I am a celebrity, this morning’s host just announced the first project she recently edited… We can’t wait for the whole thing!

Her previous two M&S collections have been all the rage – many of them are sold out immediately.

Hol’s first series was launched on September 27th, and the second series followed closely on October 23.

This one-third £49.50 leopard print dress is almost immediately sold out and will soon appear on eBay at a discounted price.

And her most popular October 23 collection is a £55 tiger print dress – Primark made £18.

Fans are eagerly awaiting the third series – which will be launched on December 6th – and it looks like the fans’ favorite animal prints will return.

Marks & Spencer posted an Instagram on Instagram on Friday, revealing the first item in the Holly collection – this is another stunning leopard print dress.

This time, the leopard print dress has a very fashionable fluffy sleeve and is a black dress with a gold-brown pattern.

The exact price of this dress has not yet been announced, but we think its price will be around £50-60, just like her other dresses.

It takes only over a week to collect – we can’t wait.

In the prepared wallet… We feel that this dress will also sell out.

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