10 Fashion Trends to Know for 2020

In our current time, all the countries in the world are in the midst of pandemic which is the COVID-19 however the fashion never lost and many of the workers are into work from home set-up meanwhile some of them are still into fashion.

Some also experience doing nothing instead they try to ease their boredom by buying clothes online and flexing it in their social media. Other people love to buy wholesale womens clothing online and Below is the inspiring 2020 fashion clothes that will let you look good on personally and on cameras.

1. Jumpsuits

Known as an all in one and head to toe type of clothes. Gives as a stunning look combined with tops and skirt, pants, and even dress. It also looks like a retro-modern style dress and perfect for summer. They also look casual but can be formal at some point depending on its style and colors.

Elegant Wine Red Short Sleeves Button Wide Leg Jumpsuit For Vacation

Supper Fashion Gray Wide Leg Rompers Backless Lace-Up

2. Bodycon dresses

There are many sexy dresses online and body con dress is one of the examples, it looks seductive yet gives a cozy feeling when worn. Bodycon dresses designed to fit your body silhouette.  

Fashionable Orange Pleated Open Back Bodycon Dress Understated Design

3. Female Formal Suits

Wearing formal suits creates a professional look either on boys or girls. This type of dress looks feminine and perfect for professional set-up it is also suited to business and formal meetings.

Coat with a pants suit looks elegant and stylish. Suits create a neat appearance that gives everyone confidence on a formal occasion.

Mysterious White Long Sleeves Tassel Suit Front Button Womenswear

4. Skater dresses  

Skater dresses are an example of a beautiful work of arts, it has a variety of colors and designs which makes it more unique. Anyone can make their own styles. They are also good for any type of season.

5. Crop tops

If you want to look casual and sexy at the same time crop tops will guarantee your satisfaction. This type of tops is trendy in the summer season, it also looks good in pair of any loose pants or skirts. You can wear it on dates, parties, and even concerts.

6. Cardigans

This year cardigans begin to be popular. The modern style of garments that design having a hang open front. Other people mistook it as a sweater but cardigans are open and some are made with buttons.

Cardigan is a machine or hand knitted. It can be worn in casual or formal settings depending on its versatility.

7. Puff sleeves tops

The ballooning style of dress is perfect in the year 2020 because it shows power and femininity. Puff dresses also have a playful style in it which makes it an unending trend this year. It also helps petite girls for their shoulders to look broader.

8. Crochet Tops

Popular for its distinct design, and its details are on a high-quality style. Perfect for a spring and summer top. You can wear them on different pants, shorts, and even skirts.

Crochets patterns can be a modern or traditional style. The demand for crochet tops is undeniably increasing because of its uniqueness and sexy style.

9. One shoulder tops

This type of top is one of the new trends right now. The one-shoulder tops give you an alternative summer look. Allowing us to unveil some skin and shoulder that offers us too look naturally classy and sexy. Perfect for many parties and casual events.

 10. Slip dress

Slip dresses are an example of a light weighted type of dress and feel comfy when worn. We can able to move freely wearing this dress.  Also, it flatters any body shape and perfect for any for summer and spring season.


Style Your Sexy Dress with the Best Waist Cincher for Women

The purpose of the waist cincher is to compress your midsection and it helps you to attain an hourglass shape. They are a modern type of corset. Wearing a waist trainer that fits properly helps in weight loss due to perspiration as it raises the body temperature. It will also give you a better posture and make your workout much more effective. So, you should invest in the best waist cincher to feel better about your personality.

Graceful Black Latex Double Belts Sticker Vest Shaper Big Size

This is the best shaper to be worn during the exercise. It stimulates the thermal activity in the core region and enhances the perspiration. It comes with a front zipper that perfectly tightens the waist making the toxins to escape. There are adjustable straps for easy adjustment.

Latex flexible waist trainer with double belt

It will help you to reduce extra weight to get firm and slimmer waistline because it has adjustable straps at the waist. The double belt is made for control of the waist and abdomen. The core of this waist trainer is made from latex that helps in waist shaping.

Black Latex Double Belt Plus Size Waist Trainer 7 Steel Bones Curve Shaping

It enhances the burning process of the belly fat by stimulating sweating and elevating thermal activity. It is elastic and durable because it is made of latex.  To giving you the best compression, it has adjustable four hooks and zip. These 7 steel bones prevent the rolling down while moving.

Amazing Black 29 Steel Bones Latex Hooks Waist Trainer Best Materials

You will feel your waist firm and tight because of its latex material. It has 3 hook rows at the front which makes it adjustable and flexible. Its 29 steel bones strongly provide the shaping effect. It comfortably maintains your perfect body figure and enhances your beauty.

Zipper waist trainer with 9 steel bones

It has the best chest support because of its upper design of the W shape. It is easy and comfortable to wear, as it has a durable zip which has a clasp. Its 3 high mesh elastic layer gives superb support on the abdomen. Its 9 steel bones provide firm compression to the stomach and give full support to the waist and back.


6 New Blouse Fashion Styles Everyone Should Know

Whether it is summer day or night blouses are always in and it is one of the most used tops. And there are some cheap blouses that can satisfy your preference with high quality. Fashion covers a huge part of different industry and for normal people, it is a bit confusing. Here are some blouses styles as your reference on buying.

  • Floral Pattern

Floral blouses are timeless and one of the collections of every fashionista. Its features have a unique fashion style.

There are different trends in every season, but floral blouses are still popular, it is essential for any casual events,

Marvelous Green Twist-Front Print Top Short Sleeve Cool Fashion

Entrancing Green Trumpet Sleeves Flower Printing Blouse Snug Fit

  • Corset style Blouses

Corset blouses are inspired on the regular corsets, but it can be worn without any other tops. It is also perfect on well-toned body figures, where it really amplifies your body shapes.

Corsets style blouse looks sexy and elegant at the same time, its style looks like ancient western gowns or princess top-dresses that are good with balloon style skirts.

It is also preferred by a person who like minimalist style of blouse

Black with White Polka Dots Overbust Corset

  • Lantern long sleeve blouse

Lantern sleeves often were seen in a full length or shorter (3/4 style) and define as Juliet sleeve’s contrast. As we can see it is fitted on the lower wrist which makes it unique and ideal for people having a tan line on their arms. It somewhat shows some ruffled and puffiness style.

Ultra Contemporary Blue Long Sleeve Shirt Plain Ruffle 

Wonderful Khaki V Neck Lantern Sleeves Shirt Patchwork Natural Women Fashion

  • Off shoulder blouses

Naked shoulder area dresses are one of the trendiest fashion styles of clothes right now, it gives you a perfectly chic look. It becomes popular for its appealing design. Off the shoulder highlights the bust line and another way of showing off your skin it also accentuates collar bones that will flaunt your sexiness.

Royal Rainbow Stripe Pink Elastic Open Shoulder Blouse Fashion Forward

Versatile Purple Sunflower Flare Sleeve Off Shoulder Blouse Feminine Fashion

  • Round Neck Blouses

Conservative people choose rounded neck blouses as their personal clothing reference. It doesn’t expose cleavage and somewhat more comfortable in any event. It is also fitted on any type of body size and shape. The heavy bust woman prefers these types of blouses, it simple yet fashionable.

Sparkling Green Crew Neck Short Sleeves Blouse Plain Feminine

Splendor Wine Red Round Neck Blouse Knot Solid Color Casual

  • Halter neck

Halter style dress is perfect for a long-necked person as it flaunts shoulders it becomes more unique. This type of dress is also fits on any type of body sizes and it also hides extra fats we don’t want others to see. This is also perfect for people who have a medium size bust.


The 5 Most Common Types of Lingerie in Every Style

Lingerie includes undergarments, lightweight robes, and sleepwear for women. Wearing lingerie makes women feel comfortable and sexy. Now, there is a wide range available in lingerie. You can get the best one irrespective of the body type. Having the right lingerie increases the level of confidence in your physical appearances. Thus, you should always invest in the best pieces and wear all the desired dresses without any hassle.

Delightful Pink Slit Babydoll Patchwork Hip Length Lingerie

This babydoll lingerie has patchwork over it. It gives you a sexy look. Babydoll lingerie is the hip length that adds a stylish appeal to your intimate collection. It has a halter neck shape to show your feminine charm and gives you a stylish look. There is a bow- knot at the front and ruffle hem to create a striking look. It also has an open back.

Delightful Pink Slit Babydoll Patchwork Hip Length Lingerie

Risque Red Adjustable Strap Bralette Open Back Delightful Garment

This adjustable strap bralette open back lingerie gives you a sexy look. It is comfortable for most of the women, as it is highly stretchable. It has a letter pattern that gives a sophisticated feel. The high cut G- string makes you look slimmer and taller.

Catching Green Bra Set Strap Backless Letter Pattern For Girls

This sensual lingerie will allow you to present your curves in a sensuous manner. It has lace detailing that gives a charming look. It also has a beautiful patchwork. The triangle cut letter printed g- a string that fits right and high leg cut makes you look taller and slimmer.

Cheap easy rose red teddy solid color adjustable sling undergarment

It is an unforgettable sexy undergarment. It has a beautiful bowknot decoration at the top front. It makes you look more charming, as it has open back attached with an adjustable sling. The solid color of this undergarment will never become outdated. It is easy to worn, as it is a one-piece style.

Diaphanous white 3 back closures lash mesh bralette evening romance

You can securely wear it, as it has a double-layered bra. Its unique feature is the 3 back closures. The high leg thong makes you show off your legs. It makes you feel super sultry.


Six Shapewear Shopping Tips You Need to Know

Shopping for undergarments is always tricky especially when you are looking for an item that can support your body type. Choose the right shapewear is not only helps in supporting different parts of your body like breast, hips, thighs, and many more, but also can be worn beneath clothing items without any problem. To buy it, you can visit your nearby market or can also find it on various online sites like

Graceful Black Latex Double Belts Sticker Vest Shaper

This shapewear could be the best option if you are looking for a piece that you can wear during your workout. It is because its compression property allows stimulating thermal activity in your core that increases the perspiration rate and helps in removing toxins from the body. Its latex fabric greatly helps in sculpturing your body in the desired shape without wasting time.

Stylish Apricot Butt Enhancer

The fabric used in the butt region is a sheer mesh that is pretty much breathable and comfortable. It gives a sexy contour to the butt. Its three-row hook at the crotch bottom allows you to use the toilet with ease.

Unique Nude Color High Rise Lace Patchwork Butt Lifter

If you are looking for cheap shapewear for women that can instantly offer you a sleek body shape then you can greatly rely on this product. This shapewear is easy to pull off and on feature and has two steel bones that help in preventing slides while doing household activities. The floral pattern on the thigh area gives it a feminine touch.

Hourglass Crotchless Booty Lifting Cross Body Shape

If you want to shape your body in the perfect hourglass figure then nothing is better than this. Cross design in the middle abdominal area helps in offering extra support to your tummy. the sides have plastic bones that prevent curling. Its crotchless design, detachable straps, and moisture-wicking ability make it convenient to wear daily.

Slender Black Floral Hook Big Size Body Shaper Underbust Secret Slimming

This perfectly designed shapewear can be worn for any party for a curvy look. The underbust design can greatly highlight your personality. The hook design allows you to perfectly fit your body in the piece without any problem.

Shape My Day Nude High Waist Plus Size Butt Enhancer Panty Basic Shaping

This scientifically designed shapewear should always be there in your wardrobe because it not only helps in getting perfect butt shape but also helps in slimming your thighs as well as act as a waist trainer. It also helps in enhancing your waistline along with giving you an hourglass shape.


Best Summer Dresses to Get Ready for Beach Party

Beach party is the most awaited moment at the end of the winter. No matter you are throwing a beach party or you are invited to a beach party, you might be looking for the best options in dresses to wear. The dress should be such that gives you a chic look and also offers you a high level of comfort.

Different dresses that you can buy

Cut Out Printed Sapphire Blue Dress Spaghetti Straps Online Fashion

This floral print dress can be the best addition in your top collection. The fabric used in making the dress is pretty much soft that offers comfort to the wearer. Its long length allows you to wear it easily and tuck it into your bottom. Floral print done with light colors enhances its look to a great extent and offers a feminine look.

Eye-Catching Light Blue Stripe Patchwork Shirt Collar Maxi Dress

This beautiful piece is perfectly designed to offer a chic look to the wearer while its shirt collar helps in adding a charm to the personality. The short sleeves that help in covering your should against the sunlight. The tie is given on the waist gives a good finishing touch to the dress. The stripe design gives it a classic look.

Flowing Wine Red Elastic Waist Summer Dress

This wonderful looking dress is one of the cheap summer dresses that you can get on lover-beauty. The dress is designed with midi-length hem. Its vertical-stripe print is the biggest reason for its popularity among the young generation. The wearer gets to keep small things in the side pocket given in the dress.

Flirtatious Earthy Yellow V-Neck High Waist Slit Summer Dress

This leaf print dress is the best for any occasion. It has a fitted silhouette that is body-hugging and a drawstring to define the waist. You can pair it with wedges, booties, or heels to get a stylish personality.

Glam White V-Collar Trumpet Sleeve Summer Dress Eye Catcher 

This summer eye-catcher dress will make you the center of attraction in the party. Its unique dots design will also give you a shining look in the crowd. The piece is perfectly designed with an asymmetrical pattern that creates a breeze movement when you walk. Chiffon is the main fabric used in making the dress that offers softness to the dress.


6 Tips to Help You Feel Good in Plus Size Dresses

If you are also a plus-sized woman then you don’t need to shrink your heart as now you can get sexy plus size dresses on some of the top women dressing stores.  You can enjoy looking sexy in it and catch others’ attention. These dresses are not only made beautiful but also they are comfortable as well.

Glossy Black Cutout Shoulder Plus Size Dress Crewneck Form Fitting

If you want to look sultry then you can have this dress. There is a side zip present in it which makes it an easy wearable. It is featured with cold shoulder design which makes it even prettier. There is double layered fabric present in it which makes it completely opaque. There is also a waist belt present in it which makes the waist look slim.

Gorgeous Light Blue Big Size Dress High Waist Ruffle Trim For Fashion

This high waist ruffle dress can be worn by females of different body shapes. The ruffle design makes it look beautiful. This can make standalone in the crowd.  

Elegance Purplish Blue Plus Size Dress Side Slit V-Collar Outfit

If you are looking for a great dress to wear on a date night then you must buy this dress. There is a high slit present at the side of the hem which makes it look even more ravishing. There are short sleeves present in this dress which makes it perfect summer wear.

Fiercely Light Blue Maxi Dress

It can be the perfect choice for a date night. It looks very beautiful with the floral design printed on it. It is featured with short sleeves so that you can wear it all day long on a summer day. You can also make your waist look slim with the waist belt present in it.

Holiday Green Lace Plus Size Dress Zip At Back Female Grace

It is an excellent dress this summer. It can be perfect for you to wear on any occasion. It is featured with elegant lace which makes it very beautiful. It is very comfortable to wear for a plus-sized woman. There is a zip closure present in its back which makes it easy to wear. It has an empire waist that will make you look tall.

Enthralling Green Full Sleeve Plus Size Dress

If you are looking for a simple yet elegant dress then this is the one that you can go for. The beautiful bow collar gives a little attitude to the dress. It has a midi-length skirt and long sleeves that will give you a classy look.


Women’s Fashion Dresses Coverage Guide – Find the Perfect Dresses that are Fit You Best

Experimenting with different clothing items can be the smartest way to know what suits you the best according to the shape and size of your body. Once you get to know what looks great on you, you can start playing with colors and patterns for an enhancive attractive figure. For that, you can visit your nearby market or can also explore various online websites like Here you can find countless options, some are short while others are full sleeves long dresses. If you are getting confused in selecting the best then here are some evergreen options for you;

Elegant Vintage Black Evening Flower Lace Dress

This elegant looking black evening dress is the perfect option if you are looking for any party wear outfit. The piece comes with an off-shoulder neckline pattern and is available in various colors. The fabric used in making the dress is pretty soft and it also protects your arms against the direct sunlight. Its bottom portion is perfectly designed with a swing pattern that makes it wonderful for a cocktail party or any special occasion.

Black Plus Size Tie Witch Costume Short Sleeve On-Trend Fashion

This is one of the best additions for Halloween party in the market. The major attraction of the dress is Halloween style. It is paired with a hat and gloves. The fitted waistline can flatter your figure, the high-grade fabric will make you feel great, You can have all eyes on you during Halloween.

Glamorous Leaf Non-Sleeve Tie Back Skater Dress Unique Fashion

This glamorous leaf print is in fashion since a long time and always offers an attractive look to the wearer. Its knot back allows it to fit perfectly on your body while its mini length pattern will attract others towards you. The halter pattern of the dress offers you a sophisticated and sexy look.   

Socialite Purple Backless Zipper Bodycon Dress Ruched Quality Assured

Whether you are heading for a party or going on a date, this backless bodycon dress can be the perfect choice for you. The fabric used in making the dress is pretty flexible that offers high comfortability to the wearer.  You can easily find this option in the dresses wholesale option of lover-beauty.

Form-Fitting Contrast Color Backless Bodycon Dress

The form-fitting of the dress offers a sultry look to the wearer from the front while its hollow out back pattern will make you the center of attraction in public. It also has a simple round neck feature that will give a fashionable and elegant look to the wearer.


Best Swimwear and Bikini to Buy This year – 2020 Swimwear Style

Summer is around the corner. It is the time to hunt for a perfect swimwear or bikini to enjoy the summer heat. Find the best and latest style of bikini at Lover-Beauty. It does not only come at an affordable price but also in diverse styles and patterns.

Wearing a plain bikini or swimwear would be seemed boring and ordinary. Printed swimwear fashion style will always be a trend along the year in every season.

Trying to look different and bold with printed swimwear is such a great idea. Wholesale bikini online shopping can be the best and easiest way to buy the perfect one. Various kinds of swimwear are available in many choices. Just choose the most favorite one which meets our personalities.

Attractive Bikini Set High Waist Chain Printed

This chain printed bikini gives a retro and feminine look at the same time. It looks comfortable and secures enough with front closed strap. Wearing chain printed bikini will not only make us look attractive but also stylish. Even though it comes in a simple design, it looks amazing and tempting with the chain print.  

Creative Blue Leopard Print Bikini Front Zipper Fitness

Creative Blue Leopard Print Bikini Front Zipper Pool Party

Another popular pattern is Leopard printed pattern. It will catch the attention the most as it looks powerful and attractive. Enjoying the sunny beach with this cute style bikini all day would be an amazing experience.

This high cut bottom can reveal our long legs and highlight the waistline. The puff sleeves and front zipper bring a stylish and unique design. Removable cups offer modest coverage and a range of silhouettes of our bodies. Wear your favorite sunglasses for a perfect look.

Wonderful Flounce Pineapple Print Bikini Strappy Soft

Wonderful Flounce Pineapple Print Bikini Strappy Soft

Pineapple print creates cheerful and fun vibes. The best part of this bikini is the backless and strappy design for seductive look. The ruffles details also make this bikini looks more trendy and fashionable. We can wear this bikini for any occasion: swimming pool party, holiday or honeymoon. Step into sandy beach in this delightfully sweet style of printed bikini.

Sexy Snake Pattern Cut Out Swimwear 

Sexy Snake Pattern Cut Out Swimwear Top Quality Material

The sexy snake pattern is the most popular for beach wear. Walk confidently with this mischief and flirty snake bikini pattern, and become attention public eyes. The crisscross design enhances our shoulder curve and gives fashionable look. Wear this kind of bikini for a fun pool party or summer beach party.

Black Plus Tropical Plants Print Tankini Pad Side Elastic Tie

Black Plus Tropical Plants Print Tankini Pad Side Elastic Tie

Look your best in this swimwear. This swimsuit is specially designed for beach swimming and tropical vacation. This tropical print will make an effortlessly stylish and bring you the tropical summer season more real. It designed ultra-low open back parts which can make us more appealing and give sexy look.


Our Top 5 Choices for The Best Shapewear for Tummy Control

If you want to look slim and want your pretty dress to look gorgeous on you then you must wear shapewear. If you get bulges on the tummy and wear oversized dresses to hide it then you don’t need to that anymore as there is the best shapewear for tummy control available to smoothen those bulges and to decrease the size. You can wear shapewear under the dress to have a smooth and sleek look on the outside.

Glam Skin Color Full Body Shaper Zipper Lace Trim Hooks Midsection Compression

If you want shapewear that you can wear daily then this is one great choice. It is made of spandex and nylon. There are adjustable straps present in it which means you can adjust according to the dress you wear at your convenience. Front hooks are given so that it can be easy to wear and take off this shapewear.

Glam Skin Color Full Body Shaper Zipper Lace Trim Hooks Midsection Compression

Lightweight Black Adjustable Straps Plus Size Shape Bodysuit Haute Contour

This is specially designed just for you with intentions to make you have the perfect figure. The epoxy design of the waistband prevents it from curling.  the abdomen part fits perfectly preventing floating tummy.

Spotlight Skin High Waist Flat Tummy Queen Size Shapewear Slimming Stomach

It has the most scientific design that makes your tummy look flat and also lifts up the butts. There is an epoxy design present at the waistband which prevents it from curling. There are wrinkles present at the hips region which increases its capacity. Also, its legs are designed so that it must not curl.

Plus Size Black Neoprene Trainer 7 Bones Double Adjustment Sticker

This can work as both like shapewear and also as a body trainer. It is made of neoprene and nylon which makes the body sweat more. It has the latest design which makes the woman wearing it has better flexibility. It is light weighted and makes you sweat three times more than normal.

Natural Dark Coffee High Cut Seamless Panty 4 Steel Bones Close Fit

If you want to have a better curve appeal then this is shapewear is the right choice for you. It is a high waist and featured with steel bones that prevent it from curling. It has a seamless design that allows you to wear it with almost any type of dress.