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How Lingerie Express Your Hope In Love

We all make sub conscious decisions and they are based on who we are at our deepest level. One of the first decisions you make each day is what to wear underneath what your clothes. The many reasons you choose your lingerie add up to revealing who you are when it comes to describing your hopes in love. Your lingerie is a substitute for what you truly would prefer to be with you alone, intimately, throughout the day.


Which of these lingerie descriptions best fits your wardrobe? While the majority of the people you meet may never notice it, you may be letting them all know about your hopes in love in other ways, so read below to find out what you have been telling yourself on this subject.

Designer Lingerie

When you buy the brand and inevitably wear a matching set, your hope is to fall in love with a successful member of the establishment. Sexy lingerie confirms that you are his attractive partner. The roles in your love life are deeply established and contingent on him continuing on the road to success while you work your best to stay gorgeous as his reward.

White Cotton & Sensible

Most girls start out here and evolve as their world-view and self-image begin to change. Quite a few return to this combo and its comfort and convenience underscore a desire for a traditional love life. Maybe skip the white picket fence, but a good husband and eventually having children are central to the picture of where you see yourself and your life in the hopefully not too- distant future.



This colorful and provocative bottom often has a revealing high strap. What you are really looking for in love, though, is a man who sets limits with you. Your deepest desire is to be told to dress more conservatively and since you so want to please the man telling you this, you comply. You are provoking to test the limits because you want a father figure too strongly school you in the ways of love.


Body Shapers

These trendy undergarments are made to hold in your belly, waist and often your thighs. If being chunky ever comes back in style, these will be relics from a bygone era. Something this trendy and appearance altering reveals your desire for acceptance. A man should be overjoyed if you are wearing this type of lingerie, as it reveals you to be submissive and living to please him at all costs.


Panty Hose and a Boring Bra

In covering your legs and approaching your intimate wear with practicality over everything else, you are holding back in looking for love. Perhaps there is a broken heart in your past that taught you that love hurts. Now you make sure to reveal nothing to the world that might inspire such a hurtful occurrence again. It is not that all hope is lost, though. Your commitment to healing by emphasizing personal comfort over style is a commitment to getting better in order to be the best possible partner should a good relationship come along.

Bikini Bottoms and a Push-Up Bra

In an attempt to look your best, sometimes you have to augment what is there … but don’t call it false advertising. In making the most of what you have you are advertising yourself much like a product. When you treat yourself like a commodity that will go to the highest bidder, your true feelings about love liken it to a commercial transaction: deliver a quality product to the customer and you are both satisfied. That is until one of you gets the urge to go “shopping” again.

Sports Bra / Workout Underwear

If you work out often, you will get in the habit of wearing the underwear that is most comfortable for physical exertion. This is also an indicator that your hopes for love are completely in your own control. Your confidence and dedication to being the best you can be and staying in great shape translate into only accepting healthy relationships into your world and not modifying who you are to fit the needs of a partner.

Garter Belt with Stockings and Lace

Don’t you just love to take the extra time to add a sex appeal that causes more than a few gawkers to get the hint? This sense of drama drives your hopes for love. You want a rebel and a rock star all rolled into one and you might break a few hearts along the way as you search for this demigod of a study. What you might find along the way is that all that drama and excitement only ends up scaring the good ones away and love only becomes more difficult to attract.


The old school way of modifying your appearance is also a way of training your body to eat less and getting the gorgeous hourglass figure you deserve ahead of the diet. Your hope for love is described in the willingness to put up with a little pain and modify what there is to be gained, all in the name of being who you are: a true partner willing to put the work into a relationship to make it work.


Men’s Underwear

Some of the most feminine women wear men’s underwear. It is not a political statement of equality. In fact, women who avoid the trappings of femininity in order to maximize comfort are often women who are quite secure in their bodies and sexuality. These are women who might even be experimental and see love as a fluid relationship that need not be tied to monogamy if partnership pleasure can be found somewhere down the road of excess.



If more than one style above would apply to your choices in lingerie, perhaps you are in transition and are subconsciously changing your aspirations in love. Pay attention to what is a man attracts you and how that differs from your taste in guys a year ago – you will find that you are changing your lingerie style as your hopes for love shift to different desires. It is totally natural to change what you will let him take a peek at as your idea of who he should evolve.

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How to Choose Comfortable and Sexy Lingerie

Lingerie enhances the sexual attraction of your body and intensifies your enjoyment of romantic encounters. It adds to your beauty and confidence and arouses your partner. So, you need to dedicate your time and effort when choosing lingerie. With countless sexy lingerie designs and varieties, it might be difficult for you to select that perfect item of sexy lingerie.

Here are some simple yet effective tips that might assist you in finding the best lingerie:

Focus on lingerie’s color:

When it comes to sexy lingerie, color plays a crucial role in increasing your sexiness. You need to choose a perfect color for your lingerie based on your skin tone. If you are fair skinned, black is a good contrast which can enhance your appearance. For a fairer tan woman, white can have a stunning effect. Finally, if you wish to get your man’s heart racing red may be the desirable choice.

Choose comfortable lingerie:

Your lingerie needs to fit your body with ease. Don’t try to wear tight lingerie which might make you feel uncomfortable during long periods. When you wear lingerie, you need to feel at ease and relaxed rather than spending time adjusting straps or readjusting a thong. So, look through different types of lingerie and check size guides before choosing a suitable item.

Body shape:

You must also take a note of your body shape while choosing lingerie. A chemise may flatter a fuller figure and skim the hips. For petite ladies, a fitted item with a push-up or padded bra may be more suitable. If you have great legs show them off with stockings and suspenders.

The quality of the fabric:

When choosing lingerie, you need to pay more attention to the fabric’s quality. Lingerie always has a contact with your skin, so choosing lingerie made of low-quality materials can make you feel uncomfortable and might even cause itching. Lingerie made of high-quality fabric does not just offer comfort but makes you feel sexy and desirable.

Look for branded lingerie:

Nowadays, there is a vast choice of lingerie but some may not offer comfort and elegance. So, it is better to focus your shopping based on branded items that are high quality and enhance your figure.

All these tips might assist you in picking the best lingerie according to your requirements.And welcome to,  you will find various sexy lingerie that suits you best.

Why Sexy Lingerie is Important… Even If You’re Single

June is the time of year when many romantic couples give and receive lingerie. Lingerie is a wonderful gift, of course, but what about if you’re spending Valentine’s Day alone? Just you, a box of chocolates, and a romantic comedy or two? Well, you deserve sexy lingerie too! “But Treacle,” you might protest, “No one’s gonna see it, so what’s the point?” And to that, I respond “Darling… lingerie is never about him. It’s always about you.” Here are my three reasons for why single ladies, maybe more than anyone else, should always rock the sexy knickers.

1) Wearing something sexy will make you feel sexy. That’s great in and of itself, but feeling sexy also improves your confidence and improved confidence means better success in all aspects of your life. I’ve read stories of boardroom execs who win the big contract after wearing a garter belt and stockings beneath their business suit, of new college grads who get their dream jobs after buying a lacy bra and panty set, of single chicks who never stopped wearing their naughty lingerie and snagged a new guy quicker than you can say “Granny Panties.” People know when you’re confident. Sexy lingerie (whatever sexy means to you) is an easy, inconspicuous way of adding confidence.

2) Gorgeous lingerie puts you back in touch with your sensuality. The sight, the touch, the scent… they’re all reminders that you are a sensual being with erotic potential even if that potential isn’t currently in use. I don’t advertise the fact, but I’ve been single for most of the time I’ve had my blog. That means almost all the sexy lingerie I buy and review has never been seen by another person. I wear it around the house while lounging or doing laundry or writing the blog. It’s so easy to lapse into feeling asexual when you’re not in a relationship. Sexy lingerie is a way of keeping those embers warm.

3) Because you just never know. It may sound cliched, but it’s true. Today might be the day… not for the love of your life, necessarily, but for a pleasant flirtation or romp between the sheets. Do you really want to have you stretched out floral cotton undies on when that happens? Whatever you’re wearing underneath should be at least as nice as what you’re wearing on top. Oh, and remember what your Momma said about always wearing nice underwear in case you have to go in the ambulance? Yeah… that’s a good reason too.

I’m not saying you have to bust out the fringed g-string and vinyl bustier for a quiet evening at home (What? You don’t own one?). What I am saying is that it’s okay to splurge on yourself. To quote the legendary Dita von Teese, “Lingerie is not about seducing men, it’s about embracing womanhood.” Truer words have never been spoken.

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Maybe every woman has a dream of lace. I still remember that the first time I touched lace, I felt its unique feeling.

The concave and convex hollowness is made of the beautiful silky thread and yarn. Seeing through the skin, it is like the snow lipid skin, the lace is lined with a looming. It is so beautiful that  I can’t help fell in love with lace.

Lace is special, it can be so infatuated in today’s ornate world, lace occupies such an irreplaceable sentiment, and only lace knows you, you will feel it is not the same as others, it is a state of mind, light and not easy to be perceived, they can enjoy  their own little space, in this place, enjoy the fantasy and release the halo of bright look.

Red lace, gorgeous and enchanting, which is like the red rose, burning with passion and fire.It could let a person have the hair, charming light, dazzling. How can the red lace be turned upside down? Wearing a red lace evening dress, lingering in the party, rippling the red classics of the drunken fans, such a feeling is a powerful charm.

Women will bloom the dream of lace in the night. In such a blurred night, there is someone who can see the red lace and have a heartfelt sigh. Lace is so moving, you can smell the fragrance slowly, slowly touch, slowly understand that the heyday of lace.Joyful red bud lace, it is your dream.

Black lace is mysterious and composed. It is like a veil that hangs over the surface of the jade. It needs to be lifted slowly so that it can be touched. The black lace has its mysterious color, but it is calm and composed. It will not stir the warm current to move fast to enjoy the original life, because the world is flashy, which will cause people to panic, so it began to learn how to be calm. Its charm comes from its absence, movement, and stillness. The black lace is reminiscent of the Latin dance. Beautiful Latin dance, movement stretch, lingering charm, dancing lyric, romantic grace. With the euphemistic music, the dance is full of romance. Is it not like a circle of lace on the edge of a Latin dress?


Women have thousands of faces, they are so unpredictable and volatile which always make people drunk. To be sure, every woman would love a white lace. Because it will in a special wedding dress.

Every woman wants to be able to wear a beautiful wedding dress and marry the person she loves best, which is the happiest thing for a woman. White lace, you can see a mellow smile on her face, it is the lace which is delicate to the fluent and will not break elegance. Standing there, like the goddess, dignified in the hazy, holy and sacred, it is a kind of unique feeling.

At this time, beauty cannot be described as a kind of temperament, the temptation is irresistible.

Every woman will be beautiful on the day of the wedding, not only because it’s a beautiful day, but also because you’re wearing a gorgeous white lace dress.

In all kinds of wedding dress, sweet princes’ lace wedding dress, sexy dress lace wedding dress, all these can make you attractive.


Latest Sexy Men’s Fitness Leather Bobyshaper Hot

“The garment is no longer a fat or a women-only, many men also like to buy” “Wear that bodyshaper can cultivate one’s morality, but also to keep warm, men also need good figure” “Men wear the garment is very normal, of beauty, both male and female have the same right”  That’s the big fashion trend, hold on, you are right!

NO.1 Strong Effect Men’s Shaper Black Leather Arms Shaper Tight

Do you still wonder how to relief your shoulder pain, do you still annoyed with hunchback, this leather tight arm shaper ,which gives support to your shoulder area,  pain relief. Suitable for both men and women. You have no reason to miss it.


-Relieve pain and Improve microcirculation
-Relax muscles and stop/prevent spasm
-Increase oxygen supply to brain and improve sleeping quality
-Promote the metabolism, regulation of the nervous system
-Good air permeability and moisture absorption
-Good quality material, durable and comfortable for your daily wearing
-Soft and elastic
-Quite convenient and easy for you to clean

NO.2 Faux Leather Sportwear High Waist Men Ultra Wrestling Singlet Weight Lifting Outfit


As a female, just glance at this item, some sexy attractive feeling just come out carelessly,  BLACK & LEATHER & LOW CUT these three elements just perfect matched, you can’t stand wondering when your lover wear this, what amazing night will be.


– Pure color and hollow out
– Natural and beautiful design make it soft and smoothness to wear and touch
– The men underwear has good air permeability and moisture absorption
– Made of good quality material, durable and comfortable for your daily wearing
– Soft and elastic
– Quite convenient and easy for you to clean
– This men jumpsuit underwear is a very sexy gift to show your charm and get more attraction from opposite sex
This Men Seductive Jumpsuit Black Soft Underwear is made of good quality materials, durable and flexible enough for your daily wearing.The jumpsuit underwear is very comfortable to wear and touch. Good quality material no harm to your skin, with good looking. This men underwear is the best choice for you to catch her eyes, so, do not miss it!

Hush~ It’s Bedtime! But Before You Turn Off The Light…

It’s time to go to bed and have a good rest after busy work of the whole day. But before you turn off the light and fall asleep, don’t you want to show off your alluring curvaceous figure to your partner and do something happy and interesting to release pressure and relax? Follow me, you may find something special to spend an unforgettable night.



Secret Weapon 1 # Leather lingerie #

First things first, leather lingerie is the sexiest and most erogenous lingerie. Your partner will be surprise and excited about your preparation. Here are some new arrivals for reference.

Lover-Beauty offers lots of alluring and flirty styles, some special accessories such as handcuffs, whip are also prepared for you. Also men’s styles~ Don’t be shy and miss a good chance to enjoy a wonderful night with your intimate spouse.



Secret Weapon 2 # Babydoll Lingerie #

If you are not satisfied with above leather lingerie, but you still pursue for alluring, those babydoll lingerie may help you.

We prepare different styles for you. Black lace temptation, satin strapped mini dress, translucent thin chiffon, open front and back design… we have all styles that you could image.



Secret Weapon 3 # Christmas Lingerie #

After having a Christmas party with your friends, have you ever think about how to celebrate this grand festival with your close lover? Why not wear a sexy Christmas lingerie suit to enjoy the night time with him?

Enchanting Santa baby costume, showing off your full chest, small waistline, and alluring hips curve. Show your sexy potential at this pertinent time. Let your partner be crazy about you.3_副本

Great Choice of Bridal Costume for Wedding Day

One of the important things that a bridal has to choose at the time of marriage is about bridal lingerie. The first thing that a bride has to select is her bridal dress and then she has to make the purchase of the perfect lingerie for perfect fit underneath the bridal dress. It should be such that is capable of enhancing the beauty of the bridal wear. It is advisable to wear the complete set of the lingerie that you have selected for giving the fitting of the bridal gown to your tailor as it also affects the fitting of the gown.

Wholesale Cheap Sexy Bride Lingerie Costumes Honeymoon Lingerie

You will find that lingerie meant for bridal comes in different forms. There are formal as well as traditional pieces. For an example, you will find demure panties, bridal bustier and also stockings with garter belt. Some women prefer sexy lingerie sets underneath their bridal wear. In past there were few options available with women regarding choice of their lingerie sets but now there are many options available. You will find variations in the demure theme of bridal wear in the erotic and modern designs of lingerie. For example, you will get tight corsets along with the plunging necklines instead of traditional bridal bustier.

The traditional color that is used for the lingerie sets meant for bridal is white. There is lot of variety available in lingerie sets meant for bridal in white color. However, in present times, the liking of women has changed and now women prefer daring colors in their lingerie sets. Now the color that is more popular among brides is black. The thing that is most important when you are about to choose lingerie for their bridal wear is that the design as well as the color you choose for the purpose must reflect fantasy as well as your personality. It is very important thing as it really affects the fitting of your wedding costume to a great extent. Some women make two choices about the lingerie to wear underneath their bridal costumes. One set to wear in wedding and other set to wear at wedding night. However, you must choose lingerie set after selecting the bridal set for getting the perfect fit.

Wholesale Cheap Sexy Bride Lingerie Costumes kHoneymoon Lingerie

Bride lingerie costumes can be sexy and attractive as well! Wholesale sexy bride lingerie costumes for costumes play or at the wedding night for more pleasure. Order here!!!!!!

Magic Waist Shaper:Women’s Dream

What is the element you care about your life? Money? Emotion? Or Your Figure?

Yes,most people take care of their figure than everything else.To have a good shape,they could do everything which could help them lose weight or could make them look slimmer.And there has one way could help you have a good shape in fast way.That is clothes.What is the magic clothes could help you lose weight?You must eager to know.The answer is Corset!initpintu_副本

As we know,corset was developed in the middle age.Girls want to have a good shape,they dressed in corset.And there are varies of corsets exist:underbust corset, overbust corset, steampunk corset, steel boned corset, waist cincher and so on Lover-Beauty.Com supply all kinds of corsets,you could find any corset you need could found in our website.

Underbust Corset:A good way to make you look slimmer and elegant.Beisdes,it could raise your uber so that you don’t need to worry about the pendulous udder.initpintu_

Overbust Corset:Give a great shape to you.In the meantime,overbust design is elegant and conservative.You could dress it like you are a noble princess.overbust

Steampunk Corset:Steampunk style give a naughty surface to you.When you put the steampunk corset on,you will find that you are like a teenager girl.Full of young temperament!steampunk

Steel Boned Corset:Very stylish and welcomed among the world! Steel boned closure is a name of top quality, because it could give a good shape at the most extent.And it is not easy to deformation.steel

Waist Cincher:A great function of help you lose weight.Latex material is a quality assurance to your body.It is nontoxic so that you could wear it to touch your body directly.You could take it when you doing exercise so that it would have a better effect.waist

According to the introduction,I do believe you can’t wait to have one for a try!What are you waiting for?You will amazed at the effect that corsets give to you.Lover-Beauty Manufacturer Wholesale all kinds of underbust corset, overbust corset, steel boned corset, steampunk corset,waist cincher with reliable quality and reasonable price!

Fun and Femme Plus Size Sexy Lingerie

Buy Sexy Lingerie Online  Wholesale Women Plus Size Lingerie on Sale

When we think about lingerie, the image that comes to mind is of sexy, skimpy and fragile garments women wear in the privacy of their bedrooms. This perception of what lingerie is started at the end of the twentieth century. Before that the word “lingerie” simply meant the French word for “undergarments.” In those days, undergarments for ladies were bulky and worn for modesty, hygiene or to alter their body shape. Nowadays the main function of lingerie is to seduce (and at times, to be torn off!), but if you are a plus size, sexy lingerie can be hard to choose. What type of lingerie do you need to bring out the best in you?

Wholesale Women Sexy Babydoll and Chemise

Among the most popular choices of plus size sexy lingerie is the baby doll, a short nightgown often trimmed with ruffles, lace, fur, bows, ribbons or spaghetti straps. The fabric it is made of can be almost anything but sheer fabrics are, of course, preferred. Nylon, chiffon and silk are the default choices. The neck is low enough to show a little cleavage and the hemline falls above the knees, making it all the more provocative. You can find them sold as a set with matching panties, or you can buy the panties separately should you want them.

Teddies are also an extremely popular choice. A combination of camisole and panty, teddies are loose and easy to slip off as well as made of extremely light fabric. The shoulder straps are usually there for decoration rather than functional reasons. Some teddies are designed as clothing that can be practical while the other type is purely for the visual pleasure gained from it.

Teddy Lingerie

Last but not least is the corset, a garment traditionally worn to mold the torso into the desired shape and occasionally used for medical purposes. The function of a corset is to reduce the waist and exaggerate the bust and hips. When it comes to plus size sexy lingerie, the corset is very popular for the obvious reasons. Not everyone is comfortable wearing one however, so we strongly suggest that you experiment and choose something you feel good in. Because if you don’t feel good, it’s hard to feel sexy, and that’s what it is all about. It is possible to wear a combination of different types of lingerie, like a corset with a bed jacket or a bodice with bloomers underneath. Try out different things and have fun while doing it. provides you with info on Plus size clothes, plus size sexy lingerie and much more, come take a look at /

Sexy Lingerie:The Fastest Way to Make You Charming


Women always want to show their sexy when face their lover.The fastest way to make you look sexy and charming is dress with sexy lingerie. And what is the essential elements of sexy lingerie?You may think about color or material,even the pattern printed in lingerie.Yes, these thoughts of sexy lingerie is correct.Lover-Beauty Manufacturer Wholesale all kinds of sexy lingerie, sexy babydoll and chemise,bra sets,even sexy leather lingerie in stock with reliable quality and reasonable price.


As you see,their are many kinds of sexy lingerie stock in Lover-Beauty.Com.You can find which one you in your mind is the most sexy and order online.Fast delivery and great service are the reason why most costomer buy from Lover-Beauty.Com over and over again.You will figure out the effect sexy lingerie brings to you and amazed at the influence of your charming temperament.


Plus size lingerie in wholesale price,lace lingerie and leopard print lingerie are on sale now!You would never miss the chance to make you more sexy.Why not get rid of the boring bedtime and become sexy and cool in your night?It is a great chance to develop your oomph.Here is a good opportunity to shown that whatever figure you are,you could be sexy!You could conquer your lover whatever you want!You could match sexy men underwear so that your bedtime would never boring again.initpintu_副本initpintu_副本