Kylie Jenner launches third birthday dress

Kylie Jenner launches third birthday dress

According to Kelly Jenner’s Milestones Birthday Rulebook, you can’t just prepare a dress for this important day. (Or, in her case, this is a long weekend celebration.)

When the reality show debuted on August 10, it attracted the attention of many fans: a shiny jumpsuit made of 70,000 Swarovski crystals with a striking pink look, perfect for Barbie themed night. But if you think that Kelly is done, you obviously won’t know 21 as you think.

According to the beauty tycoon’s Snapchat, Kelly’s birthday celebration continued on Saturday, August 11th, where she launched a third-party costume that was both festive and gleaming. This gold one-shoulder dress is crafted in bold crystals for royal and metallic effects.


As Elle said, Kelly moved one side of the party to Las Vegas, where she and her friends gathered overnight. Earlier in the evening, when she had dinner with her crew, she also saw an ensemble of black pinstripes. (Wait, are there four birthday dresses now? I am losing the track.)

Adding all of this to a luxurious weekend filled with holes is full of ‘restraint moments, and the police must obviously have fun. Oh, not to mention Kylie’s brand new vintage Rolls Royce and the rose-covered front yard. Yes, it is safe to say that Kelly‚Äôs 21st birthday will be one of the books – and will be the source of b-day inspo for years to come.

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