What is the biggest attraction for designers to bring back?

First, Donatella Versace provided an ode to her brother Gianni’s archives and his most famous supermodel moment when he was murdered in 2017. Then Fendi brought back the rectangular bag; then Marc Jacobs announced his “Grunge Redux” series, which was officially launched this week. On Sunday night in New York, Ms. Versace reappeared, recreating the infamous safety pin dress of 1994. You know: the little-known star Elizabeth Heli, who was not known at the time, accompanied her boyfriend, Hugh Grant, at the premiere of “Four Weddings and a Funeral” and pushed her overnight. The paparazzi star.

In addition, Jennifer Lopez wore a palm-print chiffon number from Grammy in 2000 and won the public’s attention that night.

Well, musicians do this, not to mention Hollywood (“Mary Poppins Return”, anyone?), why not fashion? After all, there will always be a lot of mutual admiration and betrayal between the two industries.

You can understand this idea in the current uncertain climate. It works well once, why can’t it work again? In addition, on the ever-changing fashion hamster wheel, designers need a little creative pressure to constantly create new and wonderful things. Instead, they can be familiar and wonderful to you!

So Donatella did it.

The memory of Versace’s journey is the brand’s first pre-fall collection show, its first exhibition in New York and the first exhibition as a member of the Michael Coles family – Sorry, the Capri Holdings family (remember, holding The company) has been renamed and now it has become a group). As a way to announce Versace’s new identity, and hinting that, contrary to some concerns, the fact that a US company owns does not let the brand forget its roots, the show is a very compelling statement.

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