Ding! It is our tea time again!

We always forget to slow down because of busy work, and delicious food never fails to touch the softest parts of our inner hearts. During a very busy period, our company will prepare a leisurely afternoon tea time break for all. At this time, everyone will temporarily put down the work, pick up a cup of milk tea, and a dessert, and talk about interesting things that happened around. We get along well with each other like a family, and feel the warmth and care of the company, and then determine to throw ourselves to the following work with greater enthusiasm.

Does anyone remember the weight loss program of “losing 10 pounds” that made at the beginning of the year? One quarter has passed, come on! It is only 20 pounds away from your small goal! “Want to hear my failure story of weight loss? Eat salad at lunch to control sugar intake, but I just cannot say no to these sweet milk tea or and cupcakes…… But, that’s okay, let’s start the diet plan from tomorrow!”

In line with the principle of “having enough to work”, Ms. Human Resources provides a variety of snacks all year long, The caring way is to supplying all kinds of drinks, cakes, and snacks throughout the day. As we always say, others may care about how successful you are, and she seems to care more about whether you are hungry or not.

Honestly, I feel soooooo lucky to work here. In the atmosphere of such harmonious and friendly company work. Although I always complain about weight-loss plans fails again and again (not at all), each pound of weight I gain is the full of love from this company!

Last, I would like to say whether you are fat or thin, having a healthy lifestyle, regular work and rest are all necessary! Diet to moderate, exercise more, maintain healthily and work full of energy~

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