Ethnic African fabrics are easily recognizable by their bright colors and geometric prints. The models and materials vary from area to area, but also from era to era. One of their peculiarities is that they are made with laborious but precise traditional dyeing techniques. The reserve dye used for African sheets makes it possible to create complex geometric patterns, avoiding gross errors or smudges.

When I saw the images of these colorful and very funny skirts, t-shirts, trousers and accessories, I fell in love with this style. I did a web search to see if African clothing actually enjoyed considerable fame, and that’s right!

In fact, I discovered that the African print is also known as Ankara fabric, African wax print and even Dutch Wax. It is a fabric made entirely of wax-printed cotton, depicting bright motifs in bright colors. Its unmistakable designs are strongly hypnotic. And, so as not to lose training, I felt like buying them all, even without having a clear idea of what to do with them!

The original African wax prints are obviously found in Africa but not on common stalls, but in specific markets, dedicated to their trade.

Over the years, however, many manufacturers of clothing and fashion accessories have imported the fabrics. They were inspired by these unmistakable prints, creating models suitable for all occasions. On the web there are also testimonies of big celebrities, who wore African-style clothes to parade on the red carpet.

Even the big high fashion brands have created some collections inspired by this magnetic style. Lover-Beauty also has an entire section dedicated to the African clothes wholesale on its website, where you can find everything you are looking for!

Dress with slit

What’s better than starting with a dress with a slit? It’s sexy at the right point, with the right mix of African print and Western style! It is perfect combined with sandals or wedges, to slender the legs, on summer evenings!


The time has come to say enough to the usual single-color t-shirts! It’s good to alternate our style from time to time during the week, adding different colors and prints, like the ones you just saw! A nice African style shirt is what it takes. We will enhance our look to the maximum when worn with jeans. Or we will make our blazer livelier!

Mini dress

It is said that these pants are perfect during the summer season, as they can keep the skin very cool. They are used a lot in desert excursions! It goes without saying that if you are thinking of organizing a trip to Africa, you cannot leave without a pair of these pants. You will create a more sophisticated look with a nice crop top. You must have a pair in your closet!

Skater dress

Are there any nights you would like to go out without the usual black dress? Well, the solution is to rely on a skater dress with African prints by Lover-Beauty! You will solve all your problems, getting away from boring outfits!

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