With casual clothing taking over the Boston office, will ‘Thursday’ be a thing?

Work clothes are becoming more and more casual. (Sweat pants, really?) But that doesn’t mean you can’t dress up occasionally.

At Serur Agencies, an insurance company in Wilmington, employees actually look forward to Monday. Perhaps it is because the company’s performance rankings have been updated. But CEO Albert Serur has given a lot of praise for the lack of business dress.

At Serur, the work week begins on Monday, and the staff wears casually. Shirts and sweatpants are highly encouraged. “We changed the culture of TGIF to TGIM,” Serur said. “We don’t want your job to feel like a job. Work is not necessarily tragic.”

For the rest of the week, the office’s leisure time is a little less casual. It’s one of the many workplaces, embracing the easier corporate dress trends, spreading from Silicon Valley to the most traditional white-collar organizations like JPMorgan Chase, General Electric and IBM. . Local business leaders say that embracing jeans and sandals reflects a more casual society and helps to satisfy employees.

Berketex Bridal Crash: Women without dresses for their wedding

Its Leicester store is the only bridal shop she fell in love with the first dress she had tried.

She has paid £1,400 worth of £2,000 for the dress on the wedding day in July next year.

About 300 brides, 29 years old, did not wear dresses because of the collapse of the chain.

“I fell in love with that dress. This dress is for me,” she said.

Vicky said she made an appointment in December last Monday when she said that the store staff assured her that although the Newcastle store was closed, everything was fine.

A week later, the entire chain had 15 branches and had stopped trading.

Berketex bride is managing
The company’s advisory line said that because her clothes are going on rather than finished, she is unlikely to collect it.

“My only choice now is to start looking for new clothes,” she said.

Vicky is not the only one who is disappointed.

“I originally asked for my money back and told me that I had ordered my clothes, so if we canceled the money, it will be lost.”

She ordered the dress at the National Wedding Show in February, and her mother paid a full credit card for £899 and an additional £65 recalculation fee.

“This is a very, very cute dress.”

Elizabeth has begun looking for other dresses before the August wedding, but she has to be frustrated.

“If I didn’t have this, I could have done it. I thought I had got it. I think I was really disappointed.”

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Wilson Field, who has been instructed to assist the company’s bankruptcy practitioner, said that they appreciate that closing is “painful” for customers and will handle personal enquiries as soon as possible.

“Wilsonfeld appreciates that this will be very painful for the company’s customers, and will handle personal inquiries as soon as possible, but we expect a lot of calls, so you are required to be patient,” it said.

Anyone who has not yet received the item should call 0114 3491388.

For Danielle, this is a similar story, and he is now desperately searching for new clothes.

“It’s all very nervous – it means the best day of your life,” she said.

Last month, the Newcastle store where she ordered her clothes was closed and she was told that her clothes would be redirected.

“In less than six months of my marriage, I now need to find a ready-made dress.

“Thank God, I found a lovely clothing store owner not far from me, I will see her tomorrow, and she will offer discounts to all affected people,” she said.

Picture title
Holly managed to get her clothes before the store stopped trading.
But not everyone has failed.

Holly, who is getting married in June, collected her clothes from the Edinburgh store on Thursday.

After she saw a comment on Facebook suggesting that the company was in trouble, she asked her clothes for an emergency delivery.

But she said that this experience is not the way she wants.

“No one can come with me, so I didn’t collect it with my bridesmaid, or let the store teach me how to wear it on the day, or how to sort it at night.

“I don’t know what modifications and accessories I have to make, but I am very fortunate. I am relieved. I managed to get my clothes in time. I only lost about 20 pounds instead of 1000 pounds.”

There is a major flaw in the classic advice for the work you want to work, which can make the interview more difficult

According to one expert, the proposal to “dress for the job you want, not the work you have” has a major flaw.
Fashion blogger Kate Griffin told the New York Times that a company’s senior leaders have won “great credibility”, no matter what they want, so you can’t ask for advice.
If you dress in a job interview more formal than the interviewer, it will become very embarrassing. Another expert said that it is best to do your homework first and find out in advance which ones are appropriate.
You may be familiar with “dressing for the job you want, not for the work you have.”

The idea is that, as a lower-level worker, you should dress more formally in the office, leaving a good impression on those who interact with you and showing a confident image.

The only problem is that the advice is not always the case.

Kat Griffin, founder of the workplace fashion blog, told Lizz Schumer of the New York Times that you should not imitate the style of senior management just because they overtook you on the company ladder.

Griffin told The Times that “the elderly have a great reputation – they have gained the right to please themselves.” “I recommend readers a) generally know what may not be accepted, and b) when you see A mid-level person should not wear any of these items before wearing them. Someone is three to five years older than you.”

In essence, if you don’t know that you have the same clothing, don’t rush to match the company’s CEO’s wardrobe. If you are interviewing a company’s role, it may jeopardize your chances of getting the job.

Reginae Carter collected that she was wearing a childish fan

Reginae Carter and her fans are once again involved, and this time she has to collect them and say she looks naive. On Thursday, Carter shared a photo on Instagram with her black crop top swaying and showing her flat stomach. In her title, she wrote: “I have been doing this thing to love myself.”

In the comments, many fans praised her for grabbing the waist, but a fan slammed her. She commented, “Why is the girl tied up like this shirt. Are you 7 years old?”

Carter patted the enemy and said, “When you try to be interesting, it actually does this… go to the one who hates shit.”

Other fans have more comments on Carter’s fit.

“Let me borrow your belly quickly”

“Skin. Hair. Wait. I am here.”

“Sister girl got a south stomach”

Sadly, this is not the first time she took her to check the trolls. Last week, Carter shared on Instagram that she will celebrate her 20th birthday throughout November. A fan commented that Carter needs to hurry up and be 21 years old to make her boyfriend YFN Lucci look like it’s “squeaky.” The reality star responded and said, “LOL, they like to raise others. Where?”

Fashion Nova is selling a $45 Meghan Markle reception dress

Fashion Nova finally cashed in Meghan Markle. Now, fast-selling e-retailers are giving her royal wedding a version of Stella McCartney’s dress, Markle, to Prince Harry. You know, this sleek halter dress with a halter, we are amazed when the new Duchess of Sussex replaced her Givenchy dress for her Claire White Keller.
Markle and her new husband, Harry, left Windsor Castle for a reception and made their debut at a reception hosted by Prince Charles at the Frogmore House. After waving goodbye to the onlookers, the couple drove the silver blue Jaguar E-Type Concept Zero with a custom license with their wedding date E190518. She finished her look with nude mesh Aquazzura shoes, including the baby blue sole, the aquamarine ring that once belonged to Harry’s mother, the late Princess Diana, and the loan from Queen Elizabeth and diamond and opal inlays. Queen Mary Diamond Bandeau headwear. II.

Now, maybe you don’t have all the royal heirlooms to wear, but thanks to Fashion Nova’s ultra-fast production program – CEO Richard Saghian brags about WWD’s company working with more than 1,000 product manufacturers, getting about 600 new products on the site. Week – You can buy Markle’s dress for $44.99 at a very affordable price.
If you think this may be just a strange coincidence, Fashion Nova is selling a dress similar to Markle’s Stella McCartney, which the site calls “The Royal Debut Dress.” The product lens even includes photos of Markle and Prince Harry. At the time of this article, the size was already fast – so now that action is taken before the Meghan Markle effect reappears, the dress is sold. Because as Cardi B said: Why are designers suitable for this Fashion Nova?

Should I wear a smarter job?

What is important to wear when you go to work? I like to be comfortable, but occasionally I see myself in the elevator (I work in advertising) and think that I look hot. Will that stop me?

The short answer to “Does this matter?” is yes, no. No one can wear their clothes every day. This is why they invented uniforms. I tend to start in the week I call “comfortable clothes,” sportswear or jumpers. I may also look like a “hot spot”, but it means I can concentrate. The beginning of this week was when I was in school and I didn’t tend to schedule any meetings. So I am happy to wear whatever I want.

When it arrived on Wednesday, when my son went to his father in the second half of the week, I began to take out my favorite outfits and see the people I needed to impress. This makes me feel good, open it up, and have plenty of days and cold days. When I like my appearance, I have more confidence in the meeting.

I can imagine that advertising is based on image, and of course you feel a good pressure. But do you feel a mess because you know that you have not worked hard, or because you think you should look good to your colleagues and clients? It’s not a “correct” or “wrong” approach, but it’s always a good idea why you’re doing it.

How to stop men from talking to me at work?
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Only you can know if your appearance is so loose that it will make you back down. We live in a world of self-likeness and obsessiveness: Do you want to play this game, or do you want to do your job? Keep in mind that there is a risk that the more you show up, the more people need you to decorate (not to mention how ruthless maintenance is).

Does it look smarter to enhance your ability to work? Do what suits you and what will help you achieve your goals. If this means more effort, let us face it: it may be worth it.

Bella Hadid takes sweater dresses to the next level

Bella Hadid takes sweater dresses to the next level

A comfortable sweater dress is a must-have item for the fall, and of course it can be left to a supermodel, so that a tried and tested item is once again exciting. This weekend, Bella Hadid walked out of New York City, using simple (but effective!) styling techniques to enhance her thick white turtleneck dress, which, if decorated in the wrong way, can easily be turned into the realm of 邋land. Here, she uses the It girl to thrive and transforms the classic charm of the look into a cooler and younger finish.

Hadid’s long-sleeve sweater dress is cut to the mini length above the knee, giving a clear waist through a heavy gold chain strap from Chanel. (The belt buckles at the beginning of the 21st century are actually making a comeback.) The designer’s position is just enough to give the ensemble some chic factors, not too hard or exaggerated. She further completed the look of the pointed two-tone snakeskin boots and a black top handbag with some serious gold hardware – of course, it matched the eye-catching waistband.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s statement dress makes us feel at the holiday party

Sarah Jessica Parker’s statement dress makes us feel at the holiday party

Sarah Jessica Parker looks very happy!

The pink Emilia Wickstead gold dress found the idol of “Sex and the City” in New York City, which reminds us – we need to tour a new dress for the holiday party.

Her shiny dress is crafted in a purple Ulla Johnson jacket, Wolford leggings and SJP metallic shoes, perfect for special occasions where you want to dress more blissfully.

From statements, such as the frivolous details of tassels and feathers to the luxurious decoration of velvet and satin, from jewel tones to metallic shades, buying a showy dress will leave a deep impression on everyone at the party at any party. impression.

Meghan Markle dress trend that every woman should have

Since the announcement of pregnancy and her start in Australia, Fiji, Tonga and New Zealand touring with Prince Harry, the Duchess of Sussex has been wearing button-down dresses many times – exactly four times.

From bright blues to stripes, polka dots to olive greens, the stylish star chooses an elegant A-shape, the contours of the waist tighten, sparkling in her growing baby bumps, and due to its modest The midi length will never look right and stylish.

Even if you didn’t expect it, this shirt dress is also a must-have for every woman who should be added to her closet. Whether you need a new simple suit in the office or a brunch with girls, you can dress up or dress up in any season.

Now pair them with knee boots, change pumps at night and use sandals next spring – this is a timeless piece for any age and body size.

When wearing feeling becomes the center stage

Many times, the accused’s sense of wearing can also occupy a central position, just like what they are accused of. There are some personalities here, and their sense of fashion swings in court:

Thandi Maqubela (pictured) was accused of murdering her husband, Judge Patrick Maqubela, who was at a critical moment in her court appearances – bright head wraps and shadows.
She wore a two-piece suit or a Kossa costume in court, and one would swear that she was a lawyer, not a defendant.

Thereafter, after the Supreme Court of Appeal overturned the murder, she was released and said that her husband could have died of natural causes.

Sheryl Cwele, ex-wife of former National Security Minister Siyabonga Cwele, was convicted of drug trafficking.
Her drug lord Tessa Beetge was sentenced to eight years in prison in Brazil, and she was found to have cocaine in 2008.

In court, Cwele is crumbling, wearing two-piece clothing, thick necklaces and a variety of colored weaves. Cwele was sentenced to imprisonment for 12 years after being sentenced to 20 years on appeal.

In contrast, Oscar Pistorius appeared in court when he murdered his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in 2013. He was obviously subdued in a bright black suit.
He showed a more humble and sober image in court.

According to Minick Law, April 26, 2017, called Courtroom Etiquette, it is said that “the bold and beautiful colors are very interesting, but not in front of the judges is not fun, but justice, justice is a very serious matter. It is not time to eliminate the latest The avant-garde style or your best Hawaaian shirt.”