Shapewear undergarments are indeed worn under the outfits you wear. In other words, shapewear will not be seen by others as it is hidden inside. In line with this, most people do not give much attention and pick carelessly when they buy shapewear. They probably think that every shapewear is the same, namely undergarments whose function is to shape the body instantly. But you know, due to that inference, many people often make mistakes when buying shapewear. In fact, choosing the wrong shapewear will reduce its effectiveness in shaping the body. Then how to choose the best shapewear?

Here are 5 simple tips that you can follow when buying shapewear. In particular, if you are a beginner and it’s your first time buying, the tips below will surely come in handy. So let’s get started!

1. Know Your Body Shape

Knowing your body shape is arguably the most important thing when you decide to buy shapewear. What for? By recognizing your body shape in detail, you will know which body parts you should ‘fix’.

You may feel that the fat in your body accumulates in the abdomen and makes it look bloated, so you can start looking at waist trainers or bodysuits to flatten your stomach and slim your waist. Meanwhile, if you crave round and firm buttocks like a peach, then you need shapewear with a butt lifter function. Or if you want something practical, sculpting the stomach and waist, lifting the buttocks while slimming the thighs, you can try the full body shaper.

2. Know The Material And Fabrics

The importance of understanding the types of materials and fabrics used on a shapewear is closely related to comfort. Of course, everyone wants to feel comfortable when wearing shapewear.

Try to browse the types of fabrics and their characteristics. Generally, the popular materials used to make shapewear are nylon, spandex and polyester. Neoprene waist trainer can also be the best choice because the neoprene material can help to increase you body temperature and burn fat. Clearly, it is very important to look for shapewear with elastic, lightweight, strong and comfortable materials to wear.

3. Know Your Size

Make sure you don’t wear shapewear that is too small. This happens often, though. People think that wearing shapewear which is smaller in size will make the shapewear itself works more effectively to make their body slimmer. Unfortunately this is wrong.

Shapewear that is too narrow and tight will only interfere your breathing and blood circulation. You will feel very stuffy and uncomfortable when wearing it, even your skin can be irritated if your shapewear is too tight. On the other hand, shapewear that is too loose will not work effectively to shape the body. So, choose shapewear that really fits your size.

4. Know Your Activities

Modern shapewear is not only worn as undergarments under your dress. You can also wear shapewear as accessories during your daily workout program because shapewear also has the ability to help burn calories and fat.

Waist trainer wholesale is a good choice to be your workout and jogging accessories. If you want to sculpt your body silhouette when wearing your party dress or your office suits, you can choose a bodysuit which made from elastic and lightweight materials. Also, don’t forget to opt the one with a crotch zipper design to keep you comfortable when going to the toilet.

5. Know The Best Place To Buy Shapewear

The last point is to go heading the best place where you can choose and buy the best shapewear. Of course, you have to choose a trusted seller that offer only the best quality shapewear. Lover-Beauty can be a good reference. They offer various types of shapewear with modern and practical designs. You can also get the best shapewear at wholesale prices here.

So, are you now ready to decide which shapewear to buy?

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