Shapewear is a must-have item in every woman’s lingerie closet. For those who do not own any, here are some reasons why you should invest in shapewear.

  • This wholesale shapewear gives you a slimmer, streamlined silhouette so that you can wear those body hugging dresses without having the lumps and bumps visible.
  • If you are often worried about visible panty lines, well, there are many different styles of seamless shapewear that can prevent VPL.
  • Wearing shapewear when you go shopping for your wedding gown or just a regular dress for a night out will help your outfit look more flattering.  It may even change the dress size you have been wearing.
  • This amazing undergarment is not just about helping you to have a slimmer waist or flatter tummy, it also helps clothes to hang more smoothly on your body.
  • Shapewear designs are always changing so you do not have to worry about pieces that look like Bridget Jones’. There are all kinds of shapewear such as bodysuits, high waist shorts, briefs with lace, waist trainers and more.
  • Do you know that with the latest manufacturing technology, shapewear now comes in the form of leggings and sportswear that hug in all the right places?
  • Wearing shapewear can also help to support the spine and improve posture.
  • Last but not least, shapewear helps you to feel more confident by eliminating the self-conscious feeling when you are wearing your favorite outfit so that you can enjoy yourself.

Where To Find The Best Shapewear

However, it is not just any shapewear that you should invest in but Lover-Beauty’s range of shapewear. This leading shapewear retailer has a wide range of quality shapewear that will smooth out unwanted lines and give a slimming effect.  Lover-Beauty’s shapewear collection is made of material that is carefully selected and is designed to solve women’s body issue and boost self-confidence. Ahead are some of the shapewear you should add to your cart:-

High Waist Shapewear Shorts

If you are looking for super contoured look from the midriff to the thighs, these high-waisted shaper shorts are what you need. They are the waist-sculpting, tummy-tucking, thigh slimming wonders. You can wear them under dresses, pants, denim and skirts. This piece features a butt lifting design that will enhance your natural shape. It has a 3-layer fabric design on the tummy for enhanced abdominal compression.

Black Lace Trim High Waist Shapewear Shorts Smooth Silhouette

Full Bodysuits

If you are looking to shape your whole body, smooth the back fats, hide love handles and muffin tops while lifting your derriere and supporting your bust, a full body shaper can do just that. This full body shaper offers comfortable compression to tone the tummy and hips while giving your rear a lift. It features 3 hook and eye closures for better adjustment fit and an open crotch design for easy bathroom use.

Skin Color Wide Straps Crotchless Full Bodyshaper Hooks For Weight Loss

Waist Trainer or Waist Cincher

Get the best tummy taming power with a waist trainer. This is the best shaper corset you could ever wear as it offers extra firm compression and a customizable fit with a 4-row front closure and 20 steel bones with double steel bone design that can strengthen the shaping effect. This waist trainer or waist cincher is designed to instantly smooth out lumps and bulges.

Black 20 Steel Bones Latex Waist Cincher Hook High-Compression

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