The majority of well-known course accompanies carry corset sizes for natural waists up to and around 40 inches. If your waist is bigger around than this, you may have some trouble finding the right corset, but that’s where the figure or plus size corsets come in to save the day. Be aware, that some companies will charge a markup for larger sizes, but others will not.

Corsets Designed For Shaping

Corsets can help alter your shape, much the same way girdles, and spandex shapewear are designed to be worn under clothing. A traditional corset typically doesn’t offer highly dramatic results. In regular sizing, which is defined as a waist less than 34 inches, you can expect to reduce the waste anywhere between two in 3 inches. With a plus size corset, however, you can expect to take up to 6 inches off of your waste. Because there is more room to work with in terms of size reduction without causing damage or major discomfort, plus size corsets often provide better results.

You will build up a tolerance for the corset and gradually shrink your waistline through a process known as tightly. Your result timeline will vary on a number of factors including how long you were the corset every day, the sort of diet you are following while in and out of the corset, and how tightly you wear the corset. Your results will not happen overnight, and you should never wear the corset tighter than recommended in an attempt to speed them up. Safety should always be first.

When you buy a traditional corset, you have additional choices which dictate the size and shape. With an overbust corset, you also have a bra to push up the breasts. Your other option is an underbust corset, which must be worn with a separate bra. Plus-sized corsets also come in over Boston underbust figuration, however for plus size women, the overbust is a common choice for the added support to the breasts.

Fashion/Costume Corsets

Beyond their use as undergarments, corsets have a rich history of action statements. By manipulating the material and changing the sizing, corset shirts, have become increasingly popular. Corsets used for fashion purposes typically include glazed or beaded detailing to have a fun textured look without constricting the waist. These corsets are difficult to wear as undergarments because the detailing counteracts the waist-cinching purpose. As far as popular culture is concerned, corset dresses and designer corsets, have waxed and waned in popularity for some time.

Personal Use Corsets

Many corsets sold today may not fall into either of these two categories, because they are instead intended for more personal purposes, such as lingerie and costumes. These corsets are typically somewhere in the middle of corsets used for shaping, and corsets used for fashion. Corsets for personal use generally include both elements of shaping and fashion detail in their design.

New brides often wear a corset to provide extra shaping below their wedding dress, and I will plan to the wedding night. These types of corsets are also a good option for any adult-themed Halloween in costume parties because they provide support and fashion.

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