Hush~ It’s Bedtime! But Before You Turn Off The Light…

It’s time to go to bed and have a good rest after busy work of the whole day. But before you turn off the light and fall asleep, don’t you want to show off your alluring curvaceous figure to your partner and do something happy and interesting to release pressure and relax? Follow me, you may find something special to spend an unforgettable night.



Secret Weapon 1 # Leather lingerie #

First things first, leather lingerie is the sexiest and most erogenous lingerie. Your partner will be surprise and excited about your preparation. Here are some new arrivals for reference.

Lover-Beauty offers lots of alluring and flirty styles, some special accessories such as handcuffs, whip are also prepared for you. Also men’s styles~ Don’t be shy and miss a good chance to enjoy a wonderful night with your intimate spouse.



Secret Weapon 2 # Babydoll Lingerie #

If you are not satisfied with above leather lingerie, but you still pursue for alluring, those babydoll lingerie may help you.

We prepare different styles for you. Black lace temptation, satin strapped mini dress, translucent thin chiffon, open front and back design… we have all styles that you could image.



Secret Weapon 3 # Christmas Lingerie #

After having a Christmas party with your friends, have you ever think about how to celebrate this grand festival with your close lover? Why not wear a sexy Christmas lingerie suit to enjoy the night time with him?

Enchanting Santa baby costume, showing off your full chest, small waistline, and alluring hips curve. Show your sexy potential at this pertinent time. Let your partner be crazy about you.3_副本

You Can Be What You Want To Be——Halloween Costumes Special Report

14Halloween is a yearly celebration observed in a number of countries on 31 October, the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows’ Day.

Typical festive Halloween activities include trick-or-treating, attending costume parties, decorating, carving pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns, lighting bonfires, apple bobbing, visiting haunted attractions, playing pranks, telling scary stories and watching horror films.

Following above introduction, here comes our key point——To Be The One You Want To Be.

Lover-Beauty offers hundreds of costumes for you to spend a happy Halloween. Neither a devilish vampire, a mysterious witch, a cool pirate, an elusive cat woman, or a sexy nurse, a pure student, a holy angel, a handsome policewoman, we have corresponding costumes to satisfy your needs. Everything you could think of or not, Lover-Beauty prepared for you! Dress a classy and exquisite costume, you will become the focus of attention in the costume parties!


Without further ado, let’s choose Halloween costumes in Lover-Beauty. It is only 17 days till Halloween! What are you waiting for?

Great Choice of Bridal Costume for Wedding Day

One of the important things that a bridal has to choose at the time of marriage is about bridal lingerie. The first thing that a bride has to select is her bridal dress and then she has to make the purchase of the perfect lingerie for perfect fit underneath the bridal dress. It should be such that is capable of enhancing the beauty of the bridal wear. It is advisable to wear the complete set of the lingerie that you have selected for giving the fitting of the bridal gown to your tailor as it also affects the fitting of the gown.

Wholesale Cheap Sexy Bride Lingerie Costumes Honeymoon Lingerie

You will find that lingerie meant for bridal comes in different forms. There are formal as well as traditional pieces. For an example, you will find demure panties, bridal bustier and also stockings with garter belt. Some women prefer sexy lingerie sets underneath their bridal wear. In past there were few options available with women regarding choice of their lingerie sets but now there are many options available. You will find variations in the demure theme of bridal wear in the erotic and modern designs of lingerie. For example, you will get tight corsets along with the plunging necklines instead of traditional bridal bustier.

The traditional color that is used for the lingerie sets meant for bridal is white. There is lot of variety available in lingerie sets meant for bridal in white color. However, in present times, the liking of women has changed and now women prefer daring colors in their lingerie sets. Now the color that is more popular among brides is black. The thing that is most important when you are about to choose lingerie for their bridal wear is that the design as well as the color you choose for the purpose must reflect fantasy as well as your personality. It is very important thing as it really affects the fitting of your wedding costume to a great extent. Some women make two choices about the lingerie to wear underneath their bridal costumes. One set to wear in wedding and other set to wear at wedding night. However, you must choose lingerie set after selecting the bridal set for getting the perfect fit.

Wholesale Cheap Sexy Bride Lingerie Costumes kHoneymoon Lingerie

Bride lingerie costumes can be sexy and attractive as well! Wholesale sexy bride lingerie costumes for costumes play or at the wedding night for more pleasure. Order here!!!!!!

Spice Up Valentine’s Day with Sexy Costumes and Lingerie

Valentines Costumes   Lingerie  Wholesale Sexy Women Costume for Sale

It’s no surprise that sexy lingerie and costume sales skyrocket at the beginning of each calendar year; Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Traditionally known as the most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day is a day when attraction, love and pure sex appeal are recognized among young lovers worldwide. Though most happy couples enjoy a healthy and active private-life filled with caring intimacy, sometimes Valentine’s Day can be a playful opportunity for otherwise “conservative” partners to celebrate their affections with wild and uninhibited behavior and theme-is attire.

If you’re looking to inspire an intense atmosphere of love, lust or romantic adventure with your partner on Valentine’s Day, sexy lingerie and sexy costumes are just the thing to set the mood for a passionate evening you — and your lover — won’t soon forget. And the best part is, you’ll cover the gift-giving in the process!

Entice Your Man With A Sexy Valentine’s Day Costume

Well Ladies, you have got it made in the shade when it comes to sexy lingerie on Valentine’s Day! Not only do you have the greatest “excuse” in the world to spend your husband’s money on silky, slinky, lacy pretty little nighties and panties, you can actually call them “his” gift. Not many men would complain about their credit card statement when you greet him after a hard day’s work wearing nothing but a red satin heart-shaped thong.

Some of you more experimental gals may find that no man can resist a little role-playing. What better time than the international day of love to play that game? Send your man a mysteriously enticing text message or email “reminding” him to make it home in time for his “physical”. He may wonder what you’re talking about, but imagine his delight when he arrives to find you in a sexy nurse costume wearing a wig (and little else). This is man’s next best thing to playing the field. He gets to ravage a beautiful “stranger” without betraying his true love. Sexy costumes and role-playing are definitely a no-fail Valentine’s Day gift for him.

Valentines Costumes   Lingerie  Wholesale Sexy Women Costume for Sale1

How To Choose Sexy Lingerie Valentine’s Day Gifts For Women

Women need to know that the man in her life thinks she’s attractive and sexy. Giving your lady sexy lingerie and costumes for Valentine’s Day is a great way to remind her that she still “does it” for you. You just have to be careful about what type of sexy lingerie you choose. Make note of her styles, inhibitions (or exhibitions) while choosing her outfits as not to offend her. For instance, if your girlfriend is more of a conservative type, latex crotch-less body suits and pasties may not be the way to go. But a sexy schoolgirl costume may bring out her naughty side without a compromise or morals. The more edgy and adventurous lover girl may pass on a silky satin robe but go nuts for a mesh body stocking with “cut-outs” in all the right places.

The best part of giving sexy lingerie and costumes as Valentine’s Day gifts is that they are useful far beyond February 14th. The gift that keeps on giving!

Whether buying for yourself or the sexy lady in your life, you can find vast varieties of sexy lingerie and sexy costumes in many colors styles and sizes at Shop online to find anything from corsets to Valentines Costumes and swim wear to shoes.

Sexy Men’s Costumes: The Latest Trend and Varieties


Cool Men Costume Wholesale From China With Loiw Price

Men always try for a transition in their look and style. Whether, it’s a party or any special occasion, men want to be the sexiest around. It can be said that now, men are taking the same opportunity like women in the matter of dresses, hairstyle and look. Many trend analysts have found that women consider men as sexy when they are well dressed. At the same time, according to some fashion experts, men hesitate to experiment or they are scared when it comes to the sexiest dresses. But, the good news is that, wholesale men’s costume sellers throughout the world are giving the statistics of rise in sexy men’s wear.

The Trend:

According to some sources, men’s dresses do not fluctuate much in comparison to the women dresses. Previously, the heavy weight costumes were used. People were fond of courtly attire or the ancient regime dresses. But, after the evolution in cut and material quality, the scenario has changed. There are jiggling prints, designer under wears, huge color range and different theme based clothes. Themes are based on cowboy design, fireman, king design, spartan warrior, airman, Michael Jackson, Air Force marshal, male cop, Xena warrior, Popular Men’s Santa Party Christmas Costume and many more.

These dresses are designed using high quality fabric and texture. The designs, of course match the old style, but, they are sewn in a stylish manner. Let’s have a look at the sexy costumes available online.

Warrior Costume:

Warrior costumes are designed using leather look fabric and deliver a warrior look. The size fits every man according to their waist size. These skirts are one size adjustable and also give a sexy appearance. This design creates more excitement and outrage as the History is associated with it.

Army Costume:


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Wholesale men’s costume providers throughout the world are also providing Army dresses for men. These Army outfits comprise hat, dog tag, jumpsuit, etc. One can also find different waist size and body fitting dresses at affordable prices. These materials are also delivered online.


Captain 6 pack costumes are designed using nylon and spandex. Various choices with different waist sizes. Looks like a superhero. The costume includes Lycra shirt, cape & belt that hold a certain number of cans.

Fire Fighter:

Another sexy costume is fire fighter outfit. The complete dress is equipped with PVC pant, a cap and shirt that prevent the wearer from fire. But, the current trend makes it a fashion dress that looks sexy on every man.

Apart from the above designs and themes, there are many other sexy themes like, pirate jacket, sexy gangster, Hercules, prince, radical rock star etc. One can browse the varieties and can buy online through our shopping websites.

Cool Men Costume Wholesale From China With Low Price

If you are really interested in buying those sexy dresses for men, then explore our online shop and you can also get complete information regarding discount items, fashion dresses and new items.