Whether you work or go on vacation, every occasion needs its own type of clothes to wear. This implies a great expenditure of energy to go in search of clothes and money to make purchases. Finding out about the latest trends and looking for the cheapest price is not always easy. But today I’m here to tell you about Lover-Beauty’s cheap wholesale womens clothing, where you can easily find everything you need at super discounted prices!

Let’s go now to see three categories to create your look that can come in handy!

Must have: three dresses, one for every occasion

When it comes to clothes, you have to go by type. The cocktail one is suitable for events such as weddings and ceremonies and, for this reason, it must enhance a discreet femininity through pastel colors, geometric prints and light fabrics. The sensual one is perfect for a date for 2: 50s style that enhances the shapes, lace, transparencies, black and red mandatory. The slip one is a hymn to romance, and silks in white or ivory are perfect for a summer evening.

Formal clothing, the essentials

Far from the moods of trends, it consists of four key points: the white shirt, available in countless variations; the suit, to be adapted in the fabrics and colors according to the season and personal taste; the pencil skirt, to be worn with décolleté or lace-ups; elegant trousers, with a masculine cut and that go well with anything.

Essential casual

As far as the informal wardrobe is concerned, there are many items that have gained notoriety during a particular period. They have then become “evergreens”, a symbol of a social status or a “tribe” to which they belong. For example, the t-shirt with the name of your favorite band increases in value according to its degree of wear, a symbol of the memories to which it is linked. Jeans, plaid shirt and bomber jacket were originally cataloged as “workwear”, while today they are the most popular garments for everyday casual wear.

African clothing

Of course, it doesn’t end here, as Lover-Beauty also offers a wide selection of cheap African clothing! Perfect for any occasion, they are ideal for wearing something alternative, also considering the beauty of African prints. These in fact take their cue from the typical prints found in the markets of African cities, with very bright and contrasting colors that make your look very pop!

Here is what I would like to recommend for your African print purchases!

  • Bodycon dress: perfect to wear on an evening when you want to have an alternative look and be remembered for your extraordinary look!
  • Maxi skirt: very nice to wear from spring to summer, because of its bright and beautiful colors.
  • Shorts: create a perfect look for next summer by also purchasing the shirt of the same print! You will create a beautiful co-ordinated set!
  • Maxi dress: a dress with such unique prints is not easy to find. Combine it with a nice pair of sandals and a nice bag, you will have a perfect look for a walk!

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