Must Have Fashion Front Galaxy Leggings

Galaxy leggings are what hipsters keen on.  You may look them on fashion show, chic street snap, or some ladies around you who keep up with fashion. If you still know nothing about these stylish elements, I am sorry to tell you that you may be out of date.


Galaxy leggings are easy to find in Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and other SNS. Millions of ladies has get the chance to show their modern attire, why not you?

Through this blog, I want to introduce some hot leggings to you.




Beautiful galaxy leggings can make you a feeling of travelling in space. The different prints satisfy your different imagination of the galaxies. They are mysterious and chic, let you become the star attraction of people.

If you have no interest in galaxy print, but still want to catch the fashion, you may try those whole printed leggings or leggings with fantastic patterns on them. They are also fashion favorites.

As a kind of leggings, they are as cozy as leggings do. You can wear them anytime, even when you are doing some aerobics. Benefit to doing sports is one of their advantages. Light wear feeling, easy to match clothes and without control of season, they will come in handy for you.

Lover-Beauty wholesales those chic leggings with only $4.99!!! Top quality, good service, fast shipping are promise. Don’t miss them.




Hush~ It’s Bedtime! But Before You Turn Off The Light…

It’s time to go to bed and have a good rest after busy work of the whole day. But before you turn off the light and fall asleep, don’t you want to show off your alluring curvaceous figure to your partner and do something happy and interesting to release pressure and relax? Follow me, you may find something special to spend an unforgettable night.



Secret Weapon 1 # Leather lingerie #

First things first, leather lingerie is the sexiest and most erogenous lingerie. Your partner will be surprise and excited about your preparation. Here are some new arrivals for reference.

Lover-Beauty offers lots of alluring and flirty styles, some special accessories such as handcuffs, whip are also prepared for you. Also men’s styles~ Don’t be shy and miss a good chance to enjoy a wonderful night with your intimate spouse.



Secret Weapon 2 # Babydoll Lingerie #

If you are not satisfied with above leather lingerie, but you still pursue for alluring, those babydoll lingerie may help you.

We prepare different styles for you. Black lace temptation, satin strapped mini dress, translucent thin chiffon, open front and back design… we have all styles that you could image.



Secret Weapon 3 # Christmas Lingerie #

After having a Christmas party with your friends, have you ever think about how to celebrate this grand festival with your close lover? Why not wear a sexy Christmas lingerie suit to enjoy the night time with him?

Enchanting Santa baby costume, showing off your full chest, small waistline, and alluring hips curve. Show your sexy potential at this pertinent time. Let your partner be crazy about you.3_副本

You Can Be What You Want To Be——Halloween Costumes Special Report

14Halloween is a yearly celebration observed in a number of countries on 31 October, the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows’ Day.

Typical festive Halloween activities include trick-or-treating, attending costume parties, decorating, carving pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns, lighting bonfires, apple bobbing, visiting haunted attractions, playing pranks, telling scary stories and watching horror films.

Following above introduction, here comes our key point——To Be The One You Want To Be.

Lover-Beauty offers hundreds of costumes for you to spend a happy Halloween. Neither a devilish vampire, a mysterious witch, a cool pirate, an elusive cat woman, or a sexy nurse, a pure student, a holy angel, a handsome policewoman, we have corresponding costumes to satisfy your needs. Everything you could think of or not, Lover-Beauty prepared for you! Dress a classy and exquisite costume, you will become the focus of attention in the costume parties!


Without further ado, let’s choose Halloween costumes in Lover-Beauty. It is only 17 days till Halloween! What are you waiting for?

Have You Finished the Corset Study?


Cinderella is a beautiful fairy story, it has been made into a movie in this year. The story goes something like this…

Ella is living a great life until her mother passes away. Ella’s father remarried a “good” woman with two wretched daughters. One day Ella’s father goes on a journey and never returned because of death.

When her father unexpectedly passes away, young Ella finds herself at the mercy of her cruel stepmother and her daughters. Forced to be a servant in her own house, through it all she did not let anything or anyone crush her spirit.

Then one day, she meets a prince in the woods. Ella comes one with her pure heart when she meets the prince in palace again and dances her way to a better life with glass shoes, and a little help from her fairy godmother, of course.

We can look at the second picture, there are so many princesses wear in corsets and shape their pretty figure. Corsets are not only popular in stories, in that years, but also now.

The third picture shows us that there are a couple who make themselves as if live in Victoria. The madam wears corset everyday and successfully reduce her waist from 32 inches into 22 inches. Corsets will not help you to lose weight, but it can shape your body figure and improve your posture into a perfect look.

Ladies, you are not fat, but only lack a suitable corset to shape your figure. Lover-Beauty is thoughtful for your need, we offer hundreds of corsets to let you choose.


#Elementary#   LB 4161  Pleated Frill Fashion Corset LB4161

This green floral corset features with its pleated trim, which shows your feminine temperament well.

Green is very active and lively.

The big green and yellow satin bow on bust is a great highlight, it draws you all the eyes to the charming bust.

Lace-up is adjustable and you can adjust it to fit your figure.

This is a classical corset style, if you haven’t wear any corset before, this one is a good choice for you to have a try.


  #Elementary#   LB 4362   Scuba Blue Floral Underbust CorsetLB4362

This blue under bust waist shaper is another classical style, you can also buy this corset to know the ABC of corset.

The floral is retro and beautiful, it makes you look elegant.

Hooks & eyes closure is easy for women to take on and off.

The under bust detailing boosts a full breast shape and the waist looks slimmer whilst.

The black silk bow on waist can tighten corset and catch more attention on your small waist.

Match with a black skater dress and high heels, you will look perfect and become the light spot in the crowd.



#Junior#   LB 4338  White Embroidered Bridal CorsetLB4338

Welcome, you are entering into the junior stage. This whole white corset looks very pure. It is a real stunner which adds some chic elements into the classical style.

Whole white decorated with lace trim, it let you remember the swan queen.

The skirt hem is very light, it will float when you swinging.

Curve hugging bodice with tighten lace-up back.

Top material ensures that it will give you a silky feeling.

A white or black maxi dress is a good choice to match with it.


LB4357 (2)

  #Senior#   LB 4357  White Sexy Bridal Corset

Warmly applaud yourselves. Now you step in the senior grade.

Without intricate decoration, this white corset is simple and decent.

Black tassel attracts others’ sights to your full breast.

It can show your deep cleavage, and you needn’t wear any dress under it.

The simple fine vertical lines from the breast to the hem on waist can perfectly show your sexy figure curve.

Lace-up back is the only controller that you need not worry about that the hooks and eyes would loosen.

Match with a tutu dress like the left picture, you will look elegant and grace. It will let you become the star attraction of the whole party.


Wow,wow,wow. Congratulations! You have graduated from the corset university. After above introduction, the writer believe that you have got the essence of corset wearing. Now, you should begin your corset travel in Lover-Beauty. Don’t hesitate to have a perfect body shape.



Chase and Arrest Those Strong Killing Power “Wanted” Shapers

The Fast and the Furious is an American franchise including a series of action films, which center on illegal street racing and heists, and various other media portraying the characters and situations from the films.

Distributed by Universal Pictures, the series was established with the 2001 film titled The Fast and the Furious; followed by six sequels, two short films that tie into the series, and as of May 2015, it has become Universal’s biggest franchise of all time.

The Fast and the Furious is very hot in this summer, it deserves all passion and crazy. Are you looking forward to the next performance of the leading roles? Their tough guy images are deep-rooted in our hearts.  Also, their good figure are envy by lots of men.


Lover-Beauty has prepared lots of body shaper for men. If you haven’t a pretty figure, our shapewear can help you to firm fat and shape a good figure.  Come on and chase one of those “wanted” shaper.

NO. 1   LB 6478   Blue Belly Slimming Vest Body Shaper for Men

This body shaper for men is our new product, it does well in controlling the abdomen and firming the chest. Elastic material is good at slimming and hidding your tummy fat, your beer belly will not be found any more.

HI: ★★★★



NO.2  6484  Black Plus Size Elastic Body Shaper Slimming Vest for Men

This slimming vest is popular among muscle men. It has plus sizes that its bust line can be stretched into 70 inch. It is made by 80%nylon + 20% spandex. If you are a “heavyweight man”,  this slimming vest is you best choice.

HI: ★★★★



NO. 3  LB6490  Grey V-neck Thin Tight Men Sexy Shapewear

It is thin and tight that it can be easy to hide under any long sleeve shirt.  The V-neck design is very humanity that you never worry about that it will expose before your cool clothes. The short sleeve can also slim and firm your arms. It is a good choice to dress yourself as a tough man.

HI: ★★★★★



NO.4  LB6494  White High Elasticity Mesh Men Tight Body Shaper Corset

This shaper is the most suitable for those who has a big belly. The corset design can slimming and shaping your tummy at the extreme.  Its mesh material is ventilate for you skin, and crossover straps can also shape your back.

HI: ★★★★★


Chase those shapers, you will be awarded a sexy and firm figure. Don’t hesitate, opportunity knocks but once. You will regret if you miss this good chance.



Stand out from the Rest——What Clothes are Freshmen’s “Must Have”?

Most schools and universities begin new term recently. Do you want to come to the fore and catch all attention in the crowd? Follow me, choose some “must have” clothes to dress up yourself,  you will look like the triton of the minnows.

Must Have 1  Fashion Dress

Dresses are more welcomed among women. Every kind of dress has their own characteristics. Mini dress shows your long and slim legs, bodycon dress shows your figure curve, peplum dress makes your belly fat invisible, skater dress can show your small waist and it can conceal your short legs…

There are so many kinds of dresses, and it will have some kinds suit for you. Choose comfortable and fitted one in Lover-Beauty.


Must Have 2  Tops

A beautiful top can match with many different bottoms, and absorb attention from others. Lover-Beauty offers lots of different top styles. Crop top is a good choice to show your waist curve, Slash neck shows your collarbones at the extreme, lace adds some sexy and romantic feeling to you, rose red sets your skin color off to advantage, black can make you look slim…

If you want to become a fashion and sexy lady, don’t miss these tops.



Must Have 3  Skirts

Everyone has own style, which skirt is suit for you? Which style can you hold on? Look at here, we have prepared many kinds of skirts for you. Long skirts, mini skirts, one step skirts, skater skirts, tutu skirts… all you want can be found in Lover-Beauty.

If you want to show your pretty legs, short skirt is not too bad; if you want to show your hip curve, one step skirt is a good choice; if you worry about exposure, long dress is your best sum-proof. What you need to do, is go to Lover-Beauty and add some you like styles to your cart.



Must Have 4  Pants and Jeans

Do you like casual style? Dress is not convenient enough? Careful Lover-Beauty has thought about this question and tried to give you a satisfactory answer. 

Jeans are very suit for those who like free and simple style. You can wear it without any worry about exposure. You can do what you like and not to be restricted. We have long jeans, short jeans, chiffon pants, skinny pants… All of them are easy to match with a simple top.



Must Have 5  Kids Clothing

If you are a fashion mom, when you read to here, you will be upset and complain that why here has not a beautiful clothing for my little kids? Calm down,please. Following is a good information for you.

We not only have elegant dress for your little sweetheart, but also prepare many tops and pants for her. New term, new look. What you should do is to buy those your kids like, and dress them up to welcome new school life.



Have you got those “must have” in this new term? Don’t miss a good chance to catch eyes, and don’t to be foil any more.

Some BIG is on the way——Cherish What We Have at the Moment

It is reported that some big is on the way of the relationship of Beckham and his wife these days.  What a bad news! However, troubles never come singly! Our bosses are crazy——

Recently, some big things are going on in Lover-Beauty. There is a BIG! SALE! FOR! YOU! Most products are in their bottom prices!

Everyone wants to dress up themselves appropriately for each occasion, but not all of us have so much money. Here comes a good chance.



Are you always worried about how to pick and match clothes with a suited bag? Do you want to buy a nice one but the price is not as perfect as the bag? Lover-Beauty will save you from those questions!

Many kinds of bags, such as shoulder bag, clutch bag, backpack, leather handbag and so on, are on big sale now! You should not miss this good opportunity.




Stockings are necessary in many occasions, especial silk stockings, they are the synonym for sexy. Many ladies can’t reject them even in chill winter.

This big sale is a good chance for you to stock up on stockings. We have lots of styles with different colors. Some of them will suit your taste.


     Leather Lingerie


There are lots of charming styles of lingerie, sexy, cool, translucent, open front, bra set… All of them are in a heavy discount! How can you say “no” to them! Add them to your cart as soon as possible!!




Leggings is very popular because they do well in showing your long and slim legs. We have jean leggings, print leggings, cut leggings and so on. All of them have a good elastic stretch and good quality.

Don’t be hesitate to add them to your cart!! Opportunity knocks but once.




We all know that dress can show female temperament very well. A suitable dress can help you to catch more attention. We have long maxi dress, midi dress, mini dress, bodycon dress, evening dress, skater dress… we have everything that you expect to find!




Costumes are very hot those years, especially in festivals. Many people like cosplay, some of them like uniform, such as nurse costume, police costume, sailor costume… and others may like animal costume, Christmas costume, lingerie costume… There are also many kids’ styles. Don’t you want to dress your little kid as a superman or a princess? Come on, add those you like into your cart as soon as possible.




Hot summer is still in. Sexy bikini is very in! Don’t you want to leave a sexy silhouette on beach? Don’t you want to catch eyes? If you do, look at here! We have a big quantity of sexy bikini on big sale!! Don’t hesitate too long or you will miss them.


Seize the day! You never know, tomorrow, and accidents, which will go first! Why not dress up yourselves and enjoy a great day?


Catch more attention in crowd— How to shape a pretty figure?

Today is Chinese Valentine’s Day, Lover-Beauty hopes that everyone will have a happy and unforgetable date with your Mr. Right.

Valentine’s Day has a beautiful tale about the Cowboy and the Weaving Maid. In a Chinese legend who, once a happy couple, become stars separated by the Milky Way. They can meet only once in a year when magpies fly together to form a bridge over the Milky Way.

Today, every lady will dress up herself and have a romantic appointment with their sweetheart. At a crowded square, how to catch others’ eyes and earn face to your partner? Imagine it, if there is a beautiful girl in a fashionable dress with a bunch of roses, but also with a fat figure… it is not so wonderful right? So, we need something to change it. Lover-Beauty has some “effective weapons” for you.

No. 1 LB12210 Nude Face Skin Slim Uplift Shaping Mask Belt



Lover-Beauty publishes a series of face shaper, which does well in slimming and shaping face.  You never need to worry about your baby fat face. It can help you to shape an oval face with no self-awareness. After a period, you will find your face shape has changed. It is easily to wear but with sound effects. You should not miss it.


 No. 2  LB12223  Nude Bust Front Hook Eye Uplift Shaper


This Nude Bust Front Hook Eye Uplift Shaper is our new launched product. It works well in shape and uplift breast. Its crossover straps design on back will also mold your back, and front hook eyes closure is convenient for you to take on and off. Nude is close to your skin color, you can wear it under your beautiful clothes but not to be found.


No. 3  LB12218  Black Polyester Arm Slimming Shaper



Many ladies are worried about their sturdy arms, which prevent them wearing sleeveless clothes. So Lover-Beauty launches this Black Polyester Arm Slimming Shaper in order to help you get rid of this annoyance. It has a good quality and affordable price, and our customers are well-reviewed for it. It is very elastic stretch! If you want to slim your arms, it is your best choice.


No. 4  LB6448  Black Translucent High Waist Butt Lift



Are you still worried about your big butt is not sexy? Do you envy others’ raised buttocks? Here is our newest butt lift style, it can help you to lift and shape your butt well, its high waist design can also make your belly fat invisible. Translucent design is alluring. Opportunity knocks but once. Don’t miss it.


No. 5  LB12217 Black Nylon Calf Slimming Shaper


Our corsets can help you to make your belly fat invisible, but how about your calves? Do you have radish-like legs? Are you worried about them? Don’t worry any more, we now publish a series of calf shaper, it can help you to solve this question. This Black Nylon Calf Slimming Shaper can shape your calf in a sound effect. It has a good quality and affordable price.

With those “secret weapons”, you can go on a date at ease. Your partner will feel good and decent for you. How to catch others’ eyes? Imagine it, a shapely and beautiful girl in a fashionable dress with a bunch of roses… everything goes well.

Hidding Your Belly Fat—— Lover-Beauty Top 5 Sales Corsets

Do you want to have a pretty curve but can’t insist on doing sports? Do you have a date tonight, but your belly fat prevents you wearing a sexy bodycon dress? Do you have a good figure but the only drawback is your expanding waistline?

If you have some troubles like above, you will be grateful to this blog, because we can help you to solve your trouble easily.

Our corsets do well in making your belly fat invisible and they are well received by our customers.  Following are our top 5 corsets.

Top  5   LB4468   Rubber Black 9 Steel Bones Waist Cincher

You bound this Rubber Black 9 Steel Bones Waist Cincher around your midsection. This action creates compression in your core, stimulating thermal activity and ramping up perspiration. This process allows toxins and impurities to exit the skin, while mobilizing fat cells. The whole butt lifter is made of the same material that 65% polyester and 35% cotton, so it is comfortable to wear. You really deserve it.


Top  4  LB4471  Pink 4 Steel Bones Latex Waist Cincher

Pink 4 Steel Bones Latex Waist Cincher is a corset that you can wear anytime when you need midsection compression. Its steel bones design makes this waist cincher tougher and not easy to distort.  It has 3 rows of hook eyes which can be adjusted to suit for you. The band itself is constructed from a latex core with a soft cotton exterior and interior lining. It has a discount those days, don’t miss this good chance.


Top  3  LB4536  Black 4 Steel Bones Rubber Waist Cincher

Black 4 Steel Bones Rubber Waist Cincher is well-received by people all over the world. This waist cincher works well in shaping your body, and it can show off your sexy figure well. Besides, with good quality material, this waist cincher is durable for years wearing, so you can be at ease to buy it.


Top  2  LB4351  9 Steel Bone Beige Waist Trainer Shaper

9 Steel Bone Beige Waist Trainer Shaper is a simple and decent corset, which is decorated by lace floral pattern. Its nude color is closed to your skin color, which can’t be exposed when you wear some thin clothes. This corset has three rows of hook eyes which is adjustable for you. Its 9 steel bones design can ensure to shape your figure curve well. It is made from 100%rubber covering+100%cotton lining. It is now on a 19 discount, you will not find a lower price with so good quality corset.


Top  1  LB4301   9 Steel Bone Black Waist Trainer Cincher Underbust Corset

This corset is our top sale, it is well-reviewed by lots of our customers. Its black color is popular among people, which can make you look slimmer. It does well in hiding your abdominal dewlap. It also has some lace floral pattern, and 3 rows of adjustable hook eyes, steel bones, all of those will help you to become a slimmer and charming lady. You shouldn’t miss it.


Sexy Womens Panties – How to Order the Best One

Most of the ladies are not dare enough to buy the panties that suits for them because they feel fear to enter into those sections in a shop considering it as a shame and shy. This situation has need to change and it is a part of clothes and due to some lack of awareness, women don’t find the right underwear that suits better for them and the reason is they don’t know to how to buy the best ones that fits them. In this article, you can get some useful information on how to buy your best underwear’s. Perfect fitness should be your choice while buying the innerwear’s for them and there are different types of lingerie’s are available in different size, shape, color and texture.

Sexy Women Panty Sexy Underwear lWholesale

First, determine the size of the underwear you need by trying it on some fit pair of jeans or pants and pay the entire attention to the size of your pants or jeans and based on that find a size that suits you better. According to the sources, women who wear a jeans or pant of size 14 wear a size of 10 in panties. The conversation chart is essential and based and any incorrect measures on the conversion chart will leads to lose fittings in size. Most probably try to wear the underwear based on your body size and shape and try to figure out the style that looks best on you. For example, if you have a thin body, then you can wear a commando classic girl short black or a commando cotton thong that best suits women of slim fit.

If you wear the lingerie’s that mismatch your body shape, it makes you inconvenience and looks discomfited. The easiest way to know the prompt size is to measure it with tape and also remember that not every style and variety looks good on everyone and based on the looks and style, try to wear the best fit. As said above, there are different varieties and colors of under wear exist and try to experiment yourself with different varieties so that you can determine your best suit. If you never try with different lingerie’s, then you miss out the best possible underwear that fits you than you old ones. When you decided to purchase your lingerie try to get the essential knowledge on different choices available and sometimes there are also some underwear patterns available that match accordingly with your bras. Know which type to wear when and while going to office, you need to wear a kind of one that suits you better in office.

Sexy Women Panty Sexy Underwear Wholesale

At home and parties, there are panties available and try those on these occasions. Get the quality ones that are made of good material and buy the panties at a reasonable price. Do some search in internet and find the best innerwear and underwear shop for you.

The thongs wholesale on our website are mostly on the cheap price $1, welcome to pick up wholesale sexy $1 thongs from Lover Beauty.