Mark and Harry are still on tour in Australia, because in the summer, the Duchess of Sussex wore a sleeveless maxi dress with a high leg in the leg, which some Instagram commentators thought broke the “royal etiquette.” Every time Megan broke the royal etiquette, we screamed a little “infernal” inside, but serious guy, her reform dress did not have anything wrong or wrong.

Meghan wore Australian designers a few days before the visit, but when she visited Australia’s Fraser Island on Monday, October 22, Meghan kept her Instagram influencers from the pineapple dress calm. Of course, this $218 linen dress is sold out, and most of the Duchess wears it. She complements the beach style with $245 Sarah Flint Grear Gladiator Sandals.

The internet is crying “She broke the agreement” with high leg slits – and to a lesser extent, * gasping * bare shoulders – but this could be an overreaction.

Myka Meier founded Beaumont etiquette after receiving training from former members of the Queen’s family. He told in August that there was a royal team around Meghan, who personally picked her clothes to make sure she didn’t break the royal courtesy.

“They won’t let her choose to do something that doesn’t respect,” Meyer said. “She has an entire team of assistants who can choose the right part. There are a lot of clothes in the palace to participate in the clothes she wears and her speech. Of course, she has the final say, but there won’t be.” This is her destruction. rule. ”

In addition, Kate Middleton wore an equally fabulous leg-opened dress to the British premiere of the 2016 street cat named Bob.

In addition, InStyle answered the etiquette experts of British etiquette in May, saying that members of the royal family “usually do not wear sleeveless dresses, they usually wear clothes that are not too short when sitting in a public place because they bend over when they are wearing the hem. “Don’t wear it often.” It doesn’t sound like a task for us. Megan may have found the perfect swing space in the royal fashion rules.

Now Australia is close to 80 degrees, so can we let a pregnant woman live?

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