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Latest Sexy Men’s Fitness Leather Bobyshaper Hot

“The garment is no longer a fat or a women-only, many men also like to buy” “Wear that bodyshaper can cultivate one’s morality, but also to keep warm, men also need good figure” “Men wear the garment is very normal, of beauty, both male and female have the same right”  That’s the big fashion trend, hold on, you are right!

NO.1 Strong Effect Men’s Shaper Black Leather Arms Shaper Tight

Do you still wonder how to relief your shoulder pain, do you still annoyed with hunchback, this leather tight arm shaper ,which gives support to your shoulder area,  pain relief. Suitable for both men and women. You have no reason to miss it.


-Relieve pain and Improve microcirculation
-Relax muscles and stop/prevent spasm
-Increase oxygen supply to brain and improve sleeping quality
-Promote the metabolism, regulation of the nervous system
-Good air permeability and moisture absorption
-Good quality material, durable and comfortable for your daily wearing
-Soft and elastic
-Quite convenient and easy for you to clean

NO.2 Faux Leather Sportwear High Waist Men Ultra Wrestling Singlet Weight Lifting Outfit


As a female, just glance at this item, some sexy attractive feeling just come out carelessly,  BLACK & LEATHER & LOW CUT these three elements just perfect matched, you can’t stand wondering when your lover wear this, what amazing night will be.


– Pure color and hollow out
– Natural and beautiful design make it soft and smoothness to wear and touch
– The men underwear has good air permeability and moisture absorption
– Made of good quality material, durable and comfortable for your daily wearing
– Soft and elastic
– Quite convenient and easy for you to clean
– This men jumpsuit underwear is a very sexy gift to show your charm and get more attraction from opposite sex
This Men Seductive Jumpsuit Black Soft Underwear is made of good quality materials, durable and flexible enough for your daily wearing.The jumpsuit underwear is very comfortable to wear and touch. Good quality material no harm to your skin, with good looking. This men underwear is the best choice for you to catch her eyes, so, do not miss it!

Chase and Arrest Those Strong Killing Power “Wanted” Shapers

The Fast and the Furious is an American franchise including a series of action films, which center on illegal street racing and heists, and various other media portraying the characters and situations from the films.

Distributed by Universal Pictures, the series was established with the 2001 film titled The Fast and the Furious; followed by six sequels, two short films that tie into the series, and as of May 2015, it has become Universal’s biggest franchise of all time.

The Fast and the Furious is very hot in this summer, it deserves all passion and crazy. Are you looking forward to the next performance of the leading roles? Their tough guy images are deep-rooted in our hearts.  Also, their good figure are envy by lots of men.


Lover-Beauty has prepared lots of body shaper for men. If you haven’t a pretty figure, our shapewear can help you to firm fat and shape a good figure.  Come on and chase one of those “wanted” shaper.

NO. 1   LB 6478   Blue Belly Slimming Vest Body Shaper for Men

This body shaper for men is our new product, it does well in controlling the abdomen and firming the chest. Elastic material is good at slimming and hidding your tummy fat, your beer belly will not be found any more.

HI: ★★★★



NO.2  6484  Black Plus Size Elastic Body Shaper Slimming Vest for Men

This slimming vest is popular among muscle men. It has plus sizes that its bust line can be stretched into 70 inch. It is made by 80%nylon + 20% spandex. If you are a “heavyweight man”,  this slimming vest is you best choice.

HI: ★★★★



NO. 3  LB6490  Grey V-neck Thin Tight Men Sexy Shapewear

It is thin and tight that it can be easy to hide under any long sleeve shirt.  The V-neck design is very humanity that you never worry about that it will expose before your cool clothes. The short sleeve can also slim and firm your arms. It is a good choice to dress yourself as a tough man.

HI: ★★★★★



NO.4  LB6494  White High Elasticity Mesh Men Tight Body Shaper Corset

This shaper is the most suitable for those who has a big belly. The corset design can slimming and shaping your tummy at the extreme.  Its mesh material is ventilate for you skin, and crossover straps can also shape your back.

HI: ★★★★★


Chase those shapers, you will be awarded a sexy and firm figure. Don’t hesitate, opportunity knocks but once. You will regret if you miss this good chance.

Catch more attention in crowd— How to shape a pretty figure?

Today is Chinese Valentine’s Day, Lover-Beauty hopes that everyone will have a happy and unforgetable date with your Mr. Right.

Valentine’s Day has a beautiful tale about the Cowboy and the Weaving Maid. In a Chinese legend who, once a happy couple, become stars separated by the Milky Way. They can meet only once in a year when magpies fly together to form a bridge over the Milky Way.

Today, every lady will dress up herself and have a romantic appointment with their sweetheart. At a crowded square, how to catch others’ eyes and earn face to your partner? Imagine it, if there is a beautiful girl in a fashionable dress with a bunch of roses, but also with a fat figure… it is not so wonderful right? So, we need something to change it. Lover-Beauty has some “effective weapons” for you.

No. 1 LB12210 Nude Face Skin Slim Uplift Shaping Mask Belt



Lover-Beauty publishes a series of face shaper, which does well in slimming and shaping face.  You never need to worry about your baby fat face. It can help you to shape an oval face with no self-awareness. After a period, you will find your face shape has changed. It is easily to wear but with sound effects. You should not miss it.


 No. 2  LB12223  Nude Bust Front Hook Eye Uplift Shaper


This Nude Bust Front Hook Eye Uplift Shaper is our new launched product. It works well in shape and uplift breast. Its crossover straps design on back will also mold your back, and front hook eyes closure is convenient for you to take on and off. Nude is close to your skin color, you can wear it under your beautiful clothes but not to be found.


No. 3  LB12218  Black Polyester Arm Slimming Shaper



Many ladies are worried about their sturdy arms, which prevent them wearing sleeveless clothes. So Lover-Beauty launches this Black Polyester Arm Slimming Shaper in order to help you get rid of this annoyance. It has a good quality and affordable price, and our customers are well-reviewed for it. It is very elastic stretch! If you want to slim your arms, it is your best choice.


No. 4  LB6448  Black Translucent High Waist Butt Lift



Are you still worried about your big butt is not sexy? Do you envy others’ raised buttocks? Here is our newest butt lift style, it can help you to lift and shape your butt well, its high waist design can also make your belly fat invisible. Translucent design is alluring. Opportunity knocks but once. Don’t miss it.


No. 5  LB12217 Black Nylon Calf Slimming Shaper


Our corsets can help you to make your belly fat invisible, but how about your calves? Do you have radish-like legs? Are you worried about them? Don’t worry any more, we now publish a series of calf shaper, it can help you to solve this question. This Black Nylon Calf Slimming Shaper can shape your calf in a sound effect. It has a good quality and affordable price.