Who is designing the wedding dress of Princess Eugenie? Many people think this will be one of these 3 brands

Who is designing the wedding dress of Princess Eugenie? Many people think this will be one of these 3 brands

You, the royal wedding is like, will soon be – just within a few days. The closer we get to this Friday, the closer we are to finding the answers to the most frequently asked questions of the past few months: Who is designing Princess Eugenie’s wedding dress? The princess has always been very tight-lipped about her dress, even if I am confident it will be amazing, but before I see it, I still want to know every detail. Unfortunately, I almost don’t know the details mentioned so far, but based on the information I collected, I do have some doubts about who the designer might be. Come! Let’s discuss it.

According to Royal Etiquette – and confirmed by interview with Vogue UK by Princess Eugenie – the designer of choice is of course British, so this does narrow the range of possible options. My instinct, the first intuitive choice must be Erdem, because Princess Eugenie has worn dozens of clothes over the years, including photos of her engagement announcements.

“[Gown] is one of my decisive things. Once we announce the wedding, I will immediately recognize the designer and the look,” Princess Eugenie said in an interview with Vogue UK. “I never thought I would be the one who knows exactly what I like, but I always like it very much.”

Although I am very happy that she is very confident, I am completely unsure because I don’t know which designer she decided to choose. Obviously, many people will choose boutique designers Suzannah and Jenny Packham as potential draft picks. British betting party Ladbrookes ranks Erdem in 7/2 odds, Suzannah ranks 5/1, and Jenny Packham odds 6/1.

Unfortunately, it seems that no matter how much I speculate, I am not sure who will design the dress before the big day. TBH, I started this article in favor of Erdem, but after browsing all the beauty in Jenny Packham’s 2019 bridal series, I think I am changing my bet. Anyway, I know that Princess Eugenie will look amazing in any dress created by the designer she chooses, and I can’t wait to live – when all the hidden wedding details are finally revealed on October 12, I will Send a response.

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