reading the fabrics, so do you have an idea of these fabrics.