Harrop: The double standard of clothing sabotaging professional women

On the same day, the Wall Street Journal published two articles on commercial dress. Both claim to provide advice.

One is “Please, the world man, put on your shirt.” It urges men to dress more neatly. The other is “the new rebellious power suit for women.” It challenges women to wear gorgeous costumes. “There is a man’s attitude on one hand.”

Now, any kind of ‘tude – not to mention “persistence to people” – seems to be detrimental to the rise of traditional business. So how does the Wall Street Journal solve problems by providing masculine style pointers that are good for their careers and the opposite women?

There are hardly any Crusades in the Middle East than in the fight against fashion criticism, because they wear women in ways that are contrary to their own interests. Often, I don’t mind those articles that discourage delicate appearances, thinking that a woman who has fallen for these things is no longer able to move forward in a company she does not own.

But what hurts me is that the quality of the guidance provided is severely unequal, one after another. The rebellious suit is not a news report about the weird fashions that marched on the runway. This is a serious opinion pretending to be a business dress.

As the female article suggests, is it a good idea to put on the office’s “queer mismatch”? A famous designer pointed out, “Cut the sleeves of a suit jacket into cloak-like wings.” A famous designer came up with it, what could be the problem?

For some reason, the author Hayley Phelan mentioned the #MeToo movement as a power converter to prove that the strange office got up, which didn’t surprise me. They can obviously include a “corset” cut from a men’s suit fabric. The bodice is a slim underwear designed to push the bust.

This close-up photo is a model in a wild “Golden Corduroy Ensemble” with exaggerated lapels and wide-leg pants. (They forgot the red nose.) She sat cross-legged on the table, so we also saw her black stockings and smashed hand-tip shoes with ankle straps. ICYMI, the ankle with high heels is not about strength, but imprisonment.

There is no telegram in the man’s work – your personality. Its unmistakable information is what your inner self needs to include.

David Coggins, a men’s clothing and etiquette expert, was quoted as a straightforward one to tell people who don’t wear shirts at work. “You don’t look so elegant, you look like Sunday afternoon, you Living in dirty or living, you are still in college.”

In contrast, female works ridicule those who wear traditional costumes. They don’t have enough confidence to “challenge gender norms,” so we read, so they try to “comply with some preconceived ideas.”

For the fashion world, the previously custom-made women’s business suits had to die because they kept their style year after year. But it is not true that they hide women in them. Katharine Hepburn is traditionally tailored for temptation.

Sisters, wear what you want, but don’t think that the tailor rebellion in the office will attract more things. When it comes to most fashion advice, even in commercial publications, you know that women are taking advantage of short-term appeal.

The new mother Vogue Williams’s bold leotard at the London Fashion Week party looks incredible

The new mother Vogue Williams’s bold leotard at the London Fashion Week party looks incredible

Two weeks after giving birth, most of us were trapped in our PJ sofa, just holding it together – but not the amazing Vogue Williams. No, the beautiful TV presenter and the wife of Chelsea’s star Spencer Matthews have appeared on the London party track in chic clothing. And we know that her sleep was deprived because the star wrote about her tough new night on her Instagram page – so Vogue’s latest fashion look is even more amazing.

The model took part in the Revlon x Adwoa Aboah London Fashion Week party at the Jack Solomons Club in Soho, London on Tuesday night to see her dress! Vogue wears a transparent black bodysuit called Bec + Bridge for a retail price of £160, paired with elegant black pants. She is wearing a tights with a love mesh fabric and a cool shoulder strap that looks great overall.

Vogue clearly lacks a “mother’s belly”, thanks in part to the exercise program she maintains during pregnancy (probably her lucky model genetics). The star kept on her Barre training while she was expecting and doing intense boxing training.

Speaking of her pregnancy training, Vogue told HELLO! “This is definitely helpful. 100%. People tell me that childbirth is like a marathon, because I have been training throughout the pregnancy, I think it gives me extra energy.” In her little baby belly On, she said: “I think it is really just a collision, and weighing nine pounds, he is a very large baby.”

Hailey Baldwin’s wedding dress: what we know so far

Rumors about the weddings of Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber will not stop, especially this week, the couple visited the marriage court. Although they are not married yet, they will soon get married, which means Baldwin needs to find her wedding dress soon.

Baldwin responded to speculation that she had been married to Bieber on Twitter this week. He said: “I understand the source of the guess, but I am not married yet!”

Since the marriage certificate in New York is valid for 60 days, Bieber and Baldwin may say “I am willing” in the next few weeks. In order to meet important days, we have known about Hailey Baldwin’s wedding dress so far.

She was chosen as a designer.
In an article published on September 13, for The Cut, Baldwin revealed that although her wedding dress has not yet been produced, she chose a designer. Basically, wedding planning is in full swing.

But she still remains silent about who the designer is.
According to E! Baldwin participated in the Carolina Herrera show at New York Fashion Week, where she sat with model Lily Aldridge. Speak to E! The journalist, Aldridge apparently teased “I am a designer,” Baldwin jumped in and said, “She is actually designing it for me.”

At the same time, Cosmopolitan speculated that Virgil Abloh might be designing Baldwin’s dress:

Baldwin has worn so many potential wedding dresses.
On the red carpet, models often wear dresses that are not suitable for weddings. Take Roberto Cavalli’s dress as an example:

She then wore a Tommy Hilfiger gown for this year’s Met Gala, and she joined Shawn Mendes:


Baldwin also wears a 2017 Met Gala’s Carolina Herrera skirt and crop top, exuding a serious bridal atmosphere:

At least for now, we will have to continue to dream about Baldwin’s wedding with Bieber and what the model might wear on her important days.

How to put on a shirt on the coolest street style star in New York Fashion Week

Transitional dressing is probably one of the hardest things to do. Knowing which skirts, tops, dresses, jackets, etc. should be kept in the closet and not stored in the early autumn months is a huge pain. I found that if you know how to wear a piece of clothing on a shirt, especially a spaghetti strap or a short-sleeved dress, then the transitional wear and all the complexity seem to be easier. After all, tight-fitting dresses and your favorite floral mini are the hardest things to get rid of bedding, amirite?


Thanks to some crazy fashion women in New York Fashion Week (I saw you, Olivia Palermo) and other rock styles of style stars, this has never been easier, see how dress and shirt combinations change It’s easier. Do fashion darling du jour, you can’t go wrong. And, of course, if you are encouraged by trying your own layering technology, then your power will be greater.

Here are the four main types of tops I’ve seen recently, and here are the tips, which iterations you should be on and the dresses they look the best.

If the dress you are pairing has a silhouette or a boxy silhouette, feel free to wear the same easy button. If it fits, make sure the shirt’s bodice fits well so that it doesn’t look rugged underneath. A button-down dress with a cool collar and sleeves adds some cool detail to the look. Consider those with balloon sleeves, cuffs with unique cuffs, ruffles or bow neckline.

Laying a turtleneck under the clothes is basically no mistake. Due to their nature, the collision band or the overly wide neckline is not a problem, so it is easy to match everything perfectly. The two things to remember are purity and color. Sheerness brings out the avant-garde side of a super sweet dress and makes it look a bit punk – they are my choice. If you choose to wear a pure turtleneck sweater under a dress, try to match the look with some thick combat or boots. When it comes to color, black is the simplest shade, but some dresses look cool when wearing white and nude colors, and even super eye-catching colors. Use your best judgment. *Professional Tip: If you want to find something under the short-sleeved dress, I would recommend a turtleneck sweater. Fitted sleeves and sturdy tones do not detract from the garment itself, and the exposed collar will help to bond the layers together.

The dress in his painting? She designed it

In Antwerp, fashion designer Charlotte De Geyter and painter Ben Sledsens created their own dream world.

Artist Ben Sledsens and fashion designer Charlotte De Geyter met three years ago, both of whom are students at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. Since then, the couple has become almost inseparable – their work shares inspiration and sensitivity, and is increasingly intertwined. De Geyter opened a small studio in a shared, airy shared apartment in the Harmonie community in Antwerp. Only a few buildings are studios painted by Sledsens.

Arriving at his work area meant driving an outdoor passage, packed with building materials, climbing an uneven staircase leading to a well-lit space filled with the artist’s studio logo – the shelves were full of monograms, one on the floor The color dotted with Jackson Pollock also has a table with paint on it, which may be its own combination. However, the scene stealer is a portrait of a young blonde woman sitting in front of the window at night. The still life arrangement occupies the foreground, but the focus of the picture is undoubtedly the blonde, whose quiet gaze and relaxed hand position are charged by the neon green dress. This painting depicts the woman sitting on the sofa in the room a few feet away. This similarity is incredible until this piece of clothing, De Geyter designed and dressed on this gray Saturday afternoon.

Denise Richards’ surprise wedding: look at her dress, just 24 hours!

Actress Denise Richards (C) and daughters Sam Sheen (R) and Lola Rose Sheen (L) participated in Nickelodeon’s exclusive premiere for the upcoming Summer Primetime TV event. “iParty with Victorious”, The Lot, Los Angeles, on Saturday, June 4, 2011. (Photo: Christel Polk / Getty Images for Nickelodeon)

The bride usually orders their wedding dress a few months in advance to make sure they are ready for the big day.

Denise Richards did not fully comply with the agreement.

On Saturday, the 47-year-old actress married Aaron Phypers in Malibu. Just two days after the couple reported that they started dating in December 2017, she was engaged. As for her dress, designer Mark Zunino and Richards shared a photo with Instagram on the finished product. Title: “24-hour wedding dress? No problem!!”

“Congratulations to Denise Richards and Aaron Phypers,” Zunino continued. “Thank you for letting us be part of your special day!”

Some social media commented on the length of the costume – or lack it – but Zunino soon defended.

According to CNN, “I don’t think we have had a wedding dress more split than the dress we just made for Denise Richards.” “This is our idea: we work for the bride/client. As long as they fall in love with the design, we feel that we have completed our work.”

“Hey, I’m Denise Richards, yes, the rumor is true: this is my husband, Aaron, we just got married,” Richards said in Bravo’s “The Daily Dish” video. She went on to say: “I am very happy to officially marry the love of my life.”

Richards plans to join the upcoming “true housewives in Beverly Hills.”

This is the second marriage of the “Star River” team actress. She married the “two and a half” star Charlie Sheen from 2002 to 2006. Recently, when he claimed that he could not afford it, he became headline news. Children’s support for their daughter, Sam, 14 years old, and Lola, 13 years old.

Denise Richards wedding designer talks only 24 hours notic

On Saturday, Denise Richards married his boyfriend Aaron Phypers in Malibu, just a few days after the engagement. This means they need someone to piece together the perfect dress in a few hours! ET spoke with costume designer Mark Zunino, who told us how he managed to help the 47-year-old actress look amazing and said, “I am willing!”

It all started when Zunino received a call on Thursday (September 6th) and learned that the event planner’s client had just been engaged and wanted to get married in two days – so she desperately needed a piece of clothing!

“There is a 24-hour turnaround and there is no time to let go,” he explained. “Dennis’s calm personality gives a feeling of confidence, which immediately disappears in my team. They will do anything for their loved and respected customers.”

Richards and Zunino finally chose a high and low white dress with a lace strapless short jumpsuit and tulle skirt. However, it all starts with the casual concept of a movie star to adapt to a casual and important environment.

“When I met Denise and Aaron, she had a few photos of the dress I was interested in, but there was one special consideration. It was a short jumpsuit (real romper shorts, not a mini dress) , Italian laser cut 3D floral pattern, silk illusion, nude handmade beadwork. The problem is that it takes 3-4 weeks to get this fabric from Europe, at least a week of labor, three seamstress work around the clock.”

“I mentioned it to Denise,” Zunino continued. “It’s possible for her to try my original runway sample. It’s brand new and only worn for five minutes when the fashion show debuted, but the custom model size is very We put it on Denise. Aaron’s eyes lit up. Denise smiled and said, “That’s it! ”

Zunino didn’t have much time to do some final touches on his dress to ensure the appearance of the real housewife of the new owner of Beredly Hillsstar, and the wedding went smoothly.

“Denise is very beautiful, and simplicity is best for her,” he said. “We decided to add some silk flower scatter on the outer layer of layered silk organza. I hand painted light white flowers mixed with silk flowers for a delicate, romantic look. Denise and Aaron are very relaxed, easygoing, really sweet. Casual beauty of the jumpsuit

Batsheva Hay rethinks the tradition of women’s clothing

In February 2016, Batsheva Hay, a former lawyer with two children, decided to remake one of the most popular vintage dresses. Designed by Laura Ashley, this dress, like most British idol costumes, combines folk craftsmanship with the pre-Raphaelite dreamy romanticism. Small long sleeves, long sleeves, a slightly tapered waist, made from dense corduroy printed with green leaves and purple roses. But the underarm fabric is worn out and then torn to repair.

Hay is a chic redhead who grew up in a secular Jewish family in Kew Gardens, Queens. Her mother, Gail Rosenberg, met her father, an Israeli research engineer, who was working for a kibbutz. When choosing a name for her daughter, Rosenberg was attracted to the Old Testament. She likes Yocheved and Elisheva, but settles on Batsheva after David’s desire. “I want the name of a person who is famous for beauty,” Rosenberg told me. “Beautiful, but the power is also.”

Hay has always liked retro clothes. As a teenager, she searchesed the 70’s polyester dress and Miu Miu heels in a second-hand shop. In her early twenties, when she was a lawyer, she would wear a Moschino dress and flats at the end of the day and head to the city centre. Then she began dating the famous fashion photographer Alexei Hay, who recently became an orthodox Jew. Alexei is very serious about his spiritual pursuit, but he and Hay are also interested in Orthodox clothing, his attitude and rigor. Alexei often shoots hay, and sometimes she shapes the Orthodox style for him.

When Hay decided to recreate the Laura Ashley dress, she married Alexei and lived in the Upper West Side, where she took care of their children Ruth and Solomon and acted in the way she described the orthodox family. She told me that sometimes, she was restless, she looked at two photos in Cindy Sherman’s “Untitled Movie Stills”, shot in the 1970s, Sherman wearing a paisley skirt and knee-high Boots, as an angry housewife. “They remind me of the ‘Kinderwhore’ aesthetic of Courtney Love,” she said. “How she shaped the appearance of this virgin, but the opposite is true.”

A tailor in Manhattan’s clothing district told Hay that it cost $250 to make a pattern, so she decided to make several dresses on different fabrics on eBay, some of which were used to make interiors. And, she thought, why not make some changes to the cut? “It doesn’t really have a lot of sleeves – the arms are straight,” Hay recalls. “I said, ‘Let’s blow it up, let’s add a collar.'” This new dress has a tighter waist, a high collar, extra hem and shoulders, and you can wear a few tennis balls. She said, “Really there.”

When Hay pushed the stroller along the streets of the Upper West Side in her work, she found herself often praised. Excited about the prospects of the new business, she searched online for the costumes of the 1960s and 1970s, many of them girls, and let them remake themselves: mint green sailor costumes, black rickrack trims; gray printed aprons. She also designed a version for her daughter. She built a website to sell moms and my clothes, but no one bought the size of the child; people want adult dresses.

Ready, Meghan Markle’s wedding dress is officially on the shelves

If your life goals include finding time machines and attending the royal weddings of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, then you can see her amazing dress IRL, good news! The rumor that this dress is being shown proves to be true, which means you can enjoy Meghan’s dress in October. You know, if your hobbies include wedding dresses that stare at mannequins. Obviously which one is mine.

According to Kensington Palace, they seem to know what they are talking about. The exhibition will include Meghan’s dress and veil (designed by Clare Waight Keller), as well as diamond and platinum headwear loaned to her by the Queen. In addition, a replica of Prince Harry’s equipment will be there, but apparently NO1CURR.

So, when and where can you see Megan’s dress? It will be exhibited at Windsor Castle from October 26, 2018 to January 6, 2019 as part of the Royal Wedding: Duke of Sussex and Duchess exhibition. However, if you can’t do this, you can also see the dresses at the Holyroodhouse Palace in Edinburgh from June 13th, 2019 to October 6th, 2019. Yay!

Forget Catsuit. What is the focus of tennis dresses?

The dress problem once again emerged in the work space. Of course, the latest turmoil was the storm on Serena Williams’s tennis racket wearing the French Open last weekend. The French tennis federation chairman Bernard Judithelli apparently did not fully “respect the game.” Billy King Kim’s tweet says social media’s anger and eloquence on “regulation of women’s bodies” soar.

However, as the US Open began to appear in the shadow of that scene (in any case, Ms. Williams personally challenged, who knows one or two things about rotation), I can’t help wondering if we all missed the woods. Because thinking about the bodysuit hoo-ha raises another broader issue.

Why, in 2018, performance clothing is actually a science itself, sneakers are the reality of designer’s staple food and gender flowing clothing, and female tennis players still experience the act of wearing a little fabric around the hips in order to suggest a dress ?

Its clothing is equivalent to the residual tail.

Consider Nike looking like Simona Halep (who lost the game in the first round) and returning to the champion Sloan Stephens. The two draped skirts of the “dress” are pulled over the waist and patterned compression shorts. When women are in motion, because they are usually on the field, this gap has the effect of turning the “dress” into something most like the outside world might call the upper part of the waist. Still a long shirt.

Nike Court Design Director Abby Swancutt explained in an email: “Our skirt is very happy.” “It’s designed to open on the left hip, providing athletes with the widest range of movements, this silhouette also highlights the beautiful folds of the skirt. The structure and the shortness of the tie-dyed ball. The shorter length does help the widest range of movement.”

However, at this point, “slightly shorter” has become so succinct that the resulting clothing will never become a dress for anyone outside. It’s not just Nike, but also the Stella McCartney style of Adidas and the traditional look of Fila’s starlight, as well as some other US Open fashion launches. They are even barely qualified to be robes.

of course there are exceptions. Ms. Virgil Abro of Williams is a Nike asymmetric tulle tutu that looks like something the “Swan Lake” Little Swan might wear if she suddenly develops a transparent fabric of the yen, while Maria Sharapova The LBD is strategically backlit and cut into identifiable cocktail silhouettes.

But the overall effect is a nominal dress. That is to say, there was once a purpose of clothing – hiding female athletes in socially acceptable gender markers, so that her power is somewhat less threatening – but no longer serves it.