Reginae Carter and her fans are once again involved, and this time she has to collect them and say she looks naive. On Thursday, Carter shared a photo on Instagram with her black crop top swaying and showing her flat stomach. In her title, she wrote: “I have been doing this thing to love myself.”

In the comments, many fans praised her for grabbing the waist, but a fan slammed her. She commented, “Why is the girl tied up like this shirt. Are you 7 years old?”

Carter patted the enemy and said, “When you try to be interesting, it actually does this… go to the one who hates shit.”

Other fans have more comments on Carter’s fit.

“Let me borrow your belly quickly”

“Skin. Hair. Wait. I am here.”

“Sister girl got a south stomach”

Sadly, this is not the first time she took her to check the trolls. Last week, Carter shared on Instagram that she will celebrate her 20th birthday throughout November. A fan commented that Carter needs to hurry up and be 21 years old to make her boyfriend YFN Lucci look like it’s “squeaky.” The reality star responded and said, “LOL, they like to raise others. Where?”

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