Slender girl in a slim girl’s corset is on her million dollar side

Slender girl in a slim girl’s corset is on her million dollar side

A few years ago, Juliana Richards left Nigeria for only $100. Years later, she returned to Slim Girl Shapewear, the CEO of a large successful body sculpting brand, which was nodded by some of the world’s most famous people, including Khloe Kardashian, Amber Rose and Blac Chyna.

Her brand has surpassed waist sneakers and other shape-enhancing underwear, including dresses modeled by former big brother Naija roommate Cee-C, Nina and popular Nigerian wearer Bobrisky.

Slim Girl is currently based in Atlanta and has offices in major cities around the world, all of which Richards manages to operate effectively while raising her two children, keeping fit (of course) and doing anything else to capture her. Ideas, including TV shows that are of interest now, Jules Uncut saw her interview with Tiny Harris.

Although she has achieved all her achievements in the body sculpting industry, it is expected to grow into a $5 billion industry by 2022, and everything she has may not have better qualified personnel than Richards. Turn it into a money manufacturing company. This is her new book, “Building a million dollars,” mainly about it.

We sat down with Juliana to talk about her million dollar shackles, making Nigeria only $100 and succeeding globally.

She also shared with us why her brand is in contact with Bobrisky, considering how conservative or pretending the Nigerian society is, and you will find that no brand will be willing to be close to his 10-foot pole as her brand ambassador.

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