Hey, you may be wearing your corset. Wrong.

Whether you want to smooth, cheer or slow down, there are now more options than ever to shape your look. Unfortunately, this also means that it has multiple ways to make mistakes. From rolling to cycling, the basic components fail a lot, allowing you to completely avoid the corset. To ensure that your underwear experience is excellent, we turned to Yummie’s senior designer Madelyn Ulrich for guidance. In front, common mistakes and methods to avoid them making the corset your best friend, not your biggest enemy.

Your corset is rolling down. “Make sure your size is right,” Ulrich said. “The corset should be able to smooth out your bumps and bumps – don’t be new! If you’re too small, you may have more problems than you solve. Getting the right size is very important. Just because of you Being a medium bottom doesn’t necessarily mean you need a medium-sized dress.

Your bra is going up. “Fit is very important when you find your bra. You will be surprised to find out how many women don’t know their bra size,” Ulrich said. “If your bra is behind, it’s too big. The first and most obvious step is the measurement.

Your tights let your feet slip in your boots. “The best socks are solutions,” Ulrich pointed out. “I like tights with hidden feet. This means I don’t need to wear an extra sock on my booties – it’s comfortable, and I don’t need to put two layers on my feet. “

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