Diane von Furstenberg specially designed Minnie Mouse wrap dress for TV

Diane von Furstenberg specially designed Minnie Mouse wrap dress for TV

Who wouldn’t doubt that Diane von Furstenberg and Minnie Mouse would be fast friends?

To celebrate the 90th anniversary of Mickey and Minnie Mouse’s primetime ABC special show, von Furstenberg designed a wrap dress for Minnie Mouse.

“They asked if I was willing to make a dress for her 90th birthday, and I said, ‘Okay,’” Von Furstenberg said. “Obviously she is an idol, she must have a wrap dress. I made a wrap with a lot of different cuts, so we can play with her dots and points of color and a lot of guide wires.”

Minnie Mouse’s dress is crafted in white and black 100% silk grosgrain and hand-embroidered sequins for a polka-dot design. The dress was hand-stitched in New York and took 15 people to complete it in nearly 35 hours.

Long regarded as a fashion icon, Minnie has always been a designer’s muse, inspiring new collections and appearing in magazines and fashion shows around the world. For decades, her classic polka dot collection has been reimagined by the industry. Minnie is known for her cuteness, playfulness and frivolity. He is often portrayed as a dancer or musician that Mickey is trying to win, or a distressed girl that Mickey is trying to save. Over the years, they have become a stable couple.

Von Furstenberg said she is an admirer of Minnie. “I like Minnie. This is a back-to-back souvenir. I really like her. You know that I like her is that her shoes are always that big,” she said. Von Furstenberg also designed shoes. “We gave her a complete look.”

What does she particularly like about her?

“I like her because she has a sense of humor and is very interesting,” she said.

Von Furstenberg said she did not intend to commercialize Minnie’s wrap skirt. “This is only for her,” she said.

The designer noticed that Minnie Mouse went to the Meatpacking District office last week to visit her. “Unfortunately, I am not there.

“She is sitting at my desk,” she said. “I fell, dear. I have been walking around, vertebral fractures are unaware. This is what happens when you are old. I fell in the middle of the night.”

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