Kylie Jenner launches third birthday dress

Kylie Jenner launches third birthday dress

According to Kelly Jenner’s Milestones Birthday Rulebook, you can’t just prepare a dress for this important day. (Or, in her case, this is a long weekend celebration.)

When the reality show debuted on August 10, it attracted the attention of many fans: a shiny jumpsuit made of 70,000 Swarovski crystals with a striking pink look, perfect for Barbie themed night. But if you think that Kelly is done, you obviously won’t know 21 as you think.

According to the beauty tycoon’s Snapchat, Kelly’s birthday celebration continued on Saturday, August 11th, where she launched a third-party costume that was both festive and gleaming. This gold one-shoulder dress is crafted in bold crystals for royal and metallic effects.


As Elle said, Kelly moved one side of the party to Las Vegas, where she and her friends gathered overnight. Earlier in the evening, when she had dinner with her crew, she also saw an ensemble of black pinstripes. (Wait, are there four birthday dresses now? I am losing the track.)

Adding all of this to a luxurious weekend filled with holes is full of ‘restraint moments, and the police must obviously have fun. Oh, not to mention Kylie’s brand new vintage Rolls Royce and the rose-covered front yard. Yes, it is safe to say that Kelly’s 21st birthday will be one of the books – and will be the source of b-day inspo for years to come.

Slender girl in a slim girl’s corset is on her million dollar side

Slender girl in a slim girl’s corset is on her million dollar side

A few years ago, Juliana Richards left Nigeria for only $100. Years later, she returned to Slim Girl Shapewear, the CEO of a large successful body sculpting brand, which was nodded by some of the world’s most famous people, including Khloe Kardashian, Amber Rose and Blac Chyna.

Her brand has surpassed waist sneakers and other shape-enhancing underwear, including dresses modeled by former big brother Naija roommate Cee-C, Nina and popular Nigerian wearer Bobrisky.

Slim Girl is currently based in Atlanta and has offices in major cities around the world, all of which Richards manages to operate effectively while raising her two children, keeping fit (of course) and doing anything else to capture her. Ideas, including TV shows that are of interest now, Jules Uncut saw her interview with Tiny Harris.

Although she has achieved all her achievements in the body sculpting industry, it is expected to grow into a $5 billion industry by 2022, and everything she has may not have better qualified personnel than Richards. Turn it into a money manufacturing company. This is her new book, “Building a million dollars,” mainly about it.

We sat down with Juliana to talk about her million dollar shackles, making Nigeria only $100 and succeeding globally.

She also shared with us why her brand is in contact with Bobrisky, considering how conservative or pretending the Nigerian society is, and you will find that no brand will be willing to be close to his 10-foot pole as her brand ambassador.

10 things to consider when choosing a waist trainer

The Waist Trainer is a fast and effective tool that can trim extra inches in the waist. However, there are a few things to consider when choosing a waist trainer that suits your needs.
In addition to color and style, there are many other factors that can affect the choice of a suitable lumbar trainer if you really need it. This minimizes the health effects of wearing a waist trainer.

1. Should not limit breathing
You must be able to breathe your waist trainer. This is not the 16th century Britain, you need to limit yourself. Now, there are a lot of beautiful, effective styles that help women look the best and feel the best. Make sure to stand, sit and move and comfortably inhale and exhale. Check your range of motion. Nothing should be restricted or restricted.

If your body is still developing, don’t take one
Aesthetics expert Dr. Galyna said: “One of the risks is that young girls are very susceptible to this trend, especially because it is supported by celebrities. If you start young when your body and muscles are fully developed, your waist training may Young people pose permanent health risks.”

3. Comfort
In addition to breathing, check the overall comfort of the waist trainer before purchasing. When checking the comfort between different lumbar trainers, keep in mind the following: needle and hook placement, fabric type and deboning material. Choose the products that are the easiest to hook and hook, invest in high-quality fabrics that are breathable and durable. If you want to wear them for a long time, choose a steel support (skeleton) waist trainer instead of plastic. Also, don’t over-tighten.

4. Expansion and rolling
If you experience any swelling or rolling, this means that your body is not suitable and you must change the size. Bulging indicates that the trainer is too tight or barely able to grab your body. In other words, you have an extreme pressure, or there is not enough pressure at all. Both will be counterproductive to achieving the goal of waist training. If you experience some rolling around your hips, this is another sign that your size is too small. Make sure everything fits, but it doesn’t matter to get the best results.

5. Put them on for a short time.
Prolonged wear can cause skin irritation, back problems and organ displacement. Limit the time you plan to wear the trainer.

6. Fit and form
To ensure that you make the most of all materials, take your measurements seriously. The most important measurement you have to take is the length of your natural waist. The natural waist is the smallest part of the waist and determines the size of the waist trainer.

7. Shrink and stretch
As time goes by, your waist will gradually shrink. When this happens, you need a waist trainer that can stretch and adapt to your new size. Find a coach with lots of hooks and adjust the dress over time. If you are going to buy a waist trainer with only a few hooks left, it means it is too big. As time goes by, you want to be able to move forward through the hook. This allows you to use a single waist trainer for a long time instead of buying one each time you drop a few inches.

8. Avoid exercising with the trainer
Although most people do this, doctors recommend not using a trainer for exercise because it interferes with breathing.

9. Always keep moisture
If you are involved in physical activity that causes sweating, be sure to keep your water regularly.

10. Don’t use it instead of healthy eating and exercise
This is very important because the waist training is not magic. It needs to be paired with a healthy lifestyle, if not it can be frustrating and addictive.

How to find LINGERIE for your body type

For women’s bodies, there are all kinds of shapes and sizes that make each woman very unique. However, over time, different proportions of the body have been divided into five key categories. These include apples, rectangles, triangles, inverted triangles and hourglasses. If you have never heard of this strange collection of words used to describe a woman’s body, don’t be embarrassed. They only refer to the proportion of women’s shoulders, waist and hips, regardless of her weight. When choosing underwear, knowing which category you belong to may be a valuable secret weapon with the same number of choices. So, to help you look and feel the best in your underwear and bedroom, we’re here to discuss the best underwear for all body types.

Underwear type
Underwear design aims to flatter the image of women. A great piece, or a set, highlights the woman’s unique femininity, making her feel comfortable and beautiful. Whether it’s for others or just for yourself, perfect underwear can instantly boost women’s self-confidence. From bras and baby shirts to bodice and camisole, the world of underwear is a treasure trove of women’s clothing in all shapes and sizes. This guide introduces all the familiar underwear, as well as some underwear you may not know, creating a complete underwear guide for all body types.

Match set
As the name suggests, the package can be worn with bras and panties. This feminine lingerie style is suitable for all body types because it focuses on the body and the whole, rather than focusing on a specific function.

Garter belt
Taste your man with a seductive garter and heat it in the bedroom. This piece, also known as a sling, wraps around the waist and is usually made of lace or delicate materials. If you look bolder, you can also find a garter in the leather. These sultry costumes are fastened to stockings or knee-high socks with hanging clips. This underwear is perfect for hourglass-shaped women who want to emphasize their waistline. In addition, it is a winner for women seeking to draw attention to their legs.

Throughout history, the purpose and symbolism of corsets have changed many times. The patriarchal object that was once seen as a power and restrictive clothing has recently been transferred to women. Nail and seductive, bodice sits under the woman’s chest and extends down to the hips. The traditional form is designed to shape the shape of the character and achieve an hourglass profile with eviscerated bones along the seams and laces on the back. However, these laces may also appear on the front or side to give a fresh, modern look.

Similar to the bodice, the bodice enhances the curved hourglass profile of the female shape. These skinny pants can double the chest while shaping the waist for an extremely seductive look. The waist has the power to create a curve, while giving people a more full of chest illusion, the corset is very suitable for short stature, the body is an hourglass or rectangular small chest female.

Bringing your teddy bear into the bedroom is not sexy. On the other hand, wearing a teddy bear is absolutely. Underwear is equivalent to a one-piece swimsuit, and Teddy is a playful item for all body types. This underwear is made from lace, leather, mesh and other fabrics, cut and styled to add brilliance to any body. Especially the inverted triangle female looks amazing because it balances the wide shoulders and lengthens the body.

Dolls, dolls
Floaty baby dresses are perfect for women with an inverted triangle shape – that is, women with a wide shoulder and a relatively small waist. This soft shoulder strap will smooth your shoulders, while the ruffled skirt will balance in your lower half. This exquisite dress looks great on curved women’s wear.

Women’s vest
A gorgeous silky camisole reveals your legs, which is both enticing and dreaming of falling asleep. With a fine silk top and matching shorts, the camisole is perfect for warm summer evenings and overnight stays.

Shirts and pajamas are a delicate, feminine choice. The petticoat is a simple skirt that hangs vertically from the shoulder. This underwear was all the rage in the 1920s, with soft, shiny silk, delicate cotton and sensual satin. The minimalist design means that this style is suitable for all body types, especially for long legs.

Hey, you may be wearing your corset. Wrong.

Whether you want to smooth, cheer or slow down, there are now more options than ever to shape your look. Unfortunately, this also means that it has multiple ways to make mistakes. From rolling to cycling, the basic components fail a lot, allowing you to completely avoid the corset. To ensure that your underwear experience is excellent, we turned to Yummie’s senior designer Madelyn Ulrich for guidance. In front, common mistakes and methods to avoid them making the corset your best friend, not your biggest enemy.

Your corset is rolling down. “Make sure your size is right,” Ulrich said. “The corset should be able to smooth out your bumps and bumps – don’t be new! If you’re too small, you may have more problems than you solve. Getting the right size is very important. Just because of you Being a medium bottom doesn’t necessarily mean you need a medium-sized dress.

Your bra is going up. “Fit is very important when you find your bra. You will be surprised to find out how many women don’t know their bra size,” Ulrich said. “If your bra is behind, it’s too big. The first and most obvious step is the measurement.

Your tights let your feet slip in your boots. “The best socks are solutions,” Ulrich pointed out. “I like tights with hidden feet. This means I don’t need to wear an extra sock on my booties – it’s comfortable, and I don’t need to put two layers on my feet. “

Kim Kardashian is wearing a see-through leotard and dating Kanye West

On Saturday night, when Kanye West came out wearing a transparent bodysuit during a date with Kanye West, Kim Kardashian barely imagined it.

According to the “Daily Mail” report on July 29th, Kim Kardashian launched a brand new short hairstyle because she wore a tight-fitting skinny jumpsuit. With Kardashians stars, sexy clothing, with silver metallic skirts, pointed high heels and sunglasses, although it is very dark outside.

Kanye West is wearing paint jeans, a gray short-sleeved T-shirt, sneakers and a gold chain around his neck. At the same time, Kardashian also shocked her new short hairstyle. Kim and her husband launched her boots on the date of the date, wearing a freshly cut shoulder length, separated from the middle, very straight. The mother of the three children also showed her new, thinner body.

According to reports, Kim Kardashian has been working hard to fight the gym recently. In recent months, her toner and thinners are obvious. She revealed in her Instagram story on the weekend that she had weighed 119 pounds after her sisters Khloe Kardashian and Kendall Jenner teased her so thin.

Kim’s famous brothers and sisters gave her a tough time about her weight and even questioned whether she had ever eaten food. However, Kardashian seems to like this concern, thanks to her sisters for their comments on the slimming frame.

As Inquisitr reported previously, the crazy rumors about the marriage of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have always existed. One such rumor claims that the reality show and her rapper husband have been “disguising” their marriage for propaganda, and for their image they have a common contract.

Outlets reported that Kim and Kane had a major “lack of love”, and for their brand and the interests of their three children, they kept their loveless marriage alive. However, Gossip Cop revealed that these rumors are completely wrong.

Even though the rapper’s busy work schedule, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West spent a lot of time throughout the summer. They celebrated the milestones of wedding anniversary, daughter North’s birthday, Kanye’s birthday and his album release. The couple went to Idaho for a holiday together during the July 4 holiday.

In all the good times and bad times, Kim Kardashian has been with her husband, and it seems that their marriage is also very good.

The best bodysuit for the belly, buttocks and thighs

When you wear a tight dress or jeans, the corset can be a lifeguard. From smooth muffin tops to tight bottoms, these clever outfits give you extra confidence by reducing trouble areas. If you need something to simplify your shape, there are some things to keep in mind before buying.

Although the corset has the ability to hug you in the right place, it doesn’t work because of the extra tightness. This can actually produce bumps and bumps that make you look bigger – not to mention, you will be very uncomfortable. Stick to the right size and avoid this dilemma.

You should also check the level of control required to reach the desired surface. Those who want to wear everyday should choose light and medium lines to smooth. At the same time, powerful control can achieve complete digital conversion.

If you haven’t sold it yet, maybe Kim K-W’s approval will win you. Although she is a world-renowned figure, Kanye West’s heroine is a loyal fan of corsets, and admits that she often wears two passing bodies.

In an article on her website, the reality star revealed: “Sometimes I will stack two pairs of body shapers – especially when I am heavier, I will double it.”

Although this method is absolutely extreme, we have completed the best corsets to get the job done in one go.

To help you find the right style of corset, we tested the best on the market – and remember that when you feel the best, the confidence is extremely high, so your corset is considered to emphasize your body, and Not fixing it.

One-shoulder wedding guest dress will be ‘wow’

For wedding guest dresses, there are some safe silhouettes – wrap-around dresses, jackets, A-shaped midi, layered maxi skirts and more. All of these are gorgeous, versatile, and often offer a wide variety of body types and sizes, whether you prefer them, loose and relaxed.

When it comes to sleeves, there are no fixed rules (although the usual practice is to cover the shoulders for a more conservative venue), if you have crossed several identical contours multiple times, then it is a good detail. Input: One-shoulder wedding guest dress.
The elegant and eye-catching one-shoulder wedding gown is perfect for those who want to show a slight wrinkle (but not too much) and also get enough support from a single strap.

Although the shoulderless silhouette is still an important affirmation in our book, we are not only familiar with the dilemma that this shape can bring to the woman. Then some people may feel the strapless dress fatigue (this is the real thing), in this case, the one-shoulder dress is a fresh choice with modern charm. After all, in the past few seasons, asymmetry has been a big trend in the fashion world from sleeves to skirts and decorations, and there are no signs of slowing down. So why not choose a dress that captures the mood of the moment?

From classic to fashion avant-garde, there is a change in one-shoulder dress. Simple jackets, minimalist minis or cutout midi will appeal to those with more classic flavors. For bohemian styles, the midi and maxis in floral prints are whimsical weddings, while the wide one-shoulder and uneven skirts will appeal to more aesthetics. If you want something super feminine, look for a one-shoulder dress with wrinkled details, such as ruffles or a bow – both of which are very romantic to witness ‘I dos’. If you are just a little black dress, if you choose a festive tassel hem or delicate lace fabric, one shoulder is a perfect way to look at the modern field reward points.

If you think that the one-shoulder wedding guest dress sounds flawless for your next wedding, then we have begun to explore 40 gorgeous versions, guaranteed to be amazing, to meet a variety of budgets and styles.

Get Mandy Moore’s card party dress for all your summer evenings

On Wednesday, Mandy Moore wore a vibrant fringed tasseled fringe dress to wear the great Daisy Buchanan of The Great Gatsby to Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Moore showed off her party dress from Italian luxury brand Missoni by spinning on Instagram. The Missoni dress features a baby blue mesh bodice and a colourful tiered tassel. Moore’s new stylist, Cristina Ehrlich, recently launched the actress’s fashion game to help her recently make a statement on designer dresses during the Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris.

During Jimmy Kimmel’s live performance, Moore discussed how she “sucks her toes” back into the music and reveals that she already knows how the critically acclaimed series “This is us” will end. Fans can rest easily, as Moore said, “I think the ending will be very satisfying for people,” he added. “I think the show that is evoked from all of us is very correct. Dan is this. Master. People will feel their feelings.”

Moore’s tassel-pin dress in the 1920s played an important role in the fashion world. Thanks to Balmain (Kardashian’s favorite) and Calvin Klein’s Raf Simons and other designer brands, the fringed dress has been completely renewed. They are the new outfits you need in your closet.

How to choose the perfect dress to spend the summer wedding season

In the next few months, I have a lot of weddings close, but I just want to invest in a dress for all of them. What is the most common style in August and early fall?

If you’re looking for a dress that can do double or even triple work during the wedding season and beyond, it’s a dress with a shirt (no shirt, too casual!), with a lighter, matte finish ( No silk or satin!) will be a tried and true piece of work that can help you complete multiple weddings. You don’t have to make a fuss about a shawl or a scarf, and there are some styling updates (such as a short skirt with slim trousers) that will take you into a cool month and a relaxed dress up.

Amy Powney, creative director of the London-based mother-of-pearl company, was fascinated by the crowd at the Spring/Summer 2018 fashion show, which included sleeves from floral to striped bold patterns; I especially liked a kind of dress. A wavy embellished dress gathers at the hem and features a wide bow. This is a vibrant holiday mix that is perfect for outdoor weddings.

Reiss’ lightweight knee-length dress with multi-tone splash print will match the summer wedding with black wedge sandals (I say avoid wearing tight-fitting high heels, unless you promise to avoid outdoor activities, slowly sink your stilettos) into the turf ) and geometric metal earrings; the same as the sweet LBD of Banana Republic. As the temperature drops and the wedding season slows down, wear opaque tights and booties or loafers to work.

For those who like length, Rixo London’s floral dress is perfect for a night on the dance floor, when wearing embellished flats and costume pearls or crystal jewelry, if paired with knee boots and simpler Accessories that will keep you from the office to the back – work cocktails. A little bit of style and versatility combine to make the perfect combination.