Berketex Bridal Crash: Women without dresses for their wedding

Its Leicester store is the only bridal shop she fell in love with the first dress she had tried.

She has paid £1,400 worth of £2,000 for the dress on the wedding day in July next year.

About 300 brides, 29 years old, did not wear dresses because of the collapse of the chain.

“I fell in love with that dress. This dress is for me,” she said.

Vicky said she made an appointment in December last Monday when she said that the store staff assured her that although the Newcastle store was closed, everything was fine.

A week later, the entire chain had 15 branches and had stopped trading.

Berketex bride is managing
The company’s advisory line said that because her clothes are going on rather than finished, she is unlikely to collect it.

“My only choice now is to start looking for new clothes,” she said.

Vicky is not the only one who is disappointed.

“I originally asked for my money back and told me that I had ordered my clothes, so if we canceled the money, it will be lost.”

She ordered the dress at the National Wedding Show in February, and her mother paid a full credit card for £899 and an additional £65 recalculation fee.

“This is a very, very cute dress.”

Elizabeth has begun looking for other dresses before the August wedding, but she has to be frustrated.

“If I didn’t have this, I could have done it. I thought I had got it. I think I was really disappointed.”

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Wilson Field, who has been instructed to assist the company’s bankruptcy practitioner, said that they appreciate that closing is “painful” for customers and will handle personal enquiries as soon as possible.

“Wilsonfeld appreciates that this will be very painful for the company’s customers, and will handle personal inquiries as soon as possible, but we expect a lot of calls, so you are required to be patient,” it said.

Anyone who has not yet received the item should call 0114 3491388.

For Danielle, this is a similar story, and he is now desperately searching for new clothes.

“It’s all very nervous – it means the best day of your life,” she said.

Last month, the Newcastle store where she ordered her clothes was closed and she was told that her clothes would be redirected.

“In less than six months of my marriage, I now need to find a ready-made dress.

“Thank God, I found a lovely clothing store owner not far from me, I will see her tomorrow, and she will offer discounts to all affected people,” she said.

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Holly managed to get her clothes before the store stopped trading.
But not everyone has failed.

Holly, who is getting married in June, collected her clothes from the Edinburgh store on Thursday.

After she saw a comment on Facebook suggesting that the company was in trouble, she asked her clothes for an emergency delivery.

But she said that this experience is not the way she wants.

“No one can come with me, so I didn’t collect it with my bridesmaid, or let the store teach me how to wear it on the day, or how to sort it at night.

“I don’t know what modifications and accessories I have to make, but I am very fortunate. I am relieved. I managed to get my clothes in time. I only lost about 20 pounds instead of 1000 pounds.”

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