Some Tricks to Choose Shapewear for Your Wedding Dress

We know how challenging it is this year for everyone because of the pandemic and quarantine, especially for those who want to get married. Knowing that you’ve already planned everything for a perfect wedding, but what can we do? It is best to be always safe than sorry, right!

The quarantine has been going on for quite some time now, and some countries are still in total lockdown. Stress must be getting on your way already, but there is a way on how you can resume and pursue your long-planned wedding. Some do micro-weddings with a minimum visitor in awe of social distancing.

No matter how you’ve wanted to resume your special day, it is always essential for the bride to remain beautiful at her wedding. We have some tricks for you to choose your bridal shapewear to make you look elegantly sexy for that day! Also, being ready with your figure through exercises using a neoprene waist trainer is ideal.

1. Match Your Shapewear With Your Wedding Dress

In choosing your shapewear, you should carefully check if it matches perfectly with your wedding gown. You should answer questions like, is my gown a bodycon dress, is it form-fitting, snugly, or clingy? In this way, you’ll be able to know if your shapewear is perfectly fit with your wedding dress. For example, if your wedding dress is form-fitting at the bottom, you can wear shapewear with a cinching effect on your waistline or wear a body shaper buttock lifter for a bodycon wedding dress.

Skin Color High Rise Butt Lifter Solid Color Seamless Shapewear Slimming Waist

2. Choose a Shapewear That Hides Cellulite Under a Dress

Purple Seamless Full Body Shapewear Open Gusset Abdominal Control

One of the things you should consider in looking for a body shaper is its ability to hide the cellulite beneath your dress. We are talking about a seamless body shaper, something that will look invisible under your wedding gown. You probably don’t want your visitor to see and notice that you’re wearing a body shaper.

3. Consider the Fabric of the Shapewear

Skin Color Full Body Shapewear Two Plastic Bones Tummy Control

Common mistakes that some brides make are not choosing the suitable fabric for their shapewear. Since wedding ceremonies last for long hours, it is best to opt for a material that is comfortable and non-allergic. Also, considering a seamless fabric is perfect to avoid revealing the shapewear lines in your wedding gown.

4. Be Warry About the Color

Black Hooks Body Shapewear Big Size Open Crotch Smooth Abdomen

Though you may find this tip inappropriate, making sure that your shapewear’s color matches the color of your gown is very much important. Most of the time, wedding gowns are in white, but some choose dark colors too. In this case, switching to dark-colored shapewear is ideal. There are lots of colors available for any shapewear. You may go in black, purple or brown!

5. How’s Your Shapewear Look?

Medium Control Skin High Elastic Mesh Panty Shapewear Plus Size Workout

Knowing how your shapewear looks like after wearing it is as important as how you’ll look with your gown. More often than not, it is simply to avoid revealing lines of your shapewear while wearing your dress. There is shapewear with removable or adjustable straps that you can wear per your preference or go with a strapless style.

We are glad to know that we will become a part of your most special day because of our shapewear. We hope that your wedding becomes memorable and more incredible than you’ve expected!

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