A waist trainer is a modern-day corset that is worn around the waist.  It is highly popular for waist training, a process of shaping the waist by wearing a constricting garment like a waist trainer. This undergarment compresses the waist and midsection to create a smaller silhouette.

Black Detachable Straps Side Zip Body Shaper Sleek Smoothers

This wholesale shapewear fits tightly around the waist and is often closed using Velcro, zipper or hook and eye closures. When worn over several hours, this garment compresses the midsection and restricts the movement of the body. 

Waist trainers are available in different styles depending on the area of the body that needs to be compressed like the abdomen, the area around the ribcage for more breast support, upper and lower belly or hips. 

Black Latex Double Belt Plus Size Waist Trainer With Pocket

Thanks to celebrities like the Kardashian sisters who have been showing off their hourglass figures from strapping on waist trainers, women have been buying these garments to join the waist training trend to shape their waists and also to intensify their waist training workouts.

Thus the popularity of waist trainers have exploded tremendously and thanks to the surge, waist trainer is shaping up to be big business.  

Purple 7 Steel Bones Sticker Plus Size Sauna Waist Trainer

If you are planning to start a business selling waist trainers or plan to expand your current shapewear or gym business, you can customize the waist trainers with your brand logo. 

Customizing the waist trainers is necessary if you would like to get more exposure for your brand. A dependable waist trainer wholesale company such as Lover-Beauty will be able to help you scale your business.

Black Latex Tummy Waist Wrap Compression Band Abdominal Control

This leading and reliable global online retailer has a huge range of high quality, stylish and comfortable waist trainers that are affordably priced. 

Made using the latest innovation, Lover-Beauty can offer custom logo waist trainers for businesses that are looking to brand their own waist trainers. 

Rose Red Contrast Color Plus Waist Trainer With Straps Posture Correction

Branding is important in order to make a memorable impression on the customers. With the brand name imprinted on the front where it is highly visible, your brand will get great exposure as well as helping you to distinguish your brand from your competitors.

Below are some of best-selling waist trainers with logo from Lover-Beauty that you may want to check out for your business.

Black 20 Steel Bones Latex Waist Cincher Hook High-Compression

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