Work clothes are becoming more and more casual. (Sweat pants, really?) But that doesn’t mean you can’t dress up occasionally.

At Serur Agencies, an insurance company in Wilmington, employees actually look forward to Monday. Perhaps it is because the company’s performance rankings have been updated. But CEO Albert Serur has given a lot of praise for the lack of business dress.

At Serur, the work week begins on Monday, and the staff wears casually. Shirts and sweatpants are highly encouraged. “We changed the culture of TGIF to TGIM,” Serur said. “We don’t want your job to feel like a job. Work is not necessarily tragic.”

For the rest of the week, the office’s leisure time is a little less casual. It’s one of the many workplaces, embracing the easier corporate dress trends, spreading from Silicon Valley to the most traditional white-collar organizations like JPMorgan Chase, General Electric and IBM. . Local business leaders say that embracing jeans and sandals reflects a more casual society and helps to satisfy employees.

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