Is it really safe to wear a corset when you are pregnant? KIMBERLY TRUONG

Many celebrities and non-celebrities swear to the corset – even during pregnancy, Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen will wear a corset. This makes sense: if you are pregnant and want to keep your clothes going for special activities, the pregnant corset is like a dream. After all, it’s designed to “shape” your body while leaving room for your baby, which is more comfortable and feasible than wearing a regular corset during pregnancy. But even if you can find a “shaping” dress for pregnant women from Spanx to Motherhood Maternity (except that you really don’t need to shape your body, whether pregnant or not), is it really safe to wear something so tight? Are you shrinking when you are pregnant?

In theory, if a corset is made for a pregnant body, it means more comfort for you and will not put pressure on your body than a standard corset. In this sense, wearing a corset is not necessarily more dangerous if you are pregnant – as long as you make sure that the clothes you wear fit correctly in your body.
Dr. Ross said: “As a general rule, corsets worn during pregnancy and postpartum must be comfortable while supporting the body.” “No pregnancy or postpartum corset should be excessively compressed and squeezing internal organs, including ribs, abdominal muscles , liver, spleen and intestines.”
In fact, Dr. Ross said that she is most concerned about the type of corset she wore during pregnancy: Kardashian’s favorite: the waist trainer.

“When the waist coach is tied too tightly, it can cause rib fractures, limit your mobility, affect your breathing ability, limit your abdominal muscles, and affect your posture,” she said. (It is worth mentioning that even if you are not pregnant, the waist trainer is still not always desirable.)
In general, however, if you really want to wear a special event with a pair of birth SPIX, if you wear what suits you the way it should and does not cut your skin or body, it should be fine. However, as with anything, it’s important to remember that moderation is key, and you should consult your doctor for any personal problems.
“As long as you wear body-building underwear for maternal safety and comfort, which means you can move, breathe and sleep without restrictions or pain, then there should be no problem wearing them if it is your choice,” Dr. Ross said.

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