How many times have you walked into a boutique and fell in love with a piece of clothing before you find that when you try it on it, it doesn’t look like you think? What do you want to know – if any – is the style dress suitable for you? Sometimes it feels like the hanger is full of clothes, but nothing fits you.

It doesn’t have to be like this. The celebrities you see always look great? They know their body shape and dress for it.

So don’t waste time on skirts and skirts that don’t look too good for you. There are many ways to make a fashion statement using your amazing body shape. It’s all about highlighting your assets and downplaying the parts you don’t like. Sounds complicated? Don’t worry, this is not rocket science. Start scrolling down to learn more about the style that fits your body.

Some experts also call this the shape of a banana. Imagine a ruler where the numbers follow a straight line… a small bust, an undefined ass, with little or no curve. The clothes will hang on your shoulders effortlessly, hanging down your body like the second layer of skin. Think about IT girls Hailey Baldwin and Bella Hadid.

Clothing style suitable for straight shape:
It is easy to wear for your body shape because the sky is a straight frame.

Skirts, dresses and bottoms
In skirts and trousers, oversized trousers, jumpsuits, skirts, gathered skirts and men’s jeans with pronounced hips and back pockets look great for a well-proportioned person. The pencil skirt is also very easy to use.

Look for dresses with full skirts or details such as ruffles. Straight dresses are a big taboo for obvious reasons. They don’t add definitions and make you look more intuitive than they are now.

The cropped top is currently big, but if it’s not yours, find clothes that can add volume around the bust and hips you need, while clinging to the waist. The open back neckline reveals the shoulders.

The wide neckline, such as the boat, shoulders and shoulders, lengthen the shoulders, making you more cumbersome than the actual.

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