1. Make up, just for you!

Each maison always launches the latest trends and it is impossible not to follow them: dynamic, effervescent, brilliant and constantly new. All exciting if you want to blow your mind or be loved by fashion bloggers. But if your aim is to look beautiful, you need to know every detail of your face and apply yourself until you find the “the best for you”, that certainly doesn’t change every season. Therefore, the dispassionate advice is to find your classic look and wear it lightly: every now and then make some variations on the theme, but don’t overdo it. Smokey eyes with nude lips, fire red lips with eyeliner and mascara!

2. Always wear clothes that make you feel good even if they are not trendy!

It goes without saying that the dress also plays its part, but we would have to discuss the various shades of “feeling good”. What makes you feel good is definitely a loose and comfortable jumpsuit, but it doesn’t necessarily make you look beautiful. Feeling good is that satisfying sensation that only the combination of aesthetics and posture can give. And since every woman is her own worst judge, it’s best to address to your best friend. Wear only clothes that highlight your strengths and not weaknesses!

3. Make yourself comfortable inside your lingerie!

Dear ones, you should never underestimate the beauty and sensuality that you get when wearing lingerie! In the wholesale lingerie you will find many colors that are right for you and that you can wear just in case! In the end, a woman feels more beautiful when she looks in the mirror in beautiful lingerie!

And no, everything does not change according to your body. You can also find the wholesale plus size lingerie to make any type of body perform at its best!

4. Perfect and radiant skin

Skin is another feature in the foreground and can make a difference. There are people who are not very beautiful, but they look bright and charming to their skin. And here opens the chapter of the skin routine which is based on the 4 beauty imperatives – cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize and protect -, and the chapter on the tanning that ages prematurely (better to opt for a self-tanner rather than linger in the tan all over year).

5. Always cool hair

I am talking to you, that adore long hair but cannot afford it, because the flowing hair that you would like is actually always on another person’s head. However, to be beautiful you don’t need long hair, but a perfect cut for your face. So the only way is to focus on the characteristics of your hair and features and get to know a really good hairstylist. The hairstylist must be monitored if he or she has just come into your graces, or if it was the suggestion of someone who struck you for the look.

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