The power to give women a lawsuit for “successful dress”

From the outside, it may look like a high-end boutique, but in Dress For Success, women not only have to get a new business suit, but also have to start over.

“We work with about 40 agents in Buffalo. Basically all of our partners deal with career development, workforce development, and they introduce customers to successful dresses. So once they go beyond the main points of the vocational training section then they Here, the initial interview lawsuit was recommended to their clients,” said Michelle Barron, successful executive director of Buffalo apparel.

Once these women get the job, they will be finalized and get a week of clothing work for free. Dress For Success is a global organization that launched its Buffalo location on Court Street in 2014. After moving to Hertel Avenue in December last year, they were overwhelmed by the generosity of the community.

“Buffalo is probably one of the few affiliates, we also offer winter coats, so we get a lot of winter coat donations, it is unreasonable for our customers to leave here with a beautiful suit if they don’t wear The right coat is paired with a suit,” Barron said.

Thanks to the constant donation, the hangers in Dress For Success are filled with designer suits and dresses to lightly worn and even brand new shoes and accessories. But in addition to clothing donations, non-profit organizations rely on financial donations to continue to help women.

“Like any other person who doesn’t make money, we rely on the public to really support the financial donations we make here, so the clothes are great, we’ve received a lot of clothing, but we can’t pay rent without financial support. Or stay open,” Barron said.

Over the years, Dress For Success has served hundreds of women, many of whom have never thought they could see this part, but when they leave with a new professional look, they will go out more.

“We took them into the fitting room and they walked out of the fitting room. They couldn’t believe that they were so amazing in their suits. They were preparing to really change their lives. You know that once they go to the interview, they feel empowered and they feel Inspired, they feel that they can accept the world, so I mean it is really the power of the suit,” Barron said.

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