The bikini fitting, the terror of us all! The moment in which we have to discover ourselves at the beach is always the most feared. In the light of the sun, imperfections are easily seen. If extra pounds have accumulated during the cold season, here they appear clearly right on our hips, legs, arms, stomach.

It would be good to learn to accept our bodies, it is true. But if those excess pounds do not go down well, it is possible to follow some clever tricks to lose weight before the summer.

So here are 3 tips to avoid being caught unprepared and start losing weight!

Physical activity: it is necessary

Well, it’s not a big news that doing physical activity makes you lose weight. If you want to say goodbye to excess pounds before summer, you can’t say no to sport. Are you already imagining fumbling through hundreds of abdominal exercises? Yet there is no need to overdo it.

Not everyone knows that there is no need for exhausting and exaggerated sessions in the gym. To reactivate the metabolism, and get off just enough to dress the swimsuit well, 30 minutes of movement a day are enough. You can do this wearing the Lover-Beauty sportswear.

Take some time every day and do not skip workouts. A nice walk will help you deflate, reactivate your circulation, eliminate toxins and lose weight. So dust off those sneakers and get out in the fresh air. And if you can’t go outside, remember that there are specific walking mats or treadmills for exercising in the comfort of home as well. It is true that it would be better to train outside, but in some cases (for example in winter) it is difficult. So the treadmill option should not be discarded.

What are the activities we can do, even without going to the gym and without equipment, to shed a few extra pounds?

  • Walking: few people know that we burn calories in relation to the distance traveled, and not only in relation to the intensity of the effort.
  • Running: for those who already have a good physical preparation and are not afraid of facing more intense physical efforts.
  • Training at home without tools: everyone can do exercises even at home and, above all, without having expensive equipment available.

To make everything more effective, use sports equipment, that you can find in wholesale sportswear. Working out dressed up will help your success!

Hydration: essential for losing weight

Water, herbal teas and infusions (strictly unsweetened) are necessary to hydrate the tissues, eliminate toxins and cleanse our body by promoting diuresis and intestinal transit. So drink plenty of water and sip detox and / or draining drinks before bed or during the day. You will see that they will help you deflate your belly and remove that annoying layer of water retention, that also favors the appearance of imperfections.

Nutrition: diet for weight loss before summer

We are not going to offer you a quick weight loss diet for the costume test, but a healthy diet that must always be followed, especially if you want to lose weight while staying fit. So just follow the seasonality of the products, prefer a diet rich in fruit and vegetables and remember that the key to a healthy diet is simplicity. Avoid over-seasoning your dishes or preparing elaborate meals. You will see that losing weight without getting hungry will become much easier.

Remember that it is important to follow a healthy diet, to provide the body with everything you need to stay fit.

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