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How to Math Beautiful Separates


Today I am going to talk something about how to match colorful separates.

I’m definitely guilty of falling into a rut of outfits consisting entirely of neutrals. I have an impressive collection of white button-down shirts that I rely too much on, and I’m fairly sure I’ve worn all fifty shades of gray by now.

There’s nothing wrong with keeping it minimal, but if you’re like me, you’re taking the easy way out by neglecting all the pretty, colorful skirts and tops in your closet because it’s just too much work to figure out how to put them all together without looking like you got dressed in the dark.

Since summer’s almost over and I just know that I’ll be swathing myself in forest green, heather gray, and navy once fall rolls around, I’ve been challenging myself to wear more color.

With the help of  CF’s super-helpful A Foolproof Guide to Matching Colors in Your Outfits, I’ve found that with a little planning, there are just three simple rules (more like guidelines, anyway) to making “mix and match” a breeze.

Easy Formulas for Mixing and Matching Your Colorful Clothes

Before we embark on this full-spectrum journey,  one quick reminder: outfits will look more cohesive if the textures/materials are seasonally analogous.

For instance, a wool cable-knit sweater will look “off” when paired with summer-weight chino pants, even if the colors go well together. Alternately, corduroys – traditionally a fall/winter piece – aren’t a great complement for a sheer, airy eyelet top. There are definitely exceptions, but it’s a good thing to keep in mind!

A monochromatic look is quick and easy to achieve: just start with a single article of clothing and match it with something else either a few shades lighter or darker. This creates a chic, polished look and is a great option for that one piece you love but can never figure out how to wear.

With a monochrome outfit, you can keep your accessories neutral to maintain the minimalist look, or you can add pops of color by wearing accessories in a contrasting hue. Personally, I like to keep the rest neutral because I think it lets the main colors shine.

Color Blocking

Color blocking has been pretty popular the last few years and basically consists of two or more solid colors worn together. It’s a great look for summer because it typically employs bold, bright shades. Color blocking looks best when it’s with complementary or analogous colors; that is, colors opposite to one or another or next to each other on the color wheel, respectively.

While this trend focuses on saturated, bright colors, you can definitely use the same theory to mix and match your pastels and jewel tones. For example, if you lightened the two outfit examples I’ve shown, you’d wind up with combinations of sky blue + pale mint and peach + baby pink. Alternately, keep one color bold and use the pastel version of the other for combinations of sky blue + sea foam/cobalt + mint and peach + hot pink/orange + pale pink.

For more color combination ideas, make sure to check out our “Color Combo to Try” series!

Pattern Play

Patterns can be pretty intimidating, but they’re much more manageable if you just think of them as a collection of solids.

Take a look at your pattern and see what colors it’s made up of. Pick one and use it as a springboard. For instance, the geometric skirt on the left contains cobalt, brown, beige, yellow, and a predominantly teal background. Any of these colors would be suitable: I chose a yellow top and a pair of dark teal shoes. This easy method creates a cohesive, polished look.

Alternately, you can “color block” if your pattern is smaller and has one predominant color. The skirt on the right contains purple, green, white, and blue, but from a distance, it “reads” as blue, which is complemented nicely by a coral top.

What did you think?  Do you know how to match now?

Simple Ways To Wear A Shirt Dress – Outfits & Ideas

Wearing A Shirt Dress On Its Own

Of course, the shirt dress looks just perfect on its own. A mini denim version with scooped hemline accents tanned legs, whilst a looser design cinched at the waist with a thin belt is great for a fuller figure. A plaid knee-length dress is delightfully feminine, looking lovely with converse sneakers. Pretty pinstripes teamed with a floral print jacket and nude sandals capture the spirit if summer, whilst a rainbow-shaded cummerbund makes a colourful splash on a pure white model with tiny pin-tucks.

Wearing A Shirt Dress With Leggings

Black leggings are a firm favourite here, such as full-length leggings with a white shirt dress, worn with heeled lace-ups. Long black leggings also look good with a shaped shirt dress together with little black ankle boots. Three-quarter black leggings make the perfect pair with a loose pink shirt dress with waist tie and ballet pumps or teamed with a scooped hem version in nautical stripes with converse sneakers. Try a bold red shirt dress with black leggings, patent waist-belt and long black boots for real impact, or wear a denim dress over polka-dot leggings with ankle boots.

Wearing A Shirt Dress With Jeans

Jeans work equally as well with the shirt dress, especially if they’re skin-tight. A looser style of dress looks better here, such as a denim dress over ripped skinny denim with pointed sandals or sleeveless striped dress with a narrow belt over skinny jeans and stilettos. A shirt dress with frilled hem in pale pink looks superb over jeans or match a colourful patterned dress with black stretch jeans and heeled lace-ups. An oversized white dress works beautifully with faded skinny denim and heels, or choose a monochrome print dress to wear with faded denim and mules.

The chambray shirt dress is usually found in denim and shows off the style at its simplest. Try dark denim with a shaped hem and long sleeves, worn with classic mules, a faded version with tan waist-belt and flat pumps, or a design with an elasticated waist for a beautiful outline. A light denim dress with matching waist-tie looks superb with platforms.

The Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Leggings Outside the Gym

As much as we start off the work week dressed to the nines, with lofty intentions of wearing heels and dresses for the duration, there are those weeks that those intentions don’t exactly turn into a reality. Some days of the week, comfort is simply key, and we can think of little more than stretchy pants and cashmere boyfriend sweaters. When it comes to reaching for a pair of really comfy leggings, though, there’s one simple rule: Leggings are not pants. Opaque as they may be, think of them more as a warmer alternative to tights than a stretchy alternative to trousers. Unless you’re headed out for a run, tight spandex pants should never be worn with a fitted T-shirt, cropped sweater, or any other top that doesn’t cover your butt.

There are a time and place for leggings. You just need to follow some styling guidelines, that’s all! Scroll down to find the Dos & Don’ts to wear them—all totally editor-approved!

Do: Try a pair in leather or suede.

Real or faux, leather leggings are the exception to the rule. Just make sure they aren’t too thin and truly do resemble slim leather pants more than they resemble textured athletic wear.

Don’t: Go for crazy prints or neon colors. Those are a better fit for that Halloween party you’re prepping for!

The skirt-over-pants trend is blowing up this season and the least bulky way to attempt it is with a pair of leggings. See rule #1 and try a pair in heavier fabric or leather for added texture!

Don’t: Throw on a crop top with your spandex skinnies. That ’90s workout video look is better left in the past.

Do Style yours with a tunic top or sweater.

If you truly must wear your leggings with a shirt, it must—and we mean must—cover your butt. No exceptions to this rule. Tunic tops only, please!

Don’t: Throw on a T-shirt and call it a day. Unless, of course, you’re headed to the gym.

Do Layer on a long-line blazer.

Blazers are transitional perfection, as they can wear as a light jacket outside, while still remain part of your outfit once you go indoors. Opt for a longer silhouette when wearing a blazer your with leggings, though, to ensure full coverage and an elegant overall look.

Don’t: Take the blazer off if your underlayer doesn’t fall into one of the above categories. Consider this lightweight jacket part of your outfit, whether you’re inside or outdoors.

Though leggings may allow you some leeway with a shorter dress or top, as they are (hopefully) more opaque than classic hosiery, a good rule-of-thumb is to imagine that they are just as sheer as said tights. With that in mind, styling the trend will be a breeze!

How to Dress for Any Occasion

The Occasion: A Wedding

old etiquette: Don’t wear white or black or red.

New etiquette: Black and red are perfectly fine, but white is still the ultimate wedding no-no.

What to wear: Let the invitation, the season, and the hour is your guides. (If you’re at a loss and you’re close to the bride, ask her what’s right; otherwise, consult the maid of honor or the bride’s mother.)

For day weddings, which tend to be more casual, steer clear of anything heavily beaded or sequined. Instead, opt for a knee-length dress in a material like cotton; in warmer weather or regions, strapless styles and open-toed shoes get the nod of approval. “Simple hats” also earn a thumbs-up. If the ceremony is in the afternoon and the reception in the evening and the invitation doesn’t specify dress, assume the event is semi-formal, which calls for a cocktail dress or an evening suit in a color that won’t upstage the bride. Pale pink is OK―hot pink is not.

Black tie once meant floor-length gowns. Now, at all but the grandest affairs, dresses as short as knee-length are acceptable, provided they have a semi-formal or formal cut and fabric; silk or a silk blend, for instance, would be appropriate. As for wearing a strapless or sleeveless dress in a house of worship, some have strict rules about covering up; check the protocol beforehand or bring a wrap.

Should you be invited to the rehearsal dinner, they vary greatly in formality, so note where it’s being held. In general, cocktail-party rules apply. Save your better outfit for the big day, but wear something dressy to the dinner. A dress and a jacket or a cardigan with some sparkle would be nice. But keep it understated.” Remember―there’s only one shining star at matrimonial shindigs, and it’s not you.

The Occasion: A Cocktail Party

Old etiquette: No surprise here―a cocktail dress.

New etiquette: Cocktail dresses are always in style, but you have other options.

What to wear: These days, a cocktail party can be anything from a swanky society affair―cue that glittery knee-length number from the “special occasions” department―to a low-key group of friends gathered around a platter of crudités. But for the most part, cocktail parties are dressy-casual, so you can’t go wrong if you wear a top with some special details and a skirt or tailored pants, plus heels or fancy flats, Avoid fabrics that are too casual, like chino, jersey, and denim.

A fitted cashmere or fine-gauge merino-wool top with a knee-length satin skirt, heels, earrings, and an armful of stacked bangles are just right. We suggest a pantsuit, provided it doesn’t look too corporate. (Under the jacket, wear a silky camisole or some other feminine top with an evening vibe.) Keep in mind that different cities have their own dress codes. Cocktail attire in Miami is just as dressy and chic as in New York, regardless of the weather differences, while in San Diego it’s interpreted a bit more casually because the city is relaxed.”

New Bridesmaid Dress Trends You’ll Love

Your bridesmaids don’t have to look like clones from every other wedding. Dresses with open backs, glamorous fit-and-flare skirts, and whimsical gauzy overlays are just a few ways to give your bridal party a fresh take.

Long gone are the days of bridesmaid dresses your friends will only want to wear once. Now designers are opting for more modern, fashion-forward designs that mimic the gorgeous trends you see coming down. Here, we highlight eight stylish bridesmaid dress trends, plus popular bridal-party color schemes—from pretty pastels to jet black. Scroll down to check out the dresses your bridal party will actually want to wear—even after the festivities are over!

Tea Length

Tea-length dresses (or dresses with a hemline that falls just below the knee or brushes the lower calf) are having a serious moment. This semiformal length gives off fun, retro vibes but still feels sophisticated. Opt for airy fabrics like tulle or chiffon for a tutu-inspired effect.

One Shoulder

Strapless dresses are perfect for showing off just the right amount of skin, but when it comes to support, they may not be right for all your bridesmaids. Enter the one-shoulder bridesmaid dress. The shoulder-baring silhouette will give you the best of both worlds while still looking classic and elegant.

Cap Sleeves

Looking for a pretty alternative to the strapless style? Consider cap sleeves. These barely there sleeves still flatter the shoulders but offer just enough coverage. For a vintage-inspired look, try a cap sleeve in delicate lace.

Tiered Skirt

Long, straight bridesmaid dresses in soft fabrics are wedding staples, but if you want a break from tradition, why not try a dress with a tiered skirt? They add just the right amount of drama and are perfect for dancing the night away.

Cotton Lace

Lace is nothing new where wedding attire is concerned, but textured cotton lace feels fresh. Pastel shades like blush and lavender complement this romantic fabric, while a longer silhouette will dress it up.

Two Piece

A two-piece bridesmaid dress may be an unusual choice, but for a more daring bride, it can also be the perfect choice for a fun affair with a younger crowd. Choose a mix-and-match lace and tulle number for a romantic vibe, or go for bold with a two-piece that shows a sliver of skin.

Sheer Fabrics

A skirt draped in layers of sheer fabric gives floor-length bridesmaid dresses an ethereal vibe. To play up the romance factor, choose a dress in a soft color

Flutter Sleeves

Whether the dress is simple or embellished, a fun flutter sleeve adds a vintage twist. Choose gowns in soft floral patterns, muted colors or feminine metallics to complement this romantic silhouette.




Some basics you need to for a better wardrobe

fashion is essentially cyclical. Some trends only last a season or two at best while some become mainstream, like skinny jeans. Some classic pieces get updated, which gives them a fresh look and they become covetable again. Others become a trend due to the influence of a high-profile figure. These classics are basically given a makeover every few years or so with embellishments, a different cut or silhouette, or a change in fabric. Then it all becomes new again!

Timeless Investments

The thing is, if you keep wearing baggy shirts and sweaters, and grey and black all the time, then you’ll be bored with your closet quickly. As you grow older, your fashion preferences will also change, and you’ll wonder why the heck did you wear sack-like sweaters every day at eighteen.

Good clothes that fit your shape is a major factor to consider if you really want to change your mindset. Once you have a good capsule wardrobe, you only need to update it every so often with seasonal essentials and occasional statement pieces which can be in the form of accessories. The illustration on the left should sum it up perfectly.

Simple Works Best: Plain T-Shirts & Button-Down Shirts

Often the simplest clothes are the ones that buck the trends. Button-down shirts are always a favourite — whether in a relaxed, boyfriend style, or a simple Oxford version. Those 3-pack tees are budget-friendly, and you can get them in different neutral combos like black, grey, white and navy blue. Pro tip: Check the menswear section, too, because I find that sometimes their fit is better. At Lover beauty, we also carry other coloured versions which should round out your T-shirt options.

With button-downs, you can get them with or without darts, and in the colours and patterns, you want. These pieces are great for rocking an instant smart-casual or preppy style, even with jeans or shorts, plus sneakers or sandals. Invest in a pretty blouse that you can wear for special occasions. It may even be in plain black but the fabric should be outstanding so you only need some choice accessories like a necklace and earrings to make it glamorous.

Hit the Bottom Line: Skirts & Pants

Petites like us look better with knee-length or above-the-knee skirts so make sure these go on your list. A-line skirts and dresses are figure-friendly and work with anything, while a mini skirt is a great and playful option, whether you’re 18 or 38.

I’ll leave the choice of jeans up to you because I’m sure you have a lot. Again, please consider fit AND inseam. There’s nothing more off-putting than seeing jeans that aren’t hemmed properly. Add flat-front pants to your essentials because these are wonderful to have. If you’re going somewhere swanky and don’t want to wear a dress, go for a menswear look, which means you have to wear the right pants. Go for a slim-leg silhouette if it suits your lower body because they’ll hug curves but won’t be too tight. Flat-fronts go with ballet flats, preppy loafers, white sneakers, stiletto pumps.

Finishing Touches: Accessories, Outerwear & Shoes

Add-ons like shoes and accessories round out your outfit. In some instances, the accessory can be your statement piece — like a striking choker to complement an off-shoulder blouse, or saucy red patent heels to draw attention to an all-white ensemble. Using colour contrast is one of the tried-and-tested ways to update your look even if you’re wearing one single colour, and none of your clothes is new.

Understanding the different styles

We have defined style and gave some tips on how you find your own style. In an upcoming article I want to take that one step further and see how you could then describe and name your own unique style.

However, before doing that exercize and sharing some ideas on how to describe your style, I thought it would be interesting to look at some current names women use to describe their style.

Classic style

Classic is, as the name suggests, one of the more classic and enduring styles. It’s timeless and popular with women over 40 and most of us will have at least a few classic pieces in our wardrobe. These are the pieces that will usually last the longest in your cupboard, so you may want to invest in a few high quality garments that will always make you look good.

Some great examples of classic garments include:

  • The trench coat
  • A white button down shirt
  • A pencil skirt

Bohemian Style

The Women with bohemian style like movement, color and sparkle. It is an unconforming style that tends to be associated with the hippie era.

Some examples of behemian garments include:

  • A peasant blouse
  • The hippie skirt
  • A (fake) fur vest
  • A tunic
  • A caftan
  • Behommian handbags
  • Long necklaces
  • A poncho

Minimal Style

I consider myself a bit of a minimalist, so it’s no surprise that the quote above comes from one of my favorite designers: Calvin Klein. I like the philosphy about minimalism: it’s about having less aad enjoying the things you have more. So it’s even more important to buy the right things; clothes that are of high quality and fit you extremely well.

Some examples of minimal garments include:

  • A simple tailored jacket
  • A winter coat
  • A designer little black dress
  • A minimal tuxedo

Trendy / Fashionable

You tend to be fahionable and trendy if you embrace the new trends each year and incorporate them into your style. You are willing to take risks and are happy to stand out. This style can be a lot of fun and very arty, but will look outdated pretty soon.

Clothes for this style are hard to define as the trends change every season. Fashionistas will need to follow the trends through magazines and the latest fashion shows to know what to look for in the shops.

Things that go in and out of fashion include:

  • Shoulder pads
  • Platform heels
  • Colours
  • Sequins
  • Outrageous hats
  • Skirt volume

Street / Urban

This is the constantly evolving style that develops on the streets of the big cities. It is constantly changing and quite undefinably, but it tends to be a mix of casual and hip and what’s happening in the world at any particular time. This style is more prominent amongst youngters as opposed to 40 plussers, although, of course, there are always the exceptions to this rule. Some previous street style trends include: new wave, punk, goth, grunge, mod and hip hop.

Eclectic Style

This style is hard to describe, which is not surprising, as this style is really a mixture of all kinds of styles. The eclectic woman knows how to mix and match all the different styles and truly make it her own. To make this style really work, it is important to have a good eye for what you like, to know what suits you and to have the innate style instinct or (learned) knowledge to mix it all together. This is a very creative and fun way of dressing.

Creating your own style profile

Now, if you are like most women, you will have elements of a few of these styles in your own personal style. I tend to like classical garments and go for a minimal look. But I also love fashion, new trends and new colours each season. I’m not that attracted to the bohemian style; it just doesn’t feel like me. Garments in that style tend to be worn only a few times, so it would be best for me to avoid buying those kind of clothes altogether. You can get closer to your own personal style by formulating your own style statement. If you want to have  more style look, you can g to to have more fashion look.


Summer Fashion Trends: Must Have Items This Summer

The summer season is going to pass away, then did you enjoy your hot summer?

The warm season is finally getting into gear, and we all know what that means: time for a wardrobe overhaul! Current summer fashion trends lean towards a fresh, breezy, light and bright look, with natural tones, corals, creams and whites taking center stage. You’ll also find that denim, navy and crisp, clean black & white contrasts will be popular.

So what’s the look?

Keep it light – Think classic, feminine, relaxed and cool for summer 2015/16, with looser fitting tops and a return to the ever-comfortable (and mercifully flattering!) capri pants. We’re seeing beautiful beiges and soft creams, lace and linen, flowing layers and comfortable, airy designs.

Simple is beautiful – Everything is toning down for summer, with a polished, casual chic feel. You’ll start noticing a lighter, simpler patterning including soft stripes and bicolor neutral contrasts. The colors are soft, and the designs are easy to the eye: leaving you plenty of scopes to mix and match this summer.

Must have items

Summer fashion trends for 2015/16 include a few simple yet important staple items:

Pants – to keep everything working nicely together, you’ll want to invest in pants in at least 3 of the base colors of the season; we suggest navy, white, and cream or natural. We love the Fetching Drawstring Tassel Gold Sequin High Waisted Shorts for something a little special, Luscious Curvy Cute Printed Leggings Wide Waistband for a stylish, sophisticated look, and the gorgeously comfortable Pink Chiffon Ankle-length Pants as summer starters. The style for summer is a flattering Capri length, with simple details adding a touch of class, such as eyelets, zips, or metallic accents.

Tops – the summer trend is a mix of natural colours with darker shades to offset them, so the basics we recommend include simple block coloured tops; such as the hugely popular Hipster  Embroidered Cropped Mesh Top Short Sleeves with its stunning floral  design, the soft, feminine top in it’s blushed shade of coral, the simple yet striking Adjustable Straps Light Blue Unpadded Silk Tank Tops and the versatile Utility Tight Pink Suede Crop Top Zip Back Closure.

Layers – while the summer is still warming up, we recommend having on hand a couple of the following easy layering options. Take a look at the Asymmetric Attaching Layer Black Kimono Sleeve Mini Dress; which, despite its name, is closer in feel to a light shirt, with beautifully crafted tie-offs at the elbows for a more casual effect. We also love the Dainty Splicing Layer Floral Lace Midi Dress Long Sleeve for exactly the same reasons. It’s summery, feminine, and exquisitely crafted. Dress it up or down and wear it over most colors – the perfect summer layer!

How to get the look?

Getting the look right this summer won’t be hard. All of the hot colors this summer are easily interchangeable, with neutrals and naturals working extremely well with navy and denim.For a soft, summery look, stick with white on white and accent your look with accessories

Accessorizing this summer is going to be key, as your base colors will allow any necklace, scarf, bracelet or bangle to stand out.

Wondering what to put on your feet? Summer fashions leave many of us scratching our heads when it comes to footwear; so here’s a basic guide: if you’re wearing Capri, 3/4 or 7/8 length pants, then stick with a strappy wedge or a metallic or strappy sandal for best effect. If you are wearing shorter length skirts or feminine shorts, then the metallic sandals will work too – as will most strappy, low heels.


The most important summer fashion advice, however, is to wear your look with confidence!

So if you want to shop more fashion clothing, please visit, you will have a surprise.

Dress Yourself With Style With These Tips

much more to fashion than simply how you appear to others. It is your state of mind, too. It’s how you tell people about yourself without speaking to them. Dressing well gives people a good impression of you. To make a statement, read on.

Spend most of your money on basic fashion pieces. Invest in pieces that work well together and will never go out of style. For example, you might start with a typical black pencil skirt, but change the coordinating shirt or outerwear based on current trends.

Do not pump your mascara brush up and down inside the tube before applying it. This action will not increase the amount of product that you get onto the brush; it will only cause air to get trapped inside the bottle or tube. Bacteria loves an environment like this. So, instead of pumping up and down, tilt the brush slightly, spinning it to make sure it’s coated properly.

If your hair is frizzy, you need to use shampoo and conditioner with moisturizing properties. This gives your hair cuticles a protective layer and seals it off from excess moisture. Furthermore, it is important not to use products that state they “volumize.”

Always remember that there are tons of different options available to you when looking for hair accessories. You can have a simple elastic or a glitzy rhinestone barrette. You should probably have more than a few hair accessories in your wardrobe. You can match your scrunchy to the color you’re wearing, for instance. Choose fancier hair accessories to match fancier outfits.

Create your own special style. You can create your own trends. To pull this off yourself, you must be comfortable enough to do so. Once you decide to do this, you are probably going to enjoy all the compliments you receive.

Some people make the mistake of thinking that clothing is the only concern in fashion. What they fail to recognize is the importance of hairstyles, which can make or break any look in fashion. You need to take the time to style your hair with fashion sense too and take care of it with the best products for your particular type.

Donate your old clothing to a shelter or donation center. Donating your clothing has several benefits: it helps out those who may not be able to afford new clothes, and because donation centers are typically local, it saves you time trying to find a place to dispose of your old clothing.

Jackets often have some stitches that are looser than others. These threads are meant to reduce the movement of the garment on the rack, and they are meant to be removed. Simply cut them off with scissors. This is a simple step you might wanna take to bring up your style.

If you want to stay in fashion, but aren’t sure how to approach it, perhaps you should think about hiring an expert fashion consultant. She can teach you about current fashion trends. To ensure that you look great even though you are busy, you should hire someone to help you to make good choices while you shop.

All great fashion looks start with a solid foundation. Making sure your bra fits properly will create a natural, defined look, plus you won’t have to worry about adjusting your bra so often. Undergarments should provide support and give a tighter and smoother look. There are a number of undergarments that are slimming and can aid you in fixing trouble spots so you look terrific.

Anyone who isn’t fashionable can turn their look around. In a short period of time, and with just a little bit of work and effort, you can dramatically improve your style. Use the tips you’ve learned here and you’ll be on your way to looking great!

If you want to shop more fashion dress, please visit our website

You will find what you like.



Maybe every woman has a dream of lace. I still remember that the first time I touched lace, I felt its unique feeling.

The concave and convex hollowness is made of the beautiful silky thread and yarn. Seeing through the skin, it is like the snow lipid skin, the lace is lined with a looming. It is so beautiful that  I can’t help fell in love with lace.

Lace is special, it can be so infatuated in today’s ornate world, lace occupies such an irreplaceable sentiment, and only lace knows you, you will feel it is not the same as others, it is a state of mind, light and not easy to be perceived, they can enjoy  their own little space, in this place, enjoy the fantasy and release the halo of bright look.

Red lace, gorgeous and enchanting, which is like the red rose, burning with passion and fire.It could let a person have the hair, charming light, dazzling. How can the red lace be turned upside down? Wearing a red lace evening dress, lingering in the party, rippling the red classics of the drunken fans, such a feeling is a powerful charm.

Women will bloom the dream of lace in the night. In such a blurred night, there is someone who can see the red lace and have a heartfelt sigh. Lace is so moving, you can smell the fragrance slowly, slowly touch, slowly understand that the heyday of lace.Joyful red bud lace, it is your dream.

Black lace is mysterious and composed. It is like a veil that hangs over the surface of the jade. It needs to be lifted slowly so that it can be touched. The black lace has its mysterious color, but it is calm and composed. It will not stir the warm current to move fast to enjoy the original life, because the world is flashy, which will cause people to panic, so it began to learn how to be calm. Its charm comes from its absence, movement, and stillness. The black lace is reminiscent of the Latin dance. Beautiful Latin dance, movement stretch, lingering charm, dancing lyric, romantic grace. With the euphemistic music, the dance is full of romance. Is it not like a circle of lace on the edge of a Latin dress?


Women have thousands of faces, they are so unpredictable and volatile which always make people drunk. To be sure, every woman would love a white lace. Because it will in a special wedding dress.

Every woman wants to be able to wear a beautiful wedding dress and marry the person she loves best, which is the happiest thing for a woman. White lace, you can see a mellow smile on her face, it is the lace which is delicate to the fluent and will not break elegance. Standing there, like the goddess, dignified in the hazy, holy and sacred, it is a kind of unique feeling.

At this time, beauty cannot be described as a kind of temperament, the temptation is irresistible.

Every woman will be beautiful on the day of the wedding, not only because it’s a beautiful day, but also because you’re wearing a gorgeous white lace dress.

In all kinds of wedding dress, sweet princes’ lace wedding dress, sexy dress lace wedding dress, all these can make you attractive.