Versace Safety-Pin dress is back

What is the biggest attraction for designers to bring back?

First, Donatella Versace provided an ode to her brother Gianni’s archives and his most famous supermodel moment when he was murdered in 2017. Then Fendi brought back the rectangular bag; then Marc Jacobs announced his “Grunge Redux” series, which was officially launched this week. On Sunday night in New York, Ms. Versace reappeared, recreating the infamous safety pin dress of 1994. You know: the little-known star Elizabeth Heli, who was not known at the time, accompanied her boyfriend, Hugh Grant, at the premiere of “Four Weddings and a Funeral” and pushed her overnight. The paparazzi star.

In addition, Jennifer Lopez wore a palm-print chiffon number from Grammy in 2000 and won the public’s attention that night.

Well, musicians do this, not to mention Hollywood (“Mary Poppins Return”, anyone?), why not fashion? After all, there will always be a lot of mutual admiration and betrayal between the two industries.

You can understand this idea in the current uncertain climate. It works well once, why can’t it work again? In addition, on the ever-changing fashion hamster wheel, designers need a little creative pressure to constantly create new and wonderful things. Instead, they can be familiar and wonderful to you!

So Donatella did it.

The memory of Versace’s journey is the brand’s first pre-fall collection show, its first exhibition in New York and the first exhibition as a member of the Michael Coles family – Sorry, the Capri Holdings family (remember, holding The company) has been renamed and now it has become a group). As a way to announce Versace’s new identity, and hinting that, contrary to some concerns, the fact that a US company owns does not let the brand forget its roots, the show is a very compelling statement.

An Egyptian actress will face allegations of wearing this dress

An Egyptian actress said she was facing a public obscenity accusation in her clothes and said she did not intend to offend anyone and appealed to her critics to believe her goodwill. In a Facebook post on Saturday night, Rania Youssef said she might have misjudged that at the closing ceremony of this year’s Cairo International Film Festival, people would react to the clothes she wore. She showed her entire leg through embroidered gauze. She said that when she chose this dress, she mentioned the fashion designers who might be affected according to the tastes and standards of the International Film Festival.

“I want to repeat my commitment to the values and ethics proposed by Egyptian society,” Yusuf said, not apologizing for his statement.

The image of Youssef at the event was widely spread on social media, prompting a group of lawyers to file a complaint with the chief prosecutor, who quickly sent the actress to trial. Many complaints last for months or more before any action is taken, so swift action betrays the urgency of appeasing the aspirations of offenders. Yusuf will expire on January 12.

The case is the latest example of the seemingly secular authority’s acceptance of religious conservatism in Muslim-majority Egypt. In 2013, the army overthrew under the leadership of then-President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi. A freely elected but divided Islamic president.

Since being selected into the office in 2014, el-Sissi has been supervised, thousands of Islamists and many secular democratic activists have been imprisoned, and the victory of the uprising of the 2011 uprising has been reversed, which upturned 29 The rule of the year’s dictator Hosni Mubarak.

However, although the el-Sissi government embraced almost too much forced opposition to political Islam, it showed great tolerance for extremely conservative Muslims. As we all know, Salafes has been quietly working for decades to gradually and non-violently turn Egypt into a society that observes the early purist rules of early 7th century in Islam.

As we all know, El-Sissi is a Muslim observer who has always quoted the name of God in his speech, but he often appeals to the country’s most senior clergy to modify the words of Islam to eliminate literature that incites hatred or violence. As president, he said in a television interview before his election in June 2014: “I will be responsible for (national) values, ethics, principles and religion.”

At the same time, the Egyptian Actors Association said in a statement that it intends to investigate and train actors who wear “unsuitable” clothing during the opening and closing ceremonies of the week-long film festival. They think they are “social traditions,” There is a conflict between values and ethics.

“Although we absolutely believe in the individual freedom of artists, we call on everyone to take responsibility for fans who appreciate their art and see them as role models,” the weekend statement said. “This should force them to make a minimum commitment to the public value of society.”

On the weekend, Yusuf’s dress and the news of her upcoming trials led the conversation on the social media network, becoming the front page of several newspapers on Sunday and becoming the subject of several columns.

Holly Willoughby’s third Marks & Spencer collection of jewelry

I am a celebrity, this morning’s host just announced the first project she recently edited… We can’t wait for the whole thing!

Her previous two M&S collections have been all the rage – many of them are sold out immediately.

Hol’s first series was launched on September 27th, and the second series followed closely on October 23.

This one-third £49.50 leopard print dress is almost immediately sold out and will soon appear on eBay at a discounted price.

And her most popular October 23 collection is a £55 tiger print dress – Primark made £18.

Fans are eagerly awaiting the third series – which will be launched on December 6th – and it looks like the fans’ favorite animal prints will return.

Marks & Spencer posted an Instagram on Instagram on Friday, revealing the first item in the Holly collection – this is another stunning leopard print dress.

This time, the leopard print dress has a very fashionable fluffy sleeve and is a black dress with a gold-brown pattern.

The exact price of this dress has not yet been announced, but we think its price will be around £50-60, just like her other dresses.

It takes only over a week to collect – we can’t wait.

In the prepared wallet… We feel that this dress will also sell out.

How to dress up your body shape

How many times have you walked into a boutique and fell in love with a piece of clothing before you find that when you try it on it, it doesn’t look like you think? What do you want to know – if any – is the style dress suitable for you? Sometimes it feels like the hanger is full of clothes, but nothing fits you.

It doesn’t have to be like this. The celebrities you see always look great? They know their body shape and dress for it.

So don’t waste time on skirts and skirts that don’t look too good for you. There are many ways to make a fashion statement using your amazing body shape. It’s all about highlighting your assets and downplaying the parts you don’t like. Sounds complicated? Don’t worry, this is not rocket science. Start scrolling down to learn more about the style that fits your body.

Some experts also call this the shape of a banana. Imagine a ruler where the numbers follow a straight line… a small bust, an undefined ass, with little or no curve. The clothes will hang on your shoulders effortlessly, hanging down your body like the second layer of skin. Think about IT girls Hailey Baldwin and Bella Hadid.

Clothing style suitable for straight shape:
It is easy to wear for your body shape because the sky is a straight frame.

Skirts, dresses and bottoms
In skirts and trousers, oversized trousers, jumpsuits, skirts, gathered skirts and men’s jeans with pronounced hips and back pockets look great for a well-proportioned person. The pencil skirt is also very easy to use.

Look for dresses with full skirts or details such as ruffles. Straight dresses are a big taboo for obvious reasons. They don’t add definitions and make you look more intuitive than they are now.

The cropped top is currently big, but if it’s not yours, find clothes that can add volume around the bust and hips you need, while clinging to the waist. The open back neckline reveals the shoulders.

The wide neckline, such as the boat, shoulders and shoulders, lengthen the shoulders, making you more cumbersome than the actual.

Lupita Nyong’o wears a skirt made entirely of rope

Lupita Nyong’o wears a skirt made entirely of rope

Lupita Nyong’o’s newest red carpet looks great.

The 35-year-old “Black Panther” star participated in the Governor’s Awards Ceremony held in Los Angeles on the stunning flapper-style fringed dress designed by Tom Ford on Sunday.

As part of the designer’s Spring Collection 2019, Nyong’o’s dress features a low-cut neckline, cold-shoulder sleeves and layered swinging ropes stacked like curtains.

In order to maintain the theme of the package and binding, Nyong’o wore a braided plaque and wore the same white line length of hair.

When Olivia Culpo attended the “Sports Illustrated” party in Miami on November 17th, she was dazzled by the gorgeous figure in a shiny mini dress. We shot some of the sexiest legs to show off photos here.

Olivia Culpo, 26, reminds us why she became a successful model when she went out in Miami, Florida on November 17th, wearing a shiny mini dress that looked amazing. The black beauty is participating in the star-studded sports pictorial party, when she chose a fashion choice, which helped her to show off her long legs. Although Olivia looks flawless, when she walks into social media to share an interesting video, she laughs at her own efforts to sit on the dress she claims to be too tight.

This is not the first time Olivia has wore a sexy mini dress or skirt to get rid of her long legs. In the past month alone, the stunning appearance has become a fashion choice, which has surprised her. Earlier on November 17, before she attended the Sports Illustrated Party, she strolled the beach on a lovable Versace jumpsuit for charity. The former beauty beauty contest winner also presented an incredible black perspective dress at the 2018 CMA Awards Ceremony on November 14th, leaving her legs exposed from below.

On November 8th, Olivia also participated in the unveiling ceremony of the Cointreau designer cocktail series, celebrating the mixed art in a red strapless mini dress with gold sequins. A few months ago in September, Olivia continued. Her long leg trend. She has received a lot of attention in the gray mini skirt and blue silk shirt of the AOL Build Speaker series.

With casual clothing taking over the Boston office, will ‘Thursday’ be a thing?

Work clothes are becoming more and more casual. (Sweat pants, really?) But that doesn’t mean you can’t dress up occasionally.

At Serur Agencies, an insurance company in Wilmington, employees actually look forward to Monday. Perhaps it is because the company’s performance rankings have been updated. But CEO Albert Serur has given a lot of praise for the lack of business dress.

At Serur, the work week begins on Monday, and the staff wears casually. Shirts and sweatpants are highly encouraged. “We changed the culture of TGIF to TGIM,” Serur said. “We don’t want your job to feel like a job. Work is not necessarily tragic.”

For the rest of the week, the office’s leisure time is a little less casual. It’s one of the many workplaces, embracing the easier corporate dress trends, spreading from Silicon Valley to the most traditional white-collar organizations like JPMorgan Chase, General Electric and IBM. . Local business leaders say that embracing jeans and sandals reflects a more casual society and helps to satisfy employees.

Berketex Bridal Crash: Women without dresses for their wedding

Its Leicester store is the only bridal shop she fell in love with the first dress she had tried.

She has paid £1,400 worth of £2,000 for the dress on the wedding day in July next year.

About 300 brides, 29 years old, did not wear dresses because of the collapse of the chain.

“I fell in love with that dress. This dress is for me,” she said.

Vicky said she made an appointment in December last Monday when she said that the store staff assured her that although the Newcastle store was closed, everything was fine.

A week later, the entire chain had 15 branches and had stopped trading.

Berketex bride is managing
The company’s advisory line said that because her clothes are going on rather than finished, she is unlikely to collect it.

“My only choice now is to start looking for new clothes,” she said.

Vicky is not the only one who is disappointed.

“I originally asked for my money back and told me that I had ordered my clothes, so if we canceled the money, it will be lost.”

She ordered the dress at the National Wedding Show in February, and her mother paid a full credit card for £899 and an additional £65 recalculation fee.

“This is a very, very cute dress.”

Elizabeth has begun looking for other dresses before the August wedding, but she has to be frustrated.

“If I didn’t have this, I could have done it. I thought I had got it. I think I was really disappointed.”

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Wilson Field, who has been instructed to assist the company’s bankruptcy practitioner, said that they appreciate that closing is “painful” for customers and will handle personal enquiries as soon as possible.

“Wilsonfeld appreciates that this will be very painful for the company’s customers, and will handle personal inquiries as soon as possible, but we expect a lot of calls, so you are required to be patient,” it said.

Anyone who has not yet received the item should call 0114 3491388.

For Danielle, this is a similar story, and he is now desperately searching for new clothes.

“It’s all very nervous – it means the best day of your life,” she said.

Last month, the Newcastle store where she ordered her clothes was closed and she was told that her clothes would be redirected.

“In less than six months of my marriage, I now need to find a ready-made dress.

“Thank God, I found a lovely clothing store owner not far from me, I will see her tomorrow, and she will offer discounts to all affected people,” she said.

Picture title
Holly managed to get her clothes before the store stopped trading.
But not everyone has failed.

Holly, who is getting married in June, collected her clothes from the Edinburgh store on Thursday.

After she saw a comment on Facebook suggesting that the company was in trouble, she asked her clothes for an emergency delivery.

But she said that this experience is not the way she wants.

“No one can come with me, so I didn’t collect it with my bridesmaid, or let the store teach me how to wear it on the day, or how to sort it at night.

“I don’t know what modifications and accessories I have to make, but I am very fortunate. I am relieved. I managed to get my clothes in time. I only lost about 20 pounds instead of 1000 pounds.”

There is a major flaw in the classic advice for the work you want to work, which can make the interview more difficult

According to one expert, the proposal to “dress for the job you want, not the work you have” has a major flaw.
Fashion blogger Kate Griffin told the New York Times that a company’s senior leaders have won “great credibility”, no matter what they want, so you can’t ask for advice.
If you dress in a job interview more formal than the interviewer, it will become very embarrassing. Another expert said that it is best to do your homework first and find out in advance which ones are appropriate.
You may be familiar with “dressing for the job you want, not for the work you have.”

The idea is that, as a lower-level worker, you should dress more formally in the office, leaving a good impression on those who interact with you and showing a confident image.

The only problem is that the advice is not always the case.

Kat Griffin, founder of the workplace fashion blog, told Lizz Schumer of the New York Times that you should not imitate the style of senior management just because they overtook you on the company ladder.

Griffin told The Times that “the elderly have a great reputation – they have gained the right to please themselves.” “I recommend readers a) generally know what may not be accepted, and b) when you see A mid-level person should not wear any of these items before wearing them. Someone is three to five years older than you.”

In essence, if you don’t know that you have the same clothing, don’t rush to match the company’s CEO’s wardrobe. If you are interviewing a company’s role, it may jeopardize your chances of getting the job.

Reginae Carter collected that she was wearing a childish fan

Reginae Carter and her fans are once again involved, and this time she has to collect them and say she looks naive. On Thursday, Carter shared a photo on Instagram with her black crop top swaying and showing her flat stomach. In her title, she wrote: “I have been doing this thing to love myself.”

In the comments, many fans praised her for grabbing the waist, but a fan slammed her. She commented, “Why is the girl tied up like this shirt. Are you 7 years old?”

Carter patted the enemy and said, “When you try to be interesting, it actually does this… go to the one who hates shit.”

Other fans have more comments on Carter’s fit.

“Let me borrow your belly quickly”

“Skin. Hair. Wait. I am here.”

“Sister girl got a south stomach”

Sadly, this is not the first time she took her to check the trolls. Last week, Carter shared on Instagram that she will celebrate her 20th birthday throughout November. A fan commented that Carter needs to hurry up and be 21 years old to make her boyfriend YFN Lucci look like it’s “squeaky.” The reality star responded and said, “LOL, they like to raise others. Where?”