An increasing number of women are turning to the use of modeling lingerie, not only for aesthetic purposes, but also to improve their well-being and feel at ease on every occasion. After a period in which modeling underwear was used almost exclusively for containment purposes, or to minimize body defects, the most current trends make use of it. This happens, above all, to enhance the positive aspects of the silhouette.

What is a Full Body Shaper made of?

In most cases the garments are made with lycra yarns, resistant and soft at the same time. They are often enriched with lace or stretch voile applications.

It should also be remembered that, for an appropriate choice of lingerie, it is necessary to start from the right size. This does not always correspond to that of the clothes, but is usually one measure smaller.

There are also Full Body Shapers in elastane or polyamide that you can find on the Lover-Beauty website. They are able to perfectly wrap the anatomical shapes. They eliminate the fat pads on your whole body, which are characterized by the excellent breathability that favors evaporation of sweat.


Obviously, you do not expect anything simple and ugly to the eye, but the opposite! Full body shapers are accessories made more elegant by inserting lace motifs or even decorative applications. This makes the modeling underwear particularly sensual.

It is also important to choose linen in a color tone that is as similar as possible to that of the skin; neutral colors like beige and salmon pink are perfect for this.


Wearing containing undergarments offers numerous health benefits, as it improves body posture by supporting it in an anatomical way. So, let’s see the three classic benefits that wearing a cheap full body shaper brings!

  • Full body shapers are able to wrap the spine, keeping it perfectly aligned with the rest of the body. In addition, the correct posture of the back facilitates the movements of the limbs, avoiding annoying muscular disorders.
  • The full body shapers play a very important role, as they support the breasts avoiding oscillations of the breasts which could cause pain and heaviness. A well-supported breast is also protected from any bumps.
  • Full body shapers are the ideal choice for women who intend to lose a few pounds as, thanks to the technical fabrics they are made of, they eliminate the harmful phenomenon of water retention. Cellulite present in the fat pads, therefore, tends to melt, following the effective thermal effect resulting from the contact of the tissue with the skin.

But that is not all! Whatever outfit you are going to wear, your silhouette will be much slimmer than you remembered. It will give you the charm you have always wanted! Being comfortable with yourself is an important factor that should never be underestimated. If you feel that a shapewear can help you in this, go shopping!

For example, if you want a smaller or bigger butt you can buy a great body shaper buttock lifter. You will have the butt you have always wanted!

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