Shopping for shapewear means you have decided to put time and effort into looking your best. But, like with any other clothes, shopping for body shapers isn’t that easy, especially when there are factors like fitting, size, compression level, price, and shipping that you have to choose thoroughly.

Get the best body shapers only at Lover-Beauty by following these tips:

1. Choose the Appropriate Shapewear Size

Like shopping for a dress or a cute top, you need to choose the appropriate shapewear size so you can immediately wear it after receiving it.

For example, with our three clasps panty shaper, if you’re usually a size 9 in dresses, you can either choose a medium or large slimming panty shaper.

Have the joy of looking at your body after wearing shapewear, and don’t worry anymore about having to return or exchange it by following the product’s size chart.

Skin Color Solid Color Three Clasps Panty Shaper Slimming Waist

2. Determine What Compression Level You Need for Your Body

There are different types of shapewear and their compression levels that you need for your body. If you plan on wearing the shapewear daily, medium compression will do. However, if you have important upcoming events where you want to look the fittest, firm compression shapewear will benefit you most.

Brown No-Curling Full Body Shaper Plus Size Wide Straps Flatten Tummy

3. Always Choose High Waist Shapewear

One of the sore points of women is muffin tops because even though you don’t have a lot of fat in the hips area, wearing tight pants can create spilled fats around your hips. Choosing high-waist shapewear will help prevent or cover these muffin tops to create a fit and smooth body line.

Black Seamless Full Body Shaper With Adjustable Straps Anti-Slip

4. Choose the Right Shapewear Style

Since there are different styles of clothes, there are also a variety of shapewear styles that are appropriate for specific clothing. For example, if you’re wearing a tight-fitting mini dress, a strapless high-waist shaping body shaper buttock lifter will help you flaunt your curves while cinching your waist and giving your butt a rounder shape.

Nude High Waist Plus Size Body Shaper Buttock Lifter Curve Creator

If you love wearing low-cut dresses, tummy control body shapers with adjustable straps are ideal because you can choose your bra that you can also hook to the body shaper. There are also full-body shapers that you can get for postpartum and long dresses.

5. Invest in All-in-One Body Shapers

Since there are many shapewear styles, shopping for a lot of shapewear might not be in your budget right now. An ideal solution to this is getting an all-in-one body shaper with adjustable and removable straps so you can wear it with almost all of your clothing. Ensure that you also get beige shapewear so that it’ll look invisible underneath any color of clothing, including white ones!

Skin Color Underbust Shapewear With Zipper Lace Trim Breathable

6. Be in the Lookout for Discounts

Though Lover-beauty’s prices are already the best in the market, we often have discounts, especially when you meet a certain purchase amount, so always check out Lover-Beauty’s front page or social media.

Blue NeopreBlue Neoprene Shorts Hook And Eye Closure Abdominal Control

7. Buy in Bulk

Build up your wardrobe, get shapewear wholesale and start filling it with various body shapers both for everyday and occasional use. You can get more discounts if you buy in bulk, not just for your wardrobe but as gifts to your friends and family, so they too can experience fantastic body-shaping to help them be their best.

Black Solid Color Neoprene Shorts High Waist Slim Waist

These tips will help you shop for the best shapewear for your body and save time and some money. Before buying anything, always remember to check what kind of clothes you have to know what type of shapewear will match them best.

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