Should I wear a smarter job?

What is important to wear when you go to work? I like to be comfortable, but occasionally I see myself in the elevator (I work in advertising) and think that I look hot. Will that stop me?

The short answer to “Does this matter?” is yes, no. No one can wear their clothes every day. This is why they invented uniforms. I tend to start in the week I call “comfortable clothes,” sportswear or jumpers. I may also look like a “hot spot”, but it means I can concentrate. The beginning of this week was when I was in school and I didn’t tend to schedule any meetings. So I am happy to wear whatever I want.

When it arrived on Wednesday, when my son went to his father in the second half of the week, I began to take out my favorite outfits and see the people I needed to impress. This makes me feel good, open it up, and have plenty of days and cold days. When I like my appearance, I have more confidence in the meeting.

I can imagine that advertising is based on image, and of course you feel a good pressure. But do you feel a mess because you know that you have not worked hard, or because you think you should look good to your colleagues and clients? It’s not a “correct” or “wrong” approach, but it’s always a good idea why you’re doing it.

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Only you can know if your appearance is so loose that it will make you back down. We live in a world of self-likeness and obsessiveness: Do you want to play this game, or do you want to do your job? Keep in mind that there is a risk that the more you show up, the more people need you to decorate (not to mention how ruthless maintenance is).

Does it look smarter to enhance your ability to work? Do what suits you and what will help you achieve your goals. If this means more effort, let us face it: it may be worth it.

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