Tips To Find The Perfect Shapewear For Your Body

Everyone loves to look confident, fashionable and feel our best. No matter if it to office or a night out with friends for a celebration, it is what that is underneath that counts.  Having the right shapewear will give you a boost of confidence without compromising on comfort and style because they can work with your shape, amplify and minimize where you want it the most.

If you have not tried wearing shapewear before, stepping foot into the world of this magical underwear can be a little daunting. This is because there is a huge array of shapewear with different designs that cater to different parts of the body. Picking the right piece can be difficult if you are unsure. When you wear the right piece of underwear, it can do wonders on how you look in your clothes. With the right foundations, you will feel more confident and beautiful.  So what is the perfect shapewear for your body?  Below is a guide to help you choose the best shapewear.

Step 1 – Understanding Your Body Shape

The very first step in finding out the type of shapewear you would need is to understand your body. Knowing your body type will give you an idea of what areas you need to focus on to have the figure you desire. You can accentuate your body parts like the breast or stomach or give your derriere a more visible look. A waist cincher will be an ideal choice if you want to slimmer waist. You can op for a bodysuit if you want a slimmer midsection.

Sculpting Black Solid Color Postpartum Abdominal Band Waist Trimmer
Sculpting Black Solid Color Postpartum Abdominal Band Waist Trimmer

Step 2 – Understanding The Different Types Of Control 

The variety of shapewear has different control levels. The control refers to the strength of the compression that the shapewear provide. You may want to consider different levels of control for your body shapers. There are three types of control such as light, moderate and firm.  Light control is good for comfortable wear during long hours. It has the least compression. Moderate control shaper is a more balanced body shaper that offers comfort and compression.

Step 3 – Get The Right Size

When you buy shapewear that is too large, it will defeat its purpose. However, do not buy shapewear that is too small either because it may cut into your flesh and result in bulges and lumps. Excessive compression may be uncomfortable and cause breathing difficulties.

So which shapewear works the best?

Shapewear for a smooth tummy

The best shapewear for the tummy that can create a sleek look under your clothes is the high-waist seamless panty brief. It is a lingerie wardrobe staple for smooth lines in any outfit. This panty shaper features super comfortable ultra-thin design with minimal seams. The extra layer in the midsection helps smooth out the tummy and minimize the waist.

Nude High Waist Butt Lifter Large Size Sameless Smoothlines
Nude High Waist Butt Lifter Large Size Sameless Smoothlines

Shapewear for slimmer hips and a perky derriere

Tummy control butt enhancer shaping shorts are some of the best shapewear for your hips, waist and derriere. The high-waisted design is a supreme waist-shaper while the mesh detail on the butt provides a breathable wear and lift your bottoms. With this body shapewear buttock lifter, you can wear anything from jeans to a party dress with confidence.

Light Coffee Color Tummy Control Butt Enhancer Seamless Mesh Stretchy

Shapewear for full-body slimming and toned legs

Shapewear bodysuits are ideal for full-body slimming. Full bodysuits are the best shapewear for a muffin top or love handles.  It lets you wear the most figure-hugging outfit with confidence. The skin color full body shaper is a fantastic fit that moves with your body. The natural, moulded cups, tummy control and adjustable shoulder straps offer the ultimate in comfortable shaping. Thanks to its delicate and feminine look, the shapewear can look as sexy and beautiful as it feels.

Pretty Skin Color Large Size Full Body Shaper Solid Color Smoothlines

Shapewear For Working Out

Every woman needs a pair of black pants like this Gray Seamless Leggings to make your butt look amazing at the gym. It features a higher waistband that keeps everything tucked in where it should be. Also, this wholesale sportswear leggings is basic enough to wear to the grocery store after your workout session.

Gray Slanting Straps Yoga Bra Seamless Leggings For Exercising

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