According to one expert, the proposal to “dress for the job you want, not the work you have” has a major flaw.
Fashion blogger Kate Griffin told the New York Times that a company’s senior leaders have won “great credibility”, no matter what they want, so you can’t ask for advice.
If you dress in a job interview more formal than the interviewer, it will become very embarrassing. Another expert said that it is best to do your homework first and find out in advance which ones are appropriate.
You may be familiar with “dressing for the job you want, not for the work you have.”

The idea is that, as a lower-level worker, you should dress more formally in the office, leaving a good impression on those who interact with you and showing a confident image.

The only problem is that the advice is not always the case.

Kat Griffin, founder of the workplace fashion blog, told Lizz Schumer of the New York Times that you should not imitate the style of senior management just because they overtook you on the company ladder.

Griffin told The Times that “the elderly have a great reputation – they have gained the right to please themselves.” “I recommend readers a) generally know what may not be accepted, and b) when you see A mid-level person should not wear any of these items before wearing them. Someone is three to five years older than you.”

In essence, if you don’t know that you have the same clothing, don’t rush to match the company’s CEO’s wardrobe. If you are interviewing a company’s role, it may jeopardize your chances of getting the job.

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