4 suits for dress

We all like to wear relaxed and elegant skirts; but when it comes to going to work, we often feel the need to stuff them into our closets and choose what we think is more formal or appropriate. But that’s the way it is – the dress can be as formal as the office and suitable for everyday use. It is not necessary to write them down as office clothes, because you have not found a suitable one. We chose some dresses that you really like to wear. It’s time to feel comfortable wearing a smooth dress and look as stylish in the office as anywhere else.

1. Printed midi dress

This multi-coloured midi dress from Marie Claire is hard to make mistakes. Due to its length, ribbon collar and three quarter sleeves, it is perfect for everyday office outfits and even formal meetings.

2. Floral belt dress

We like this tulle monochrome flower dress from Arrow. Its fit and flared profile make it a super-fashionable and fun number, while its length and neckline make it look formal.

3. Medium long dress

Nothing is better than Miss Chase’s pink-blue midi dress, which creates a refined look at work. A tie with bow detailing at the waist of this shirt dress is the perfect balance between casual and casual.

4. Hooded dress

As the air gets cool during the day, warm, comfortable and stylish things are definitely a matter of time. Miss Chase’s hooded dress is perfect if your office doesn’t have a strict dress code.

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